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Bañador Mujer Espalda T ATIPICK - Bañadores Mujer ATIPICK In an advantageous embodiment, the component which mechanically interacts with the fluid flow comes in the shape of a leaf, a foil, a wing or any other similar shape with an aerial projectioncorresponding to the transversal section of the fluid flow when enclosed in a duct, channel or pipe, as well as matching part of it when the flow is not restrained (e.g. 30which is oriented with a predefined angle with respect to a wing parallel to the flow direction and intersecting the radially external end border of the wing referring to rotation axis. It is named equivalently “wing”, “fluttering surface”, “leaf”, “foil” when it is a flat element 15with any aerial projection shape, showing similar behaviour in a fluid. 1. From the dynamic standpoint, a flat rotating surface is the same as a particular wind-wheel as in fig.5, with only two opposite blades, each onerepresenting one half of the surface.

According to another executive variation, which can be envisaged separately or in combination with the previous claims, at least one or more wings bear at least a coil, formed by one or more turns, being the rotation axis given by two conductive material terminals, connected one to the other by an intermediate segment of non-conductive material , being each of the coil ends connected respectively to one of the two conductive ends of the rotation axis.

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According to the energy conservation laws, the extraction of the electrical energy from the coil reduces the amplitude and lowers the lOfrequency of the oscillations below a threshold at which the collected energy is drastically reduced or zero. The fluid coming from the left is conveyed through a nozzle slit of opening width (d) and its velocity and local increases according to well-known laws of physics.

This configuration maximises the coil surface exposed to the magnetic field and the energy harvesting efficiency. 20 For these reasons , leveraging on a simple rotating coil for the specific need of fluid energy harvesting in a wind-wheel, would result either completely unsuccessful or highly impractical and cost-bearing, at least. The need to transfer outside the energy produced inside the ducts, for example for inside a pipeline to the exterior, must be law and standard compliant. 20when used inside flow ducts it can guarantee an effective transfer of the electrical energy generated inside the means of restraint of the fluid to the outside without any piercing intervention on the walls of the duct or conductors passing through them. In the embodiment of fig 3 and 4 the electrical energy transfer through the pipe’s (or duct’s) wall is based on the induced current being alternate: it can be transferred by a capacitive coupling.

According to the energy conservation laws, the extraction of the electrical energy from the coil reduces the amplitude and lowers the frequency of the oscillations below a threshold at which the collected energy is drastically reduced or zero. In another improvement, many different threshold values may be stored in the control unit memory, they can be either computed or empirically determined; in the latter case, resulting from experiments in different working conditions with respect to the type of fluid, the environment, flow rate, different cut off time lengths. Dolor de espalda primer trimestre embarazo . 30reset its rest position with a pre-set orientation or angular position of the element with respect to the fluid flow, referring to the mentioned oscillation. 15interacting element with the fluid flow, part of its oscillating energy is transformed into electrical energy. In this way the flow is concentrated in the part of the pipe corresponding to one of the two half- sections resulting from a cut of the circular section along a diameter.

From the above description the advantages of the invention are clearly in evidence. The goal of this invention is to improve the effectiveness of the above described kind of devices, specifically targeting IoT applications to make it 25more effective, more reliable and cheaper. This invention also covers the possibility toimplement the described algorithm by monitoring the current spikes as voltage drops through a resistance or the charge variation on a capacitor.

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For all the above described embodiments it is 5possible to extract the collected electrical energy, both to measure the flow rate and to collect electrical energy just extracting the induced current in a wire passing through a hole in the pipe. As a consequence, the energy is extracted by thecoil in a non-continuous ( x ‘ syncopated’ ‘ ) approach, resulting more effective in self-adapting to the surface oscillation dynamics and to the variation of the incoming flow. 20or on a supporting frame which can be fastened outside the duct as the electrical energy can pass from the coil through the wall of the duct to the collection and or control unit. As a result, the butterfly interacting elementwill be pushed to rotate counter-clockwise around the z axis and the φ angle changes from 90 deg to lower values. 25 The embodiments of figures 5 and 6 improve the device allowing to overcome the above problem.

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According to another feature, for any of the different realisations of the present invention, together with the described device an electronic lOcontrol unit is present, executing an optimization algorithm for the electrical energy extraction, to prevent a hindrance to the movement of the interacting element. As an effect of the current extraction, the current spikes will eventually drop below | IOpt |.

In this case, the defined current spikes become voltage spikes or accumulated change rates. In this case, the impinging fluid will mostly miss the blades and will result in delayed rotation start-up or no start-up at all. Fig 9A and 9B show an embodiment with a conveyor as the one depicted in Fig 5 in combination with an interacting element with blades with coils like in the example of Fig 7, the magnetic field and the lOmagnets In this description and in the claims, the definition “element mechanically interacting with the fluid flow” can have any embodiment.

As these transducers are easy to build and can be very small in size, they are ideal to generate the energy to support remote units which remain in standby mode for most of the time and in working mode for 5short periods separated by long time intervals. 30 2. The frequency of the oscillations: the higher the frequency , the more energy transferred.

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B embedding the wind-wheel. In fig.7 the particular embodiment for a 4-blades wind-wheel is reported, for the case of a cylindrical pipeline. According to another embodiment the induction coil or coils are spirals of conductive material fixed, laid on, or embedded in the fluttering element surface. Fig 7 and 8 show two variations of the placement 5of the coil or coils generating the induction signal.

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25temporary motion constraint and allows to re-enable the interacting element to move with big amplitudes, thus restarting the energy extraction process. Medicamentos para el dolor de columna lumbar . 30the surface oscillating at optimized conditions for energy extraction. The energy harvesting of the fluid movement requires a rotating coil embedded in a magnetic field. 5 – Even if it can mitigated by increasing the number of blades, a larger number of blades will increase the wind-wheel’s weight and momentum of inertia, making the rotation more difficult to start and less effective in terms of energy harvesting. Because of the symmetry, the wind-wheel can only rotate when the fluid is asymmetrically impinging on the blades. Fig.6 shows the specific embodiment of a -blades wind-wheel. Fig 1 and 2 show an embodiment respectively, along the fluid flow and in perspective. 15 (pipe, or similar restraining items) need maintenance and could be damaged, causing fluid leakages.