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La Luz al Final. A magnetically conductive material could also be used in place of the ceramic magnets. Another option would be to provide cushioning material between end magnets 3 and 4 and moving magnet 2. The end magnets provide a springless means of suspending the central, moving, magnet in the tube. Magnet 2 is a rod magnet comprised of Alnico-8 material with a diameter of 0.5 inch and a length of 0.75 inch. 40 magnet wire. The coil 45A was wound with 10,000 turns clockwise in a length of 0.75 inches, then separated by 1.0 inches, then coil 45B was wound 10,000 turns in a counter-clockwise direction, again with a length of 0.75 inches. These two units were then cemented together to form a total package comprised of coils 91, and 92, plus magnet 93. This package was 3/8 inch thick and 3 inches in outside diameter. Coils 5 and 6 were each 0.75 inches long and were wound in opposite directions (i.e., one CW and one CCW).

To be effective, it should move freely in the tube, and have good magnetic strength, i.e., many magnetic flux lines through the coils. Alnico 5, or Alnico 8 magnets also have long lifetimes and work suitably well for many application. The preferred embodiments of the units that will be used in this application are similar to the design shown in FIG. 3. Such higher power units could have application where size was less important than power output levels. Similarly, if the magnets have holes in them, such as stacks of the common toroidal magnets, air will be free to pass through them and not damp the magnet’s movement.

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Typical low profile coils would have at least about 5,000 turns per 1/8 inch of coil height and the outside diameter of the coil would be at least about 10 times larger than the height of the coil. LOW PROFILE POWER GENERATOR Low profile power generator units would be useful in applications where strong repetitive forces are present, but where displacement may be small. The power generator 42 and electronics 46 were housed inside a clear acrylic tube 40 with an outside diameter of 1.25 inches, a wall thickness of 1/16 inch, and a length of 8 inches, as shown in FIG. Finally, the second embodiment utilizes a longer tube 1. The length of tube 1 can directly affect the sensitivity of the unit. In addition to modifying the design for moving magnet 2, the second embodiment also provides for a method of increasing the strength of end magnets 3 and 4 by attaching rare earth magnets 3A and 4A. For sensitive units, inexpensive ceramic magnets can provide sufficient springless holding forces on the central, moving magnet.

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Second Embodiment A second embodiment was designed to minimize the expense associated with a solid rare earth or Alnico moving magnet 2. It was found that by attaching inexpensive ceramic magnets of the same diameter to the ends of more powerful Alnico or Rare earth magnets we could achieve the desired rod shape with greatly reduced costs. Dolor lumbar embarazo primer trimestre . 5A and 5B. If coil 5 is wound in the same direction as coil 6, the voltage read between coil 6 ends 7 and 8 and the voltage read between coil 5 ends 10 and 11 will be out of phase. Moving magnet 90 very close to magnet 93 and then away would create about 20 volts out of coil 91 and about 8 volts out of coil 92. The unit was thus producing over 15 milliwatts of power each time magnet 90 was brought close or moved away from magnet 93. More study will be needed to determine how much power would be generated with normal walking, but the peak voltage values make recovery of the power from bridge rectifiers an easy task.

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Holes drilled in the tubes along its length were also used on some models to minimize this damping effect, although, coil placement will tend to close off some of these breathing holes. The holding power of the central magnet firmly binds the sandwich in place without adhesive, although, adhesive could be used if desired. 2, and supplies some simple electronics to provide energy storage and controlled power to the LEDs or incandescent bulbs.

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FIG. 14 illustrates a low profile embodiment which could recover some of this lost mechanical energy and provide some cushioning as well. Such an integrated circuit would provide a small, compact means of converting many coil output signals into a single combined DC power output. Therefore a short circuit between coil end 8 and coil end 10 would result in a very small voltage measurement across coil ends 7 to 11 because the two signals would largely cancel one another, as shown in FIG. 5C. This saves a significant step in manufacture because the short circuit required between coil end 8 and coil end 10 is automatically created when both coils 5 and 6 are created from the same wire. The end magnets are ceramic disc magnets of about 1 inch in diameter and 0.25 thick with tiny rare earth magnets attached to the outside.

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These bulbs take about 0.5 amperes of current. Fuerte dolor de espalda baja . SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a linear motion electric power generator for generating electric current from work done by an intermittent force. The resultant current will be in opposite directions in each coil. A moving magnet is confined so that it can move with bi-directional linear, or approximately linear, motion through each of at least two coils.