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Descompresión subacromial y el dolor de hombro - Clínica.. The engineering and construction companies that serve the oil companies designed several geometric variations to the TLP technology in order to make it cost effective in applications at water depths for the given deck pay load capacity. Thus the TLP vessel size becomes unusually large and the tendons design becomes challenging, and development of a new technology is required to use TLP in ultra deepwater fields. The increased water depth increases the riser weight and thus increases the pretension.

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Clinica - Hospital Neurología en Monterrey - Dr. Primo Delgado Thus the wave force on the base is not seen. BHP Billiton has the intention to use a TLP for the Shenzi development in 4,300 ft deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico for 100 kBD of oil and 50 million cubic feet per day of gas. The present invention presents emerging technology to extend the application of a TLP beyond 8,000 ft of water depth in the Gulf of Mexico harsh environment, to solve the ultra deepwater problems from the hull design to riser support, and make the TLP a reliable structure for 8,000 ft water depths. The water depth limitation of this TLP technology is less than 5000 ft for several technical reasons that are discussed hereinafter. Consequently, the installation of the vessel becomes difficult as the water depth increases beyond 5000 ft.

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In addition to that, the displacement of the vessel should take care of the tendon preloads. Consider the schematic TLP with displaced position as shown in FIG. FIG. 2 is schematic side elevation of a conventional tension leg platform TLP of the prior art illustrating the geometric displaced position of the platform in sway with pitch and set-down relationship. Part of the column shell at the bottom is extended out on the side shell of the columns to receive the truss members’ connection. However with the help of the truss pontoon concept, the structural weight of the hull is reduced significantly compared to the use of conventional pontoons. The excess buoyancy designed in the hull with vertical columns and conventional pontoons keeps the tendons in tension to be effective in all wave environments for the given deck load. Pat. No. 5,707,178, titled “Tension Base For Tension Leg Platforms”, which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.

Pat. No. 6,761,124, titled “Column-Stabilized Floating Structures with Truss-pontoons”, which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety. Fiebre diarrea dolor muscular . Multiple risers are compactly grouped together within a frame of truss structures along their length with intermediate horizontal supports. It should be understood that the previously described tension base, truss-pontoon and extended truss features may be used in addition to the riser support tower. The connection between riser sections is also made as discussed previously. The dynamic characteristic and the structural motion relative to waves of the present invention are significantly different from the conventional TLP concept. FIG. 1 shows a typical conventional TLP of the prior art with conventional hull, tendons, deck, production risers etc. This is because of the high reliability and past practical initialization.

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The previously described tension base or artificial seabed may be used as an option in this embodiment. The water flooding inside the box and pumping outside the box may be regulated to lower the box to the desired depth. As with the previous embodiment, the risers are housed centrally inside the tower frame. As discussed previously, the submerged artificial seabed, if used, is fully ballasted to take care of the external water pressure at 4000 ft, and it is moored vertically by lower tendons and moored horizontally by catenaries. The tower moored to the tension base or artificial seabed makes easier installation. The submerged artificial seabed is vertically moored by another independent set of lower tendons to the real seabed at 8000 ft water depth. However, dramatically increasing the water depth from 4000 ft to 8000 ft is not feasible without “tension base” (TB) technology.

The tension base may be utilized for the local transportation and installation.

Thus, the effective water depth for the surface TLP has been reduced from 8000 ft to 4000 ft. Vortex induced vibration is one factor to be considered in designing the length or depth of the tower. This reduces risk and the cost involved in the fabrication, transportation and the installation of the tower. Dolor lumbar antes de la regla . The tension base may be utilized for the local transportation and installation. If design permits, additional buoyancy chambers may be added to the artificial seabed as needed.

Since the column provides the required buoyancy for the vessel, the columns are deep draft. The submerged base could not carry buoyancy due to large external water pressure. The load on the truss for fatigue is negligible in everyday waves due to the deep draft. It is based on the four major vertical columns with tubular frames welded horizontally therebetween as truss connections. The truss members are drag dominated and produce separation of the water flow and causes damping of the system. Thus, the TLP offers a good option for simplifying well intervention when a well develops problems or needs well enhancement. Como aliviar el dolor de artritis en la rodilla . Thus, the TBTLP tendons could be designed to the vertical heave close to or just over 5 sec.

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The vessel size is also large when the water depth increases to over 4000 ft. The vessel size is same as the vessel designed for 4000 ft. The C-frame type deck may be used if float-over deck installations are selected. The TLP may be used as a processing and/or wellhead platform.

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Note that this is without the riser issues. The riser support tower uses the conventional jacket frame structure practice in supporting the conductors in shallow water technology. The riser problems are dealt with in independent tower support. After the installation of the tower, the slings and the telescoping guide frames will be removed. The added mass in the axial and the lateral directions of the submerged base restrain the motions of the artificial seabed underwater. The lateral spring stiffness values for TLP and the tower are very low. This typically results in larger wall thickness for the risers. For this design, significant increase in diameter and wall thickness of the risers is seen. The present invention meets these challenges to bring the TLP within technical feasibility and cost effectiveness for the ultra deepwater depths. The tensioned based tension leg platform utilizes a double pendulum principle by which it avoids tether slacking in very deepwater without increasing the size of the hull near the water surface.

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It makes the design of the tension-based tension leg platform (TBTLP) hull simple. That makes both compliant to wave forces. The hull weight to total displacement ratio for the given deck load for the range of water depths that is feasible for TLP is almost same as for a semi-submersible structure. 3. This technology reduces the natural period and heave, pitch and roll of the hull, which reduces the requirement for additional tendon steel to adjust the stiffness. Thus, the artificial seabed base is preferably designed for this condition. Consequently the fabrication effort is reduced. Since the excitation force in the vertical direction is reduced significantly, its effect is also reduced at resonant heave.

The weight estimation in Table 1 is revised and reproduced in Table 2, below, to illustrate the characteristics of the TBTLP truss-pontoon hull shown in FIG. FIG. 4 shows a cantilever extended-arm system applied to the truss-pontoon TLP. Alternatively, a more simplified method for providing the artificial seabed is to utilize a stiffened flat plate with a center opening for well access instead of the box to act as a submerged artificial seabed. It is an independent floating structure with very deep draft but framed like a jacket. They are supported at every horizontal bay like a jacket platform.

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