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Dolor somático vs. Dolor visceral 【Guía Actualizada 2020 The rocking arm 12 is attached to a first friction ratchet I. As the rocking arm 12 rocks, the first friction ratchet 1 turns a first bevel gear 2 in a counterclockwise direction only. Friction ratchet 8 allows the fly wheel to rotate freely in a counterclockwise direction while the am 5 is again engaged by the peg and the cycle is repeated.

This imparts, by means of a second friction ratchet 8, a rotary impulse to axle 9. Axle 9 is connected to a fly wheel (not shown). 2. A device as described in claim 1, wherein said second axis constitutes a shaft rotatable with said arm, further including a second friction ratchet rotatable only in the direction of the movement of the disc. 1. A device for converting wave energy into mechanical energy comprising a first float; a second float; said first float having a greater weight relative to said second float or a smaller cross-sectional area relative to said second float whereby said floats when immersed in a liquid having surface oscillations move in a substantially up and down direction at different frequencies; a rocking rod connecting said floats; means attached to said rod for translating the up-and-down movement of the floats to rotational movement, said means comprising a first friction ratchet rotatable in only one direction; a first bevel gear mounted for rotation with said first friction ratchet; a second bevel gear engaged with said first bevel gear; a disc having a first axis, said disc being mounted for rotation with said second bevel gear, said disc having at least one pin attached thereto; an arm substantially parallel to said disc rotatably mounted on a second axis, said second axis being substantially parallel to said first axis and offset therefrom, said pin contacting said arm at one end thereof upon rotation of said disc and rotating said arm with said disc; spring means urging said arm in a direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the arm.

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Arm 5 is attached to shaft 6. Shaft 6 rotates with arm 5. The rotation of shaft 6 serves to wind up a spring 7. Dolor muscular pectoral mujer . When a rotation of about onehalf revolution has occurred, the peg 4b will, as a result of the eccentricity of the mounting, slip past the end of arm 5. Spring 7 will then pull arm 5 and with its shaft 6 rapidly back by onehalf revolution until arm 5 comes to restagainst the other peg. This intermittent rotation is translated to a second bevel gear 3 and to a disc 4 attached to it. Disc 4 as shown in FIGS. In general, the oscillations may be either continuous ones, as for example, the oscillations of the surface of he sea, or of a large body of water, or intermittent wave trains such as are generated by the passage of boats or ships through a channel or a confined waterway.

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References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 674,002 5/1901 Gehre 60/22 X 892,567 7/1908 Thrasher et al 60/22 1,823,190 9/1931 Christie 60/22 Primary Examiner-Martin P. Schwadron Assistant Examiner-Allen M. Ostrager Attorneys-Harry C. Bierman, Jordan B. Bierman and Bierman & Bierman DEVICE T EXTRACT POWER FROM THE OSCILLATION OF THE SEA The present invention relates to a device for extracting power from surface oscillations occurring in a body of water, as for example, waves on the surface of a sea or lake. The power level attained thereby obviously will depend upon the wave or oscillation amplitude, wavelength, and upon the size of the device. 1 a smaller cross-sectional area relative to said second float, will be set into an oscillatory motion which, by design, has a frequency slower than that of a typical surface oscillation.

1, will follow the motion of a surface oscillation in the body of the water in which said float is immersed. The oscillation frequency of one body differs from that of the other body due to a difference in the masses and/ or cross-sectional areas (at the water level) of said bodies. As a result the two floats will bob up and down in the water at different frequencies, the motion of the floats being for the most part out of phase relative to one another. 9, no outside energy is required to vary the liquid level within the tank or each system and, once the tanks have been initially filled with water from the streams and rivers, the net flow or water through the tank systems is quite small, since only a relatively small amount of make-up water is required during each cycle of operation.

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The differential level of liquid in tank 14 can be varied selectively by controlling the number of valves 60 that are actuated during the cycle to control the length of stroke of the piston 10. Exhausting of liquid from the tank 14 and supply of make-up liquid, of course, would be controlled in timed relationship with any desired piston stroke. A unique advantage of the invention is that the periodic cycle of operation of the system can be varied to suit any power requirement compatible with the environment in which the system is located and compatible with the availability of make-up liquid. A system embodying the present invention thus can serve as a substantial source of power in the form of electrical energy or any other suitable form compatible with reciprocal motion of the piston utilized to convert varying liquid level into reciprocal motion. Assuming for the moment that the valves 60 between exchange receptacles 58 and working tank 14 can be sequentially and cyclically operated between the uppermost and lowermost exchange receptacles, and vice versa, and assuming that all of the exchange receptacles 58 are initially filled with liquid, with the lower liquid level in tank 14 at or near the level shown at 16, it will be evident that as the valves 60 are opened one at a time beginning with the lowermost exchange receptacle 58 and proceeding upwardly, the liquid level within tank 14 will rise up to a maximum level when the uppermost receptacle 58 is emptied into the tank 14. Dolor de espalda derecha baja . It should be noted that the lower level of liquid in receptacle 14 is below the lowermost exchange receptacle 58 and that as each exchange receptacle 58 sequentially empties into the tank 14, the liquid level never rises above the bottom of the exchange receptacle that is being emptied into the tank 14. To enable this to occur, the lower level of liquid 16 is below the lowermost reecptacle 58 by a distance that corresponds roughly to the increase in liquid level that occurs in tank 14 when the lowermost receptacle 58 is emptied into the tank.

It should be understood that these drawings are offered only for the purpose of illustrating the invention and not for the purpose of limiting same. A power of the order of 10 watts may readily be generated with steady waves of modest amplitude using a device having modest size, as for example, a device which measures only a few feet. No. Filed Patented Assignee DEVICE TO EXTRACT POWER FROM THE OSCILLATION OF THE SEA 4 Claims, 3 Drawing Figs. With an appropriate mechanism, as for example, the mechanism shown in FIG. A mechanism for translating the rocking motion of the rocker arm 12 into a quasisteady rotary motion is shown in FIG. The mechanism which translates the bobbing motion of the floats into rotational movement can be contained in a waterproof compartment to prevent corrosion, thus minimizing required maintenance. The device translates the surface oscillations into rotary motion.

2, the rocking motion of the rocking rod 12 can be translated into a steady or quasisteady rotary motion of, for example, a fly wheel. This motion can be utilized to drive a fly wheel. The fly wheel in turn can be linked to an electric power generator or other device. It can be employed to drive a generator, for charging the batteries of marine buoys; it can be used to power emergency communication equipment in life rafts.

Chyno revela que dejó de caminar tras contagiarse de COVID.. The power thus obtained can be used for various purposes. 3. A device as described in claim 1 wherein said means for translating is mounted on the first float. Dolor lumbar y testicular . The device of the present invention will now be explained with reference to the following drawings which illustrate preferred embodiments thereof.

The device will now be explained in detail with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 4, the liquid level has been permitted to drop below the piston 10 in tank 14 and one of the exchange receptacles 58 is shown as it begins to be filled with liquid from tank 14. Preferably, when the receptacle 58 is filled, the liquid level in tank 14 will be at approximately the top of the receptacle 58 that is illustrated as being opened to the interior of the tank. For reasons that will become apparent later, the volumetric capacity of reservoir 66 should be at least equal to the volume of the piston chamber plus whatever volume is required to make up for liquid that is periodically discharged from the tank 14 when the liquid level therein is lowered to its lowermost level 16 (FIG. It should be noted that the device of the present invention is entirely free-floating and self-contained.

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2 looking in the direction of the arrows. 2 and 3 is fitted with two pegs 4a and 4b. As the disc 4 rotates in a clockwise direction one of pegs 4a and 4b acts on an arm 5. Arm 5 is mounted on an axis which is offset from the axis of the disc 4. The peg which acts on the arm 5 pushes arm 5 around with it in a clockwise direction. With proper design, the second float 11, which has a larger cross section as shown in FIG. The first float 10, having as shown in said FIG. The piston 10, as shown in FIG. The operation of the device is based on the motion of two floating bodies. 4. A device as described in claim 1 wherein said means for translating is mounted on the second float. Further, said device does not have to be attached to the bottom or to a rigid platform.

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Make-up liquid comes from reservoir 66, which is placed in communication with the interior of tank 14 through the valve 68. Additional make-up liquid is shown being admitted to reservoir 66 through the pipe 72. At this point, the tank 14 contains its maximum volume of liquid and the exchange receptacles 58 are empty. 2) are provided to vent the exchange receptacles 58 and the working tank 14, respectively, to ambient. The vertical spacing of the tank and receptacle systems permit make-up liquid for the uppermost tank 92 to be drawn from the river 94, while the liquid exhausted from the tank 92 can be utilized by the downstream tank 96 as its make-up liquid.