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Gisela presentó su primer sujetador postoperatorio - La.. SUMMARY OF INVENTION This invention provides an improved design for wave energy devices of the types proposed by Bichard and Heck, as well as an improved design for all other varieties of venturi-based wave energy devices. If one desires to ensure that the contribution of electrical power from a farm of venturi-based wave energy devices is always at, or above, a predictable minimum level during any desired period of time, e.g.

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Any body of water that is perturbed by wind blowing across its surface will be populated by waves of varying heights and periods. Note that the relative venturi throat diameter of the Heck device remains constant at 0.862, while the optimal diameter varies continuously from (with respect to very small waves) to 0.36 (with respect to the most energetic waves). 5c. Optimization of Venturi Effect for a Variety of Waves Locations where wave energy devices might be deployed are not generally characterized by waves of constant height and period. 19, the optimized device provides 2.4×109% more power at a wave height of 0.01 meter; 61,500% more at a wave height of 2 meters; 15,400% more at a wave height of 4 meters; and so on. We will discuss two of these ways below, with respect to the four sample wave types specified in FIG.

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FIG. 16 shows two lines created through the summation of weighted contributions from the four individual wave-type lines illustrated in FIG. In other words, a composite wave appears to pass such a point instead of multiple individual waves. The preferred embodiment of this invention rigidly connects the submerged venturi tube to the buoy above through multiple struts arranged about the periphery of the tube and the buoy.

The maximum wave height specified in FIG.

We will further assume a depth of about 22 meters, and a corresponding choke speed of 25 m/s. Thus, the method of optimization described in this invention can be applied to a “flatter” and more constant pattern of water movement and speed. This would likely best be accomplished by populating a high-resolution array of water speeds with the average water speeds encountered during fractional periods of time of a constant duration (e.g. In an actual optimization, one would likely catalogue the frequency with which each distinct wave type is observed at a particular deployment site (with whatever resolution in terms of height and period is desired) over the course of a suitable period of time, e.g. The maximum wave height specified in FIG. For instance, the embodiments discussed at length in this patent involve venturi devices in which turbines are located in the throats of the venturi devices.

No. 12/777,409 application also claims the benefit of the prior filing date of Provisional Patent Application Ser. Note in FIG. 13B that the points of maximum vertical speed are associated with the midpoints of the wave’s height. It is also intended to apply to those wave energy devices that supplement the movement of their attached venturi devices by means of mechanical devices, hydraulic devices, winches, compressed air, etc.

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However, it is much more likely that the diameter of a venturi-type wave energy device will be limited by practical considerations related to construction, deployment and maintenance, rather than being limited by its tendency to integrate waves. FIG. 10 shows the relationship between the maximum amounts of power that can be made available through the application of this invention, relative to the period of the waves driving the vertical oscillations of a venturi device. Dolor de espalda muscular . In the absence of this lifting means, the vertical speed of the submerged venturi tube, and the speed with which water enters the mouth(s) of the venturi tube, moves between maxima and minima in a sinusoidal fashion. As with the air sucking embodiment, this “water sucking” embodiment also offers the advantage of allowing the turbine to be located in, or near, the buoy at the surface. FIG. 1 is an illustration of a wave energy device proposed in the prior art, and comprises a turbine having a propeller 20 connected to a hub 22 mounted on a shaft 24 suspended beneath a buoy 23 disposed on the surface 28 of the ocean.

Shaft 27 is connected by connector 42 a to flexible but non-stretchable cable 44, and the flexible cable is connected by connector 42 b to central shaft 24 a of buoy 26 which central shaft is connected to generator 46 or some other energy conversion device. 8 are based on a wave height of 4 meters and a wave period of 8 seconds and the determination of an optimal relative venturi throat diameter with respect to each choke speed (i.e. Hinchazon estomacal y dolor de espalda . Typical ocean waves range in height from three-tenths of a meter (0.3 m) to five meters (5.0 in). 455 kW/m2 is the optimal, or maximal, amount of power which can be made available by a venturi device submerged in water characterized by the specified choke speed when the device is driven by waves with the specified height and period. The potential energy of venturi device 30 increases with its height.