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20The mentioned control unit can automatically interrupt the coil induced current extraction, to avoid damping or termination of the oscillations. According to this invention the device includes an electronic control unit capable to execute a lOcontrol cycle aiming to automatically interrupt the coil induced current extraction, to avoid damping or termination of the oscillations. 30rotation axis. The two extremities of the coil are electrically connected to the two extremities of the wind-wheel’s conductive shaft collecting the coil induced current. The lOpeaks would correspond to the positions where the surface is perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. In case of a different section of the pipeline, the blade’s shape would vary accordingly, I order to maximise its surface across the pipeline’ s cross-section. The mentioned conveyors generate a higher density of the flow towards one of the two opposite sides of the fluid flow section as well as of the lOpipe or duct sections which are diametrically opposed with respect to the element interacting with the fluid flow.

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Fig 6A and 6B show a variation of Fig 5 where the fluid flow on the interacting element is conveyed along a direction tilted with respect to the direction of the fluid in the duct where the mentioned interacting element is mounted. Fig 3 and 4 show a detail of a capacitive system to transfer the electrical signal across the pipe wall, respectively, with a section view, along a diametrical plane, an axial plane and a detail of a transversal section of the pipe. Because of the symmetry, a further improvement allowing to further optimize harvesting consists of a magnetic field constant in time but variable in the space, such that it inverses its polarity when 5crossing the plane representing the pipeline’ s cross- section and containing the wind-wheel rotating axis. 15 the rotation axis is preferably a central axis in the projection of the shape of the interaction element on the cross-section plane of the fluid flow and it corresponds to the central diametrical axis on the transversal section of the fluid.

The axle 15connects section a with a spiral coil. Fig 3 and 4 show a detail of an electrical signal transfer capacitive system across a wall of the pipe, respectively with a diametrical section, 25axial section and a detail on the transversal section of the pipe. Fig 1 and 2 show an embodiment respectively.Transversal to the fluid flow and in perspective. As an alternative a window of dielectric 5material can be embedded in the part of the restraining du in the area of the above-mentioned terminals connected to the coil and the collecting unit, which represent the capacitor electrodes.

In the Internet of Thing (IoT) domain, the fluid energy can be collected (harvested) to become an alternative source of power for microelectronic-based remote systems. 15allows to re-enable the interacting element to move with big amplitudes, thus restarting the energy extraction process. 5section of the pipe in which it is accommodated and comprises two diametrically opposed flattened zones to house the shafts. Onozzle surface crosses the same two blades. 30 If the wall is metallic and conductive, then the device can be mounted on a tubular joint to be inserted in the duct, joining two adjacent sections of the duct itself.

As an alternative, having a tubular frame, it can be inserted in the duct and blocked in a predeterminedposition. At start-up the device will use the best set of parameters IOpt, Imin and 10 (or Vopt, Vmin and V0 , in case of voltage control) for optimized operation, while later it will be possible to modify LI or some 15of these parameters in a different usage scenario.

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According to another feature, the control unit includes a timer to set the time length during which the electrical connection between signal generator and collecting unit remains cut and after which the cutting switch automatically closes again theconnection between generator and collecting unit. 30 A second goal of this invention is to optimise the fluid-dynamic interaction between wing and fluid, by means of ameliorating both the floating structure and the elastic suspensions. 30where a gap may exist between the outer edge of the blades and the pipeline edge, as in the case of Fig.5. Posturas para dolor de espalda . When the transducer device in any of the described combinations must be placed inside a duct or a pipe or any other means of flow restraining, lOthere may arise problems to transfer the electrical signal outside the item containing the fluid.

The device of the invention can be used as flow meter to measure the flow of fluid in ducts which convey dangerous liquids for which technical security 30standards or law demands often strict tests of tight duct walls crossings. It is therefore necessary to carefully dimension the device, in order to avoid collisions with the internal surface of the duct. This limits the oscillations amplitude and e ectiveness in the energy harvesting. This invention applies to all energy harvesting wind-wheels made by any number N of blades, with N strictly larger than 2 , as well as to the butterfly oscillating wing described in the claims above. The is at least partially made of dielectric, in the region acting as capacitor electrodes: the terminals connected to the coil and to the collecting unit.