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Dolor de cabeza emocional Rincón de la Psicología Rincón.. FIGS. 3 and 4 show a WEC 10 and some alternative mounting and configuration arrangements therefore according to embodiments of the present invention. Further, the floating body 1 is provided with a shake sensor 14 for detecting the tilt and angular velocity of the floating body 1 and an encoder (gimbal axial direction sensor) 15 for detecting the rotation angle and posture of the gimbal 6, which are control devices provided on the floating body 1. 13 is electrically connected. The power generation device includes a sealed gimbal, a flywheel in which the gimbal axis and the spin axis are arranged in an orthogonal direction and housed in a spinnable manner around the spin axis, and the flywheel is rotated at high speed A spin motor and a generator connected to the gimbal shaft through a speed increasing gear are provided, and the gimbal is rotated to generate power by shaking the floating body due to wave motion.

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  • FIG. 4 shows a partial view of the system with a split to highlight a one-way drag mechanism
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Young beautiful athletic woman practicing indoor yoga on red mat For the description of the system, we will make use of a concrete example of the design to which there correspond the enclosed figures presented as embodiments, which are not intended to be limiting since the specific data in each case are in accordance with the requirements of the design, without the modifications in detail affecting the essence protected in a general manner by the present registration. The WEC is tethered 116 to the seabed, allowing the WEC to float but not drift away. FIG. 18 shows a section through a WEC showing a porting and valving arrangement according to an embodiment of the present invention. The WEC 10 is mounted to the mast 112 a of the wind turbine 114 a. On the other hand, the floating air turbine system that has been developed so far, such as Kaimei and Mighty Whales, can determine the following five stages of conversion efficiency.

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The wave has a peak 14 a and trough 14 b. As the trough of the wave advances to pass over the WEC, reduced external pressure is applied to the membrane compared with the higher external pressure caused by the wave at its peak. The preferred streamlined design of embodiments of the present invention and/or the catenary form or corresponding profile of the membrane or cell face can also be adapted to traditional oscillating water column converters to convert them to membrane converters, eliminating salt laden air from passing over the turbine.

30, though with a central (cruciform) support 110 for the mast 112 of a wind turbine 114. Other forms of support for the wind turbine, or other device, can be provided, such as a central single spar, a solid or mesh platform, or a framework. Some WECs use relatively complex methods of wave energy capture, transmission and conversion to electrical energy, often progressing through consecutive energy conversions, from wave (fluid) energy to mechanical to hydraulic to rotational mechanical (turbine) to electrical energy. However, development of a cost effective converter that is also sufficiently efficient at extracting energy from the wave and also sufficiently reliable has, as yet, proved elusive. The present invention, in order to realize efficient wave power generator small, received by the control moment gyros shaking maritime floating, gyroscopic wave power generator for generating electric power by utilizing the energy and it An object of the present invention is to solve the above-mentioned problems by providing a used wave-dissipating device.

The floating body is provided with a plurality of control moment gyros, and each of the control moment gyros can generate electric power. FIG. 26 shows a single limb or spine version of the WEC near shore. It will be appreciated that each cell may be formed or cast in the single body, or discrete cell body portions may be formed and then connected together to form the single body.

FIGS. 16a to 16c show a multi cell longitudinal bank form of WEC with diaphragm cell dividers according to an embodiment of the present invention. Evitar dolor de espalda . As such, one cell is under the peak of a wave (maximum pressure) and pumping air from the cell via the at least one port, and another cell is under the trough (or minimum pressure) of the wave and accepting air back from the reservoir or low pressure manifold via the at least one port. FIGS. 30 and 31 show deep water applications of the WEC according to embodiments of the present invention, with FIGS.

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FIG. 25 shows a near shore, shore facing apex with the limbs of the WEC pointing towards open water. For example, the material of the membrane may be folded over a spline or may have a hem or sleeve into which a spline is inserted. One of the basic applications of the claimed system is mass production for the accumulation of wind energy in the same way as solar energy which we will describe separately below owing to its importance.