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Referring to FIGS. 10 and 11, there is shown a generator assembly, generally indicated as 602, of a first embodiment of the present invention. The inner hub 726 is generally cylindrical and contains a buoyant material 730, such as a foam or other cellular material. In particular, the system preferably comprises a buoyant member at the uppermost end of the line of generator assemblies, that is the point most distant from the fixture assembly. 11. The drive assembly 670 comprises suitable gears and linkages to transfer the drive from the shafts to the input of the generators 672 and to link the rotation of the shafts 622 with respect to one another. As described above, in the systems of the general aspects of the present invention, a wide range of generator assemblies may be employed, in particular those comprising impellors to drive a generator.

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Systems located in deeper water locations may have generator assemblies disposed across a depth of greater than 1000 meters (about 3000 feet), for example from 1000 to 3000 meters (about 4000 to 10000 feet), as required. The wellhead assembly 204 serves as an ocean floor fixture assembly for a generator assembly array 206 connected to the wellhead assembly by a retaining assembly 208. The retaining assembly 208 comprises a tubular assembly 210 consisting of a tubular, the lower end of which is connected to the wellhead assembly 204 as shown in FIG. 15 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 706, 708 (see FIG. 2, 3 and 8, depending upon the arrangement.

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The upper and lower assemblies of each group may be connected to an adjacent group, to a retaining means or to a buoyant member, depending upon their position in the installation, as shown in FIG. Again, a wide range of designs and configurations of impellors may be employed. Outer Continental Shelf’, Minerals Management Service, Renewable Energy and Alternate Use Program, U.S. The proposals of U.S. Dolor de rodilla running . The proposals in the prior art suggest the general principle of using ocean currents to generate energy and power. Pat. No. 5,440,176 overcomes some of the problems associated with the previously discussed prior art proposals in that, by utilising a leg platform, it can be deployed in deeper water. The system is preferably provided with a means for holding the generator assemblies at the required depth in the body of water.

4 and 5, details of which are provided below. Currents flow in many places in seas and oceans. Many currents flow at significant velocities and can maintain a high flowrate for extended periods of time. Many ocean currents are driven by wind and solar heating, in particular at the equator, while others result from variations in water density and salinity. First and second impellors are located within the housing and are arranged such that their swept volumes are overlapping. Arranging the generator assemblies in this manner with respect to the most frequent prevailing current ensures that the individual generator assemblies operate at their highest efficiency and are not affected by the presence of one or more other generator assemblies upstream.

The generator assembly 602 is of the general type shown in the installations of FIGS.

Referring to FIG. 4, the installation 202 is shown in front elevation, with the side elevation being shown in FIG. 1, 2, 3 and 8. The generator assembly 602 comprises a housing 604 having an upper housing end 606, a lower housing end 608, a front housing member 610 and a rear housing member 612. The generator assembly 602 may be secured to a retaining assembly at its lower housing end 608, as shown in FIG. The generator assembly 602 is of the general type shown in the installations of FIGS. The lower end of the tubular assembly 108 is connected to the wellhead assembly 104 as shown in FIG. This in turn may assist in reducing the wear and tear on the retaining means and/or allowing the retaining means to have smaller dimensions, such as a lower diameter or smaller cross-section. As already noted, the action of the prevailing currents may move the generator assembly or generator assemblies out of vertical alignment above the anchor assembly in the downstream direction.

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The generator assemblies 120 are of a type that are acted upon by the prevailing current of water, the action of which is to orient the assemblies properly with respect to the direction of flow, such that the assemblies face upstream, details of which are set out below. Each group of generator assemblies 220 is arranged such that the generator assemblies within the group are acted upon by the prevailing current of water, the action of which is to orient the assemblies properly with respect to the direction of flow, such that the assemblies face upstream, details of which are set out below. Water leaving the impellor assemblies 620 impinges on the vane surfaces 650, 652 of the rear housing member 612, keeping the generator assembly properly aligned with respect to the current.

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Water impinges on the upstream blades 734 of the impellor assembly 720, imparting rotational kinetic energy to the blades, and flows into the region between the blades. Water enters the inlet end 806 of the flow passage 810, from where it flows into the central portion 812 of the flow passage. Dolor al estirar la pierna detras de la rodilla . 4. Each generator assembly 802 comprises a generally tubular housing 804 having an open inlet end 806 and an open outlet end 808. A flow passage 810 extends through the housing 804 between the inlet and outlet ends 806, 808. The flow passage 810 has a first diameter at each of the inlet and outlet ends 806, 808 of the housing. In use, the generator assemblies 802 are disposed in the path of an ocean current. The generator assemblies 802 are rigidly connected in an arrangement of the kind suitable for use in the installation of FIG. In the case of a system providing energy in the form of a stream of hydraulic fluid, the cable 34 may be replaced by or supplemented by a suitable pipeline for hydraulic fluid transmission.

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Accordingly, in a further aspect, the present invention provides a subsea installation for the production of oil and/or gas, the installation comprising a system for generating energy from one or more currents flowing in the body of water above the installation. In such a case, the buoyant members or bodies may be one or more spar buoys, tension leg platforms, semi-submersible platforms, field facility platforms or the like. In one preferred arrangement, the generator assembly comprises two impellors disposed adjacent one another such that the volume of water swept by the two impellors overlaps. The plurality of generator assemblies may be arranged in any form of matrix or array, extending in one, two or three dimensions from the fixture assembly on the bed of the body of water. The impellor assembly may be used in any orientation in any appropriate form of generator, such as those described hereinbefore. The system may comprise a single locating assembly or may comprise a plurality of locating assemblies, each connected to the generator assembly or array and arranged around the generator assembly to hold it in position.

5. The installation 202 comprises a wellhead assembly 204 of the general configuration shown in FIG.

Retaining means, such as cables or tethers may connect adjacent locating assemblies, in addition to the connection with the generator assembly. Alternative arrangements employing alternative numbers of locating assemblies may be employed. Como aliviar el dolor muscular del cuello . To allow the generator assemblies to operate most efficiently, the generator assemblies may be arranged in groups or banks, with each group or bank being free to rotate about a substantially vertical axis with respect to the fixture assembly. Such lines and/or cables may be disposed within the tubular assembly or run along the outside of the assembly, as required. This is particularly preferred if the retaining means comprises a substantially rigid component, such as a post, shaft or tubular assembly. 5. The installation 202 comprises a wellhead assembly 204 of the general configuration shown in FIG. A subsea installation 102 of the general configuration shown in FIG. 2 and 3. The generator assemblies 120 in the array are connected to directly to the adjacent assembly or assemblies by means of both a universal joint 16 and a swivel joint 30, together indicated as 122, of the type shown in FIG.

Referring to FIG. 20, there is shown a front elevational view of a subsea installation according to a further embodiment of the present invention. Front and rear support frames 814 and 816 are disposed in the inlet and outlet ends 806, 808 respectively of the housing and support an impellor assembly, generally indicated as 820. The impellor assembly 820 comprises a shaft 822 extending longitudinally within the housing 804, supported by bearing assemblies in each of the front and rear support frames 814, 816. The impellor assembly further comprises a plurality of impellors 824 disposed within the central portion 812 of the flow passage 810 and mounted to the shaft 822 so as to be rotatable therewith. 12 and comprises an inner hub 626 and a plurality of circular plates 628 extending therefrom.

1 and described above. The generator assemblies 120 are each arranged to be oriented to face in an upstream direction, as will be described in more detail hereinafter. 1, details of which are set out hereinafter. As the direction of flow of water changes, so the generator assembly must be rotated to be properly oriented with respect to the flow, that is ‘face’ in an upstream direction. Dolor muscular o de riñon . The stators 826 will correct this flow deflection and return the flow into a straight through flow before the water impacts the next blade. It is often the case that equipment used in subsea locations is operated hydraulically and relies upon a supply of pressurised hydraulic fluid to activate and power actuators and other equipment. Typically, pressurised fluid will be used locally to the system.

In addition, the system is only operable to generate energy from currents at or close to the surface of the sea or river. Accordingly, it is often the case that the retaining means is long enough to extend through the zone adjacent the bed and position the generator assembly or assemblies at a depth that has a higher incident flowrate of water. 18 and the components are indicated using the same reference numerals.