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Remedios naturales para el dolor de oídos en invierno - El.. If, as shown, the applied activation field alternates between adjacent electrode pairs, so each is in the opposite sense of that of its immediate neighbours either side, then all the corrugations on one side of the sheet 11 (and thus on one side of the median plane MP) will suffer the same effect-expansion or contraction, depending on the field direction-while all the corrugations on the other side of the sheet 11 (and on the other side of the median plane MP) will suffer the opposite effect. Piezoelectric materials are poled by subjecting them to a very strong electric field, which causes the individual domains within the material to align with the field. Alternatively, a body of cured piezoelectric material for example a sheet of sufficient thickness may be carved or cut into the desired corrugated shape. Typical dimensions for a domed device of the type shown in FIG. 6A shows, from the side, how each device moves upon actuation-moving from a generally flat, planar object (the solid outline) to take up a domed shape (the dashed outline).

The number of piezoelectric portions in each group is not that important, provided there are sufficient (and here the term “multiplicity” is to be construed as meaning at least three, so that there are at least two portions in one group and one in the other, as noted above for both the V- and U-shaped devices). The sawing process creates the required regions above and below the neutral axis of the cross-sections. One of the main manufacturing issues associated with corrugated structure devices of the invention is the need for a number of different electrical connections to be made to the device, since there are different regions that must deform differently. The reason for curving the corrugations as in FIGS. The FIG. 10 “out-of-plane” curve to the corrugations gives the best results, and in addition seems to increase the amount of movement. In an alternative way the direction of the corrugations is changed halfway along, as is shown in FIG.

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Thus, it provides a piezoelectric device that is a generally planar single-layer arcuate strip-like body having overall a broken annular shape, the body being physically shaped in a direction along its arcuate length so as to have corrugations extending across the strip, these corrugations forming separate, distinct piezoelectric-portion groups extending along and on each side of a nominal median plane through the whole body, which groups are thus spatially separated by and face each other across that median plane, with the result that any piezoelectric portion dimension change in the group on one side of the median plane will tend to bend the strip normal to the median plane across its length in the opposite direction to the same sense piezoelectric portion dimension change in the group on the other side of that median plane.

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The sheet has, at the appropriate manufacturing stage, been poled-that is, its piezoelectric crystals have been forced by a strong applied electric field to align themselves pointing along the thickness of the sheet-and formed on the top (as viewed) surface of the sheet 11 is a whole series of separate electrodes 13 (shown in FIG. FIGS. 2A, B show two possibilities for poling direction (the feint short arrow 25) and actuating electric field direction (the heavy long arrows 26). Abdominales dolor lumbar . In FIG.

In this way a single sheet of piezoelectric material behaves just like a unimorph or bimorph, yet without the need for two layers, and without the concomitant need for, and the problem of, a central electrode. The distinction is as that between a sandwich, where, though there are two layers of bread plus a layer of filling, nevertheless the combination makes a notionally indivisible whole, and a pack of cards, where there are many individual cards stacked one against the next yet remaining separate. The applied voltage alternates between adjacent electrode pairs from positive to negative voltage as indicated by the circled plus and minus signs. Thus, the required corrugated shapes can be embossed into a compliant sheet of piezoelectric material prior to sintering, the required shape simultaneously being cut from the sheet using the same press tool. This is quite useful for making complex corrugated shapes which are subsequently fired/sintered.

In the devices of the invention the bending deformation and/or moment generated by the application of activation voltages (electric fields) is, as noted above, dependent on the second moment of area of the cross-section, which, for the case of a regularly-corrugated device, is determined mainly by the size of the corrugations, and to a lesser extent the thickness of the piezoelectric sheet or layer. Within reason, for a corrugated body useful in the piezoelectric devices of the invention the exact form of the corrugations does not particularly matter; it is the second moment of area that counts (in mathematical terms the force generated by any small area of a section of the body is the integral, over the height of the section, of the square of the distance of that area from the neutral axis; the neutral axis plane for any piezoelectric device is that plane within which there is no induced strain when the device is operated).

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Tipos De Dolor De Cabeza - Tipos de dolor de cabeza, Memes.. Indeed, in some such devices (tape-form devices, as discussed further hereinafter with reference to the accompanying Drawings) the pitch of the corrugations should be several times smaller than the width of the tape, to ensure the corrugations appear as unidirectional benders on the scale of the device. In each case, because of the spatial separation of the device’s two layers either side of the joint face (the median plane) the composite is caused to bend (in the case of an elongate beam device one end moves up or down, or back or forth, relative to the other)-and this bending can provide movement and force so as to actuate some suitably-connected machinery. For this purpose its is required that the piezoelectric material deform differently in each half of the device-expanding on top at one end while contracting on top at the other.

Moreover, the arcuate strip can itself be dished-slightly curved across its length. How this works can be understood simply by imagining the continuous one is neutral, say (it is shown earthed), and then considering the electrical fields across each alternate corrugation. In a beam-shaped corrugated device, then, there might be seven portions, three on one side and four on the other; in a disc-shaped device there might be 24 portions, 12 on each side; in a curved strip device (of the sort described further in connection with the drawings) there might be as many as, or even more than, 40 (20 and 20). It is generally preferable for the corrugations to be disposed evenly and symmetrically about a centre line normal to the median plane, rather than for there to be more, or greater, corrugations adjacent one edge than the other. The device is little more than an elongate sheet 11 of piezoelectric material that has been pressed (or folded) into a simple corrugated shape with the semi-circular corrugations 12 running the length of the sheet.

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If, with such a corrugated body, all the peak portions (in the top group) were caused to expand, the body’s dimensions (and particularly its length) on its upper side would increase, and it would bend down, normal to the median plane, away from that side-it would become convex, with that upper side on the outside. The opposite effect is also well known; pieces of such materials if subjected to an electric field in an appropriate direction very slightly change dimensions (expanding or contracting, usually observed as a lengthening or a shortening, depending on the field direction). One such field will be from neutral to plus-upwards, as shown-while the adjacent ones will be from minus to neutral-downwards, as shown.

However, they are invariably two-layer devices, typically bimorphs, and apart from their corrugated nature are therefore constructed, and function, in a different manner to the single layer devices of the present invention. 6B made from PZT4D would be an outer diameter of 15 mm, a thickness of 20 ìm, and a mass of 27 mg. It will be easy to see that were the peak portions (top group) to expand and the trough portions (bottom group) to contract, the body would exhibit a tighter, more forceful, downwards bend. 4, but would of course still operate in the same fashion as those with rounded corrugations.

7B, D (the latter is what can be seen on actuation looking along the axis in the direction of the axis A-A; what actually happens might be subtly different, depending on the exact nature of the corrugations). After these simple shapes there is the plain corrugated sheet discussed above-this can be seen to be much like a multiplicity of Us joined side by side-and a variant on that, in which the corrugations are square rather than curved. Dolor de pierna al correr . Polymeric piezoelectric transducers of various shapes are described in U.S. Examples of known benders and actuators are described in U.S. The devices can then be cured and sintered in appropriately shaped saggers to maintain the shape. After sintering, the electrodes can be applied either by printing or plating (or a combination of the two). Also, two S-bending devices can be combined with the free (distal) end sections abutting, resulting in a strip of twice the length, and, if the other (proximate) ends are fixed, a bulging middle section upon activation.

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The same principles apply if considering a spiral curve fixed at one end. Clearly, though, the more portions of a given size there are, and the more evenly they are disposed either side of the median line, the greater will be the force applicable in operation by the device. In the device of the invention the piezoelectric portion groups one on each side of a nominal median plane through the whole body. FIGS. 3A and B show a V-section device of the invention and a U-section device, and FIG. FIGS. 10A-C show (in plan, perspective and sectional view) a third curved strip corrugated devices of the invention.