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Pre Trans Postoperatorio - Anesthesia - Surgery Drilling fluid system 100 includes a flow straightener 200 in accordance with the principles disclosed herein. The pins are flexibly coupled to the inner surface of the conduit segment. In other embodiments, leading surface 340 may be nonlinear or curved. One of ordinary skill in the art will readily appreciate the applicability of the flow straightener in other positions within drilling fluid system 100. For example, a flow straightener may be positioned on the discharge side of pump assembly 105. In such embodiments, it is sometimes desirable for fluid flow on the discharge side to have a higher level of turbulence, as compared to that of fluid entering the suction side of pump assembly 105. Consequently, angle 395 and/or angle 410 may be selectably adjusted to increase the turbulence of fluid passing through the flow straightener. Furthermore, flow straightener 200 is configured to dampen pressure pulsations created within fluid upstream of flow straightener 200, such as those created by cyclic deformation of suction manifold 110. Pressure pulsations created in fluid upstream of flow straightener 200 are carried by the fluid as the fluid flows toward and into flow straightener 200. When the fluid contacts vanes 270 of flow straightener 200, pressure forces, or loads, are imparted to vanes 270 by the fluid.

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Further, in some embodiments, a leading edge of nose portion 330 is hammed, meaning a small width of the leading edge is folded over itself such that it forms a rigid and slightly rounded leading edge. Over time, the pressure pulsations may also cause fatigue damage to the drill string pipe. Each pin 260 is configured to be insertable within a recess 290 of an insert 265. Pin 260 is preferably made from stainless steel for its ability to resist corrosion when exposed to the drilling fluid, but may also be made of other steel alloys or reinforced composite materials. Many variations and modifications of the apparatus disclosed herein are possible and within the scope of the invention. When the piston reverses direction, decreasing the volume within the cylinder and increasing the pressure of drilling mud contained with the compression chamber, the suction valve closes, and the discharge valve opens to allow pressurized drilling mud from the compression chamber into the discharge manifold.

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In response, discharge valve 150 closes, meaning biasing member 180 and the fluid decrease behind poppet 155 cause poppet 170 to seat against sealing member 175. Dolor de espalda zona baja . At the same time, the pressure of fluid from suction manifold 110 causes poppet 155 to compress biasing member 165 and unseat from sealing member 160. Once poppet 155 disengages sealing member 160, suction valve 145 is open, and fluid from suction manifold 110 enters compression chamber 140. When piston 185 reverses direction, decreasing the volume within cylinder 190 and increasing the pressure of fluid contained with compression chamber 140, suction valve 145 closes, and discharge valve 150 opens to allow pressurized fluid from compression chamber 140 into discharge manifold 115. While pump 125 is operational, this cycle repeats, often at a high cyclic rate, and pressurized fluid is continuously fed to the fluid destination. Further, the terms “axial” and “axially” generally mean along or parallel to a central or longitudinal axis.

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Further, vane 270 has a length 350, measured from a tip 355 of nose portion 330 along outer surface 360, and a width 345, measured from an end 370 of tail portion 335 along an outer surface 375 normal to surface 360. In some embodiments, the ratio of length 350 to a diameter 212 (FIG. Furthermore, in some embodiments, angle 395 may vary from one vane 270 to the next. Second, because vanes 270 extend longitudinally along flowbore 210, vanes 270 provide some resistance to fluid flow through drilling fluid system 100. The capacity of pump 125 must be sufficient to overcome the flow resistance through drilling fluid system 100, including that resistance created by vanes 270, in order to deliver pressurized fluid to discharge manifold 115 at a desired rate. 3, which is a radial cross-section of segment 205 taken along a plane that bisects throughbores 230, each throughbore 230 includes a radially inner portion 240 and a radially outer portion 245 extending therefrom and generally coaxially aligned.

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4, each flexible insert 265 has a base 275, a top 280, a central bore or recess 290, and an outer surface 285 extending longitudinally between base 275 and top 280. In this embodiment, insert 265 is generally frustoconical, having a greater diameter at top 280 than at base 275. So configured, outer surface 285 is tapered to enable insert 265 to be received within inner portion 240 of throughbore 230 such that base 275 of insert 265 is proximate, or abuts, base 255 of inner portion 240, and top 280 of insert 265 is exposed to flowbore 210, as shown in FIG. As fluid passes through flow straightener 200, the size of the radial cross-section of each outer portion 245 of throughbores 230 in conduit segment 205 relative to that of the radial cross-section of each inner portion 240 in which inserts 265 are disposed enable pins 260 to maintain the position of vanes 270. Fluid passing through flowbore 210 of flow straightener 200 exerts pressure loads on tops 280 of inserts 265. Because the diameter of outer portions 245 of throughbores 230 is smaller than that of inner portions 240 at their bases 255, inserts 265 are prevented from disengaging throughbores 230 by extruding through outer portions 245 in response to the pressure load.

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1, a bolt 220 is inserted through each throughbore 215 and adjacent, aligned bores in flexible connector 195 and suction manifold 110, and secured in position with a threaded nut 225. Fuerte dolor lumbar . Referring again to FIG. 1) and flowbore 198 (FIG. FIGS. 9A and 9B are an end view and an enlarged portion of the end view, respectively, of the flow straightener of FIG. This flexure is a result both of the vane’s dimensions, including its substantial length relative to its width, and the substantial narrowness of its thickness in relation to length and width. A vane 270 is coupled to or formed integrally with cylindrical portion of pin 260, such that pin 260 supports vane 270. In this embodiment, vane 270 is coupled to cylindrical portion 300 of pin 260 by means of slot 310 that extends radially through cylindrical portion 300 of pin 260 and substantially bisects pin 260. Slot 310 is configured to receive vane 270. In this embodiment, slot 310 is rectangular in cross-section and has a width 315. Vane 270 is fastened within slot 310 using any suitable attachment means, such as, but not limited to, brazing, gluing, riveting, welding, and/or the use of an epoxy.

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Pin en Salud Discharge manifold 115 is coupled to a fluid destination (not shown), such as but not limited to a drill string. Additionally, because the suction module typically includes piping elbows, bends, and “Ts,” drilling mud flowing from the suction manifold into the suction module, upstream of the suction valve, is often highly turbulent.

Due to the reciprocating motion of the mud pump piston, cyclic loads are transferred to the suction module by virtue of its coupling to the mud pump. The formation of bubbles within the compression chamber due to the turbulent nature of drilling mud passing around the suction valve poppet reduces the efficiency of the mud pump. Due to the turbulent nature of the drilling fluid, bubbles form within the compression chamber as the drilling fluid flows rapidly around the suction valve poppet.

1, during operation of pump 125, piston 185 reciprocates within cylinder 190. Que significa dolor lumbar . When piston 185 moves to expand the volume within cylinder 190, fluid pressure behind poppet 155 decreases. Accordingly, the scope of protection is not limited by the description set out above, but is only limited by the claims which follow, that scope including all equivalents of the subject matter of the claims. Drilling fluid system 100 includes a pump assembly 105 coupled between a suction manifold 110 and a discharge manifold 115. Suction manifold 110 is coupled to a fluid source (not shown), for example, a storage tank commonly found at many drilling sites. 6, each vane 270 has a thickness 325 selected to enable insertion of vane 270 into and through slot 310 of pin 260, as shown. Providing a core region 440 that is free of or unobstructed by vanes 270 is desirable for at least a couple of reasons.