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Bolt-Down Bridge Joint Retrofit with BEJS · EMSEAL.. 4, the lower proof mass 18 also includes a generally square shaped opening 46 to enable the coupling assembly 20 to secure to the proof mass 18. In this embodiment proof mass 16 is identical in construction to proof mass 18, as will be explained in connection with FIG. The coupling element 52 is secured such as by soldering or adhesives to an attachment component 54 having a slot 56 for receiving an end of the coupling element 52. The attachment component 54 includes a threaded portion 58 that extends through the hole 48 and engages with a threaded nut 60. The generally square shaped opening 46 in FIG. The ability to place the apparatus 10 in virtually any location on a vehicle adds significant flexibility in allowing various forms of electrically powered components to be placed in locations that would otherwise not be practical or possible if batteries and electrical wiring was required for communicating power to the component(s).

Fibromialgia, una enfermedad que puede llevar hasta 10.. The compressive force exerted by the proof masses 16 and 18 serve to buckle the piezoelectric beam 12 and reduce stiffness or substantially “soften” the beam. Referring to FIGS. 9 and 10, as the vibration force continues to be directed along arrow 72 in FIG. Referring to FIG. 1, there is shown a bimorph. Referring to FIG. 4, the lower proof mass 18 is shown in greater detail. 10. As the vibrating force changes direction, the piezoelectric beam 12 will again begin to flex towards the flattened out position shown in FIG. In other forms, the ducts may be mounted in an irregular spacing pattern.

2. Ansiedad dolor muscular generalizado . The engagement of protrusions 38 within their respective recesses 42 provides a low friction, bearing-like support arrangement that facilitates smooth rotational movement of the support element 32 relative to the proof mass 18. Other configurations, including a support element without protrusions, are feasible. An advantage of the coupling assembly 20 and proof masses 16 and 18 is that these components form an especially compact, lightweight and effective arrangement for holding the beams 12 and 14 in an initially compressed orientation, such that each of the beams 12 and 14 is bowed or flexed slightly as shown in FIGS. The beam and the biasing member are both supported from a support structure and compressed while being supported. Due the seaside or rearward placement of the passageway, any splash which would otherwise reach the height of the turbine unit hits the roof of the OWC chamber falls back into the oscillating water column.

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The duct is preferably located in a body of water such as an ocean, whereby the water column oscillates in response to the rise and fall of waves which reach the wall of the base structure and/or pass the duct. It has been observed that embodiments of the energy extraction system having an OWC duct with an effective length related to the period of the waves by this formula is particularly advantageous in terms of increased efficiency of operation. In one particularly preferred embodiment, the flow control segment is a section of duct arranged to extend so as to provide an obtuse angle with the first segment of the duct. This is especially so in automotive applications, and particularly on or near wheels or on suspension components used with motor vehicles such as cars, trucks and SUVs. In other embodiments, a group of two or more ducts may be in communication with a single energy conversion system.

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In various implementations, the energy harvesting apparatus and method of the present disclosure provide an extremely compact, lightweight system that enables it to be readily secured to various forms of external structures and/or sensors, actuators, etc., to harvest vibration energy being experienced by the structure, sensor, or actuator. These electrical signals are routed through suitable conductors from the electrically responsive material and used to provide electrical power to an external device, for example a sensor or an actuator. The beam includes electrically responsive material.

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Therefore, the description and claims should be interpreted liberally with only such limitation as is necessary in view of the pertinent prior art. BACKGROUND The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may not constitute prior art. Preferably, the combined turbine/generator unit includes a permanent magnet generator.

In preferred embodiments, the flow control segment includes an angled or sloped portion (e.g. The two or more ducts are preferably arranged to face in the same direction relative to the prevailing ocean wave. The dual system incorporates the ocean wave energy extraction system described above and a wind turbine energy extraction system. In other embodiments, the inner surface may be rounded or curved and the outer surface may be flat to provide the angled or sloped characteristic configuration to the flow control segment. In some embodiments, the flow control segment includes a first curved or rounded joiner portion arranged between the first segment of the duct and the associated end of the planar surface of the flow control segment and a second curved or rounded joiner portion arranged between the second segment of the duct and the associated end of the planar surface of the flow control segment.

The beam is secured to an external structure that generates vibration energy. FIG. 8 illustrates the apparatus 10 before the apparatus has received any vibrating energy from a vibrating structure. FIG. 2 is a perspective view of one end portion of the piezoelectric beam used with the apparatus in FIG.

The demand for self-powered sensors and devices that are able to obtain electrical power through environmental energy harvesting is also increasing. Dolor posterior de rodilla . Advantageously, various embodiments of the breakwater base structure may be positioned or installed either in deep or shallow water and be formed of materials which cause little or no environmental hazards.

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Furthermore, the base structure can provide environmental benefits by encouraging the growth of marine life on the structure. As the beam experiences vibration, it flexes, which causes the electrically responsive material on the beam to generate electrical signals. It will be appreciated that in some applications, the piezoelectric beam 12 may instead incorporate a magnetostrictive material. The coupling assembly 20 includes a coupling element 52, which in one implementation is a steel ribbon. In one embodiment an energy harvesting apparatus is provided that includes a beam and a biasing member.

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When the piezoelectric beam 12 flexes to a displacement where the biasing beam 14 becomes straight, the biasing beam 14 will no longer provide a bias force and the piezoelectric beam 12 will become stiff, thus restraining further motions. In this implementation, the substrates 64 are also formed by carbon laminate layers, with each having a fiber orientation of between about 25 degrees-30 degrees. 9. Gripe y dolor de espalda . Thus, the alternate flexing movement of the piezoelectric beam 12 will be assisted by the biasing member 14. and the piezoelectric beam 12 will generate two electrical pulses or signals for each flexing cycle. The biasing member operates to apply a biasing force to the beam that enhances flexing motion of the beam in response to vibration. In manufacturing the piezoelectric beam 12, one method of manufacture may employ using a pair of piezoelectric material sheets that are positioned on opposing surfaces of a prepreg material at room temperature.

This is advantageous because piezoelectric material is better able to convert strain energy into electrical energy when it operates in compression. 2) are situated in one pair of recesses 42, the support element 32 is able to freely rotate in accordance with arrow 44 in FIG. 8 into the position of FIG. In other embodiments, the turbine is arranged such that its axis of rotation is substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the duct. Each pair of telescopic segments may have a locking means to lock the tubes relative to one another to set the desired length of the first segment of the duct. In some embodiments, the system includes a support frame for holding the ducts in relative spaced relation to each other.