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Aroma y musicoterapia para el dolor postoperatorio FIG. 1D also illustrates conceptual included equivalent magnets with the upper side as N pole and the lower side as S pole. The Darrieus device also incorporates a generator located below the wind system at a lower elevation where it can be more easily installed and maintained. This length change to d is transmitted through a force transfer member 40 so that these oscillations drive an electric generator 110 located on the ground. This allows the overall energy efficiency to be improved and the rotating mechanism unit to be functioned as a dedicated induction heater under the magnetic field generation mechanism unit in which a rotating magnetic field is electrically changed to an alternating magnetic field. Then, after the rotating mechanism unit is mounted, impedance Z2 between the two terminals added with rotor impedance Z3, including resistance R3 and reactance L3, may be measured.

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NáUsea Y VóMito Postoperatorio En CirugíA Ambulatoria The behavior of the total amount of integration of an ever changing current path in the soft magnetic metal plate (bowl like shape in the thickness direction of the metal with ever changing periphery height and thickness, which will eventually disappear after changing to a plate like shape) can be learned with a search coil encompassing the center and periphery of the plate. Next, conditions for efficiently transferring electrical power supplied by the inverter circuit will be described. Rg is an internal resistance of the electrical power source, R1 is a winding resistance of the magnetism generation mechanism unit, R3 is a combined resistance of an eddy current resistance due to flow of eddy current generated by the penetrant diffusion of magnetic flux of the magnetic field into the soft magnetic metal plate and a resistance of the single turn coil array member, and n is an equivalent effective turn ratio of the magnetism generation mechanism unit when a coil turn of the rotating mechanism unit is taken as one turn with the magnetic gap as the matching plane.

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Further, the magnetism generation mechanism unit and the rotating mechanism unit may be separate, independent units or they may be integrally combined. The drive signal of the electrical power source has a drive signal frequency fg that causes the area of a B-H hysteresis loop formed by magnetic field strength H of the magnetism generation mechanism unit and induced magnetic flux density B in the rotating mechanism unit to become maximum. 2 in which a large torque is obtained by the deceleration through epicyclic gear mechanism 17, 18, and 19 in rotating mechanism unit 2 is used. The energy converter of the present invention differs largely from the conventional converters, in which the copper loss of the winding in the magnetism generation mechanism unit is reduced as much as possible (about 0.5Ω/phase in the experimental production) and the rotor heat source is also used effectively.

Joule heat is generated in the secondary cooking pot (pan) of an induction heater by eddy current. In this case, a hollow cylindrical rotor is formed and water or air may be introduced therein to give heat and rotational force at the same time. This tower itself must be engineered to handle wind loads and the weight of the wind system and generator.