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Remedio con alcohol para dolores musculares y inflación.. Instead, directional rectifying pulleys 91-7 are used, which allow flexible connectors 92-4 to always feed onto the groove in pulley 91-7 without an incident angle, regardless of the angle of flotation module 91-1 or its relative position or angle to IM 92-11. Flexible connector 92-4 is shown to be constructed of a single tensile element. Consequently, the effective net weight of the inertial mass increases as its depth decreases; this allows for a greater magnitude of gravitational force to act on the inertial mass, especially when, in the course of its oscillations, it falls under gravity; this in turn can impart a greater momentum to the inertial mass and allow more power to be generated from a given sea state, assuming of course that the energy in the sea state does in fact support the dynamic suspension of an inertial mass having the effective net weight in question. 2324, that is filled with air.

This misalignment of the cable’s pulling with the rotation and/or groove of the pulley can damage the cable and/or significantly reduce its lifetime. Such a flat configuration may facilitate the passage of each such ribbon cable over and/or around its respective roller, e.g. 153 the inertial mass 4205 and the restoring weight 4209 has resulted in all nine of the offset weights 4207A-I being suspended from, and adding to the effective net weight of, inertial mass 4205 (instead of just four of the offset weights as in the configuration illustrated in FIG. 54. There are four major differences. Suspended from inertial mass 138 via connector 135-136 and over pulley 132 is a weight 139. As inertial mass 138 moves downward, away from flotation module 131, increasing the distance between inertial mass 138 and flotation module 131, connector segment 135 is pulled and its length is increased. The pulley 106 has a “plane of rotation” which is the plane containing curved arrow 109. Damage to the pulley and its respective cable are minimized when the cable 102 is pulled in a direction that places it within the pulley’s plane of rotation.

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785, that is connected, by means of bevel gears, e.g. 10-125, are operatively connected to a plurality of depending connectors, e.g. Inertial mass 2A-140 is operatively connected to flotation module 2A-105 and restoring weight 2A-160 via depending connector 2A-150. Depending connector 2A-150 is operatively connected to pulley/capstan 2A-125 at the flotation module, and can wind around it several times as in the embodiment of FIG. 22-1400 operatively connected to the powertrain (e.g.

The inertial mass 132 is connected to a pair of cables, e.g.

142, and then back into the body of water, where it is connected to one or more restoring weights, e.g. As the portions of the cables, e.g. The use of parallel sets of relatively narrow cables, i.e. The inertial mass 132 is connected to a pair of cables, e.g. Dolor de espalda y piernas cansadas . Each strand of the multi-stranded cable 212 is wound around a pair of drums 213-214, pulleys, and/or rotating capstans, which increases the frictional binding between the cable and the drum. Power-take-off (“PTO”) modules 211 and 212 are attached to the central shafts of one or more of the drums 206-210 (in this example, both sides of drum 208). PTO modules 211 and 212 can consist of a generator, gearbox, hydraulic pump, or any number or combination of other power transfer mechanisms.

The rollers inside the lower portion 6B of the PTO module are typically fully submerged, as are the ribbons rotatably attached to them. FIG. 26 shows a close-up side view of one of the pulley, traction winch, and PTO assemblies that characterizes the embodiments illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. The direction rectifying flotation module uses the fact that an appropriately shaped floating object can behave as if it is on a highly effective “ball joint”, “gimbal”, or bearing by using the water itself as the bearing surface.

139. A buoy 130 floats adjacent to the surface of a body of water.

Ultrasonic sensor 4611, projected outward from the converter on an arm, is directed downward toward the ocean surface and measures the approximate distance between itself and the water level, providing the device’s control system with real-time readings of the approximate draft or waterline height of the device. 221, are mounted to an upper surface of the buoy 210 and provide forward thrust with which the embodiment may propel itself across the surface 233 of the water on which it floats. 139. A buoy 130 floats adjacent to the surface of a body of water. The buoy contains five apertures that facilitate the passage and movement of cables from rollers above its upper surface, to submerged objects below its hull. The other end that is connected to the inertial mass is held down.

FIG. 233 is a top down sectional view of the embodiment of FIG. 6) Another embodiment does not possess a generator 273, e.g. The transmission of energy from the rollers, pulleys, gears, etc., to the generator may be by a simple direct-drive shaft, a gear box, a hydraulic fluid circuit, or any other mechanism, technology, or manner, an embodiment may utilize any number of electrical generators, or none at all (e.g. ΙΟΙ 15. Como se quita el dolor de espalda . Each of the pulleys/capstans can interface to its own generator or can be mechanically connected to one or more shared generators.

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As each roller turns, and its respective crankshaft rotates, the set of interconnected driving rods, connecting rods, and piston rods, connected to each of its crank axles, move so as to drive the respective pistons back and forth within their respective hydraulic cylinders, e.g. 22), each crank axle, e.g. The flotation module 2300 contains a plurality of internal voids, e.g. Instead, this embodiment’s inertial mass 1223 relies on an “arrow-shaped” vessel, and a weighted 1224 lower end to facilitate its sinking back to its nominal distance below flotation module 1201 following the conclusion of a “power cycle” involving the rising of flotation module 1201 in response to an approaching wave. Flotation module 1-105 is buoyant and is preferably broad and “flat,” allowing it to experience a relatively large increase in buoyant force in response to a relatively small change in displacement, i.e.

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Thus, as the buoy 130 moves in response to wave action at the surface, and the inertial mass 132 moves in response to the pulling of the buoy, and/or any currents which it obstructs, and, as the inertial mass moves away from the vertical radial and longitudinal axis of the buoy (i.e. “metacenter” of a said circular or arc-like profile, i.e.

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“3-D printing” of said concrete. Typically, most embodiments would be expected to benefit from the positioning of their inertial masses such that the average depths of those inertial masses are approximately near or below the wave base characteristic of the wave climate driving those embodiments at any particular time. 115. The features and discussion that are, and/or would be, redundant with respect to other embodiments discussed elsewhere will not be repeated here, but is nonetheless still relevant and is included within the scope of the present disclosure. A buoy 900 has a hemi-spherical hull 902 and as a result tends to rotate easily away from its nominally vertical longitudinal axis so as to keep that longitudinal axis (i.e., an axis normal to its upper deck, and about which the buoy has approximate radial symmetry) passing through the approximate center(s) of gravity of the connected set of inertial masses, e.g.

The hull 5 of the buoy 1 is approximately, if not exactly, hemi-spherical. 129 illustrates a buoy 1290 at rest at the surface 1291 of a body of water. 84. The buoy 510 is connected, by means of pulleys, e.g. One end of the ribbon cable 904 is connected, via a ribbon junction bar 908, to a set of interconnected inertial masses, e.g. 160, to oscillate back-and-forth thereby driving the piston head back and forth within the respective hydraulic cylinder, e.g. 88 and 89. Dolor de rodilla lateral . As in FIG. FIG. 188 is a side perspective view of an embodiment of the present invention.

  • Ayudar a los médicos a determinar la causa del dolor de espalda o de cuello
  • Water-conveyance apparatus as set forth in claim 1 that includes
  • Aumento de sudoración
  • El germen de trigo
  • Recuéstate e imita la postura de la plancha clásica

FIG. 91 shows a vertical cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 70 shows a side view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. However, when water flows from above down onto orifice cap 600, then the cap at least partially obstructs the orifice thereby inhibiting or preventing the flow of water from one side of wall 604 to the other. As flotation module 201 moves down following the passage of a wave crest, it stops pulling up against the relatively immobile inertial mass 217, and restoring mass 207 falls thereby removing any slack in flexible connector portions 204 and/or 205. Vessel 217 falls under the influence of gravity too.