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Muletas ERGODYNAMIC con Amortiguación 1A-G, various embodiments may include boarding areas (e.g., service platforms and/or docking fixtures) attached to one or more of the spars 104, 106 and/or nacelle 102 as well as, for some embodiments, nacelle access hatches 126 and/or spar access hatches 128 for improved service access for deployed WECs 100. Access hatches 126, 128 may generally be provided in the upper region of a nacelle 102 or an extended spar such that the access hatches 126, 128 are generally above the water line in nonstorm conditions.

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A need therefore exists for a wave energy conversion apparatus that efficiently 1 and cost-effectively converts the rotational ocean wave energy into rotary motion for use in direct drive rotary generation while achieving improved reliability and survivability, or to at least provide the public with a useful choice. These water particle velocity vectors are of greatest magnitude at the free surface of the water and decrease exponentially toward zero as the water depth increases, therefore the strongest body interactions occur at the free surface of the water.

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Likewise, in embodiments requiring advance preparation for survival mode or extreme waves or weather, it will be apparent in view of this disclosure that, by PTO control, ballast control, locking mechanism, braking mechanism, ratchet mechanism or any combination of these approaches, a float may be lowered below the water surface. It will be apparent in view of this disclosure that particular float geometries, dimensions, and orientations will vary depending on the particular size, power requirements, and expected operating conditions of each individual WEC 100. In a plan view perspective, the forward side 108b of the first float 108 is rectangularly shaped to maximize exposed surface area, thereby increasing energy capture. The WEC is a floating, self-referenced multi-body system having at least two floats, two spars extending downward, and at least one nacelle buoyantly supportable on a surface of a body of water that effectively and efficiently converts the heave and surge of offshore swells and storm waves into rotational torque that may drive both conventional and large-diameter slow-speed direct-drive generators or pumps.

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The second float 110 is designed in some embodiments to have a deeper draft than the first float 108. The draft may be chosen to be any depth, but in some embodiments may be optimized to maximize a surface area which is in contact with the wave and/or optimized to maximize the combined effects of wind, waves, and currents. 8A-F are mid-column buoys, which may, in some embodiments, have a net positive buoyancy ranging from 10,000 lbs. 10C. In still further embodiments, environmental conditions may dictate that a float 108, 110 rotate to a position in which it is nested with another float. Examples of such embodiments may include special operational or deployment scenarios that do not allow float overtopping. 9B-C. From this position, the overtopped float 904 may be de-ballasted such that a ballast chamber at the top of the overtopped float 904 is buoyant, thereby creating a moment to rotate the float in the forward direction as depicted in Fig.

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In still further embodiments, the overtopped float is completely de-ballasted and the float motion is supplemented with a controlled application of motor operation to drive the first float back over the top of the nacelle 906 to drive the overtopped float into the correct orientation. 9A-F, the overtopped float 904 may be dynamically ballasted such that it becomes negatively buoyant and sinks to a lower vertical orientation as depicted in Figs. Como aliviar el dolor de pierna . 1A-G, the WEC 100 comprises a buoyant nacelle 102 having a central longitudinal axis, a first spar 104, a second spar 106, a first float 108 operatively coupled (e.g., by first float drive arms 112) to a power take off (PTO) and a second float 110 operatively coupled (e.g., by second float drive arms 114) to a power take off (e.g., the first power take off or a second power take off).

Compartmentalization may, for example, provide a mechanism to contain potential leaks, such that, in the event of a leak, any flooding is contained to a limited area of the WEC 100. Compartmentalization also provides various discreet areas for more useful equipment storage spaces, more accessible maintenance areas, to serve as dynamic ballasting tanks, etc.

8B-F, two-point or one-point mooring systems 800 may also be used. Such systems may, in some embodiments, drive low volume pumps and/or deliver electricity to low power sensors (e.g., wave instruments, temperature sensors, salinity sensors, wind sensors/anemometers, RF or satellite communications, etc.). Such systems may, in some embodiments, drive somewhat higher volume pumps (e.g., water or oil) than a 500 pound displacement system 1102 and/or deliver electricity to various devices (e.g., unmanned underwater vehicle charging, autonomous vehicle charging, autonomous underwater vehicle charging), sensors as described above, or and/or various vessels/platforms (e.g., oil platforms). The WEC does not rely on a mooring system to produce torque, but may include a mooring system for station-keeping and, in some embodiments, for directional control. In some embodiments, such HCSs 116 may include additional features (not shown) such as, for example, dynamic ballast controls, vanes/rudders, trim tabs, mooring system attachments, or any other desired additional feature.

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In various embodiments the floats 108, 110 may each be wider than, and connect to the PTO(s) outside of, the spars 104, 106. In some such embodiments, the drive arms 112, 114 may be longer than the spars such that each float 108, 110 retains uninhibited, 360-degree rotation about the central longitudinal axis. An important feature of various WECs 100 in accordance with the present disclosure may be the arrangement of the two or more floats 108, 110. More specifically, unlike prior art embodiments, the present disclosure relates to a WEC 100 having a first float 108 and a second float 110, each designed to rotate about a central longitudinal axis of the nacelle 102. In various embodiments the first float 108 and the first float drive arms 112 are designed to rotate outside the nacelle 102 within a radial span region defined by the second float 110 and the second float drive arms 114. Accordingly, in such embodiments, the float arrangement design allows both the first float 108 and the second float 110 to achieve uninhibited, 360-degree rotation about the central longitudinal axis.

In certain autonomous applications the WEC may not require a mooring at all. The spars 104, 106 provide structural support to the WEC 100 and provide a design tool for setting a center of gravity (CG) and/or center of buoyancy (CB) of the WEC 100. The CG and/or CB design point can be achieved by tailoring spar length (draft), spar weight, and/or spar weight distribution to particular applications. A single mooring leg of this configuration, connected to the forward region of a HCS 116 may, in various embodiments, allow for the WEC 100 to rotate and passively align to head into the oncoming wave. Dolor en parte interna de la rodilla . In such embodiments, the WEC 100 is attached at a forward region of an HCS 116 and a single mooring leg comprised of a vertical mooring line 808 or lines, a horizontal mooring line 802 or lines and a mooring buoy 806 or buoys.

WEC 100 may be deployed.

Hendel's Garden Flekosteel Warming Body Balm 50 ml 1.7 fl.. Figs.l2A-C are dimensional schematics of a small-scale WEC in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. The present invention relates generally to converting wave surge and heave into energy and more particularly to wave energy conversion (WEC) devices, systems, and methods. WEC 100 may be deployed. FIGS. 11-15C depict the details of four exemplary configurations of WECs 100 optimized for various mission/climate inputs. Figs. 1F-G are side views illustrating arched drive arms in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Floats of any size, shape, volume, buoyancy, weight, and/or orientation may be used in accordance with the present disclosure.

The second float 110 may also be of any size, shape, volume, buoyancy, weight, and/or orientation in accordance with the present disclosure. Environmentally, waves also represent one of the most benign sources of clean renewable energy. Approximately seventy percent (70%) of the population of the entire world lives within two hundred miles of an ocean, making that an accessible source of renewable energy. Although the present invention has been described herein with reference to particular means, materials and embodiments, the present invention is not intended to be limited to the particulars disclosed herein; rather, the present invention extends to all functionally equivalent structures, methods and uses, such as are within the scope of the appended claims. However, the technology described herein may be implemented using rotary-driven PTOs of any type, including, but not limited to, generator(s), gearbox and generator(s), hydraulics and 13 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 generator(s), water pump(s), and/or any other suitable rotary PTO device.

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For embodiments including propulsion systems, the propulsion may be provided by any suitable propulsion device (e.g., propeller, pumpjet, paddle wheel, magnetohydrodynamic drive, etc.). In various embodiments one or more of the floats 108, 110 may be designed to have one or more internal ballast tanks (not shown). In some preferred embodiments, each float may be designed to optimize cost-effective energy capture. Dolor muscular zona coxis . The pitch motion of the nacelle 102 acts out of phase with that of the first float 108, thus increasing the velocity of relative rotational motion between the two bodies. When operationally appropriate, it may be preferred that some method be in place to return the float to the forward position. 3A-D, the HCS 116 may be movably mounted to the spars 104, 106 such that the position of the HCS 116 along the spars 104, 106 can be varied. Depending on scale, one or more of the spars 104, 106 may be hollow, compartmentalized, or modularized to house or provide ingress/egress for ballast, equipment, and personnel associated with power generation, maintenance, ballasting etc.