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Compra las Muletas - YouTube To the extreme end of the enlarged body-section 1l I connect in any preferred way the rocker 13, designed to play or travel upon the treadplate 14, which is connected in any suitable manner to a contiguous part of the end of the base member It will be observed that the rocker 13 is so disposed upon the eXtreme outer edge of the tread-plate 14. that the outer surface of said rocker will lie iiush with the outer edge of said plate, the object of this disposition being to insure that the driving-shaft 15, which is designedl to carry the actuating mechanism, as will be hereinafter explained and which is connected to the central portion of said rocker, will be left free to swing or Vibrate as a pendulum without engaging said tread-plate or the end of said base member.

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Dosis TV While awaiting action on these Patent Applications, the inventor, following the recommendation of the Director of the NREL to focus on the Wind Wing’s ability to carry “a load” engineered the Torsional transfer mechanism, which was included in the Aug. The Torsional transfer mechanism recognizes the burden of “a load” is disproportionately inhibiting when the Oscillating wing is amidships and Static pressures of air flowing over each of its sides are nearly equal. Relationship to current application: Simpler Torsional transfer mechanism than introduced in the Armstrong Electrical Generator Provisional Patent Application (3. above).

The object of my invention is to provide a mechanism of simple though reliably eflicient character which will utilize and be operated bya minimum amount of the wind and which will at the same time automatically protect itself from a wind of undue strength or violence, inasmuch as certain controlling devices will be automatically set in motion when the wind becomes unduly strong, and said devices will operate to check further movement of the mill until the storm shall have subsided. One of the surprising results of this experiment was that it showed the Wind Wing’s structure to be particularly aerodynamically robust: A foamboard and paper model 18-inches high withstanding and continuing to operate in apparent wind speeds in excess of 50 MPH, 20 MPH beyond where every widely known wind turbine begins to self protect itself by furling its blades, and 10 to 15 MPH beyond where all but the largest and most sophisticated turbines have already shut down.

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To help determine the nature of the Windraider process-which turned out to be surprisingly complex and sophisticated-the Wind Wing model was mounted on the top of the inventor’s car and driven up and down an abandoned airfield, with videos being made of the Oscillating wing’s rotations, the videos later allowing determination of the Oscillating wing’s instantaneous rotational speed and the combination of the generated car speed and the headwind.

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In the Fall of 2012 an effort was made to have further development of the Wind Wing taken over by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) an arm of the Department of Energy. Other objects and advantages will be hereinafter made clearly apparent. My invention relates to wind-motors; and it consists of certain novel features of combination and construction of parts the preferred form or materialization whereof will be hereinafter fully set forth and illustrated in the accompanying drawings. 4 is a top plan view of the movable sails or blades and the frame employed to hold them in their respective operative positions.

No spoiler was required and the effort to develop one was abandoned.

Fig. 6 is a perspective detail View of one of the blades or sails removed from the frame illustrated in Fig. In October 2013, a USPTO Office Action dictated this Application be divided, leading to two Applications, one resulting in the US Patent for the Wind Wing (U.S. No spoiler was required and the effort to develop one was abandoned. Following rejection by the NREL and partially on the basis of its recommendation, in December 2012 the inventor applied for a US patent on the Wind Wing apparatus. Pat. No. 8,734,084) and the other a US Patent (U.S. Coincident with these developments, a method of wrapping the coil around the Oscillating wing, such that it would allow magnets to be positioned on fore and aft of its aft section was invented. Dolor muscular lado izquierdo del cuerpo . To as much as possible maintain this source of force while still capturing wind energy and converting it into mechanical energy a scheme of segmenting and expanding the center airfoil into a Forward nacelle, an oscillating part (named the Oscillating wing) and an Aft nacelle was invented.