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El dolor de rodilla crónico se manifiesta gradualmente, al principio es un dolor leve que se intensifica con el tiempo, como en la artrosis de rodilla, por ejemplo. Esto explica por qué cada vez más gente sufre artrosis en la rodilla (degeneración de la articulación) a medida que la edad avanza. La artrosis de la rodilla (gonartrosis) es un proceso progresivo. En las fases tempranas, el dolor de rodilla solo se produce ocasionalmente (p.ej. Sin embargo, también hay situaciones en las que ya no se puede evitar una operación. Por ello no es de extrañar que la gente se queje de dolor en las rodillas. Las rodillas están expuestas a grandes esfuerzos todos los días. Es más, las rodillas son muy vulnerables a las lesiones. La rodilla es una articulación de bisagra esencial que permite la flexión y la extensión de las piernas así como la rotación interna y externa al flexionarse.

Con el tiempo, esto puede provocar cambios degenerativos que están asociados al deterioro de la capa de cartílago. La función amortiguadora del cartílago sufre y se puede sentir rigidez y dolor en la rodilla. El tratamiento del dolor de rodilla depende de la causa. La articulación de la rodilla es la articulación más grande del cuerpo humano. La rodilla o la articulación de la rodilla es la articulación más grande del cuerpo humano. Calidad del dolor de rodilla: ¿

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El dolor se produce con mayor frecuencia y es más intenso. El dolor agudo de rodilla comienza de repente, por ejemplo después de una lesión. El dolor de rodilla es una enfermedad muy extendida en España. Dolor de espalda cuando me siento . 1 a, but has linear electrical generator power embodiment, shows the coil 40 (discussing) inserted between the guide rails below.Also the blade assembly 30 with the blade 100 be fixed to wherein is shown. 2, wherein each blade assembly carries generator 34 (in order to omit in fig.

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Fig. 7 shows the diagram of the blade movement around closed loop tracks. Time seen from above, closed loop tracks of the present invention can have various shape, but the simplest form of track is elongated and Linear Elliptic shape (see 2 in Fig. Patent number 7,709,971 relate to novel linear wind-powered electric generator, are suitable for ultralow speed light breeze field.These basic conceptions and principle can be used for fluid dynamic hydroelectric generator, but must consider water velocity (than the low 3-4 of wind speed doubly), kinematical viscosity (less than the kinematical viscosity of wind 20 times) and density (density height 800-1100 times than wind).And, when making above-mentioned wind turbine be applicable in current, the water flow variation that the Free Surface, natural grade, variable velocity and the river course cross section that need the solution river course degree of depth to cause cause. Except ellipse, also can have other Track desighs, and the character in water route is preferably depended in this design.Such as, if the speed of the blade assembly of corner vicinities needs lower, the dumbbell shape in Fig.

Clínica de Fisioterapia en Hortaleza - Fisioterapia a.. Wherein U is velocity of blade or speed, and V is water velocity or speed.Therefore the scope of λ factor of the present invention is between about 1.5 to about 8.0, preferably between about 2.0 to 6.0.Because ineffective design or the high angle of attack cause lower λ factor (being less than 2) to lower efficiency.Higher λ factor is limited by the speed that cuts out of airfoil fan, and this speed is determined by the mechanical constraint on this equipment, and it is more inefficient that such as maximum safety operation speed and the low-down angle of attack cause. 2 a and 2b shows identical equipment, and wherein Fig. Fig. 2 a and 2b shows the detail drawing of the guide track system link of described equipment, and Fig. 1 a shows bracing structure 18 and vertical rack 20, and this support is from supporting track equipment below.Such as, support 20 can be anchored at the bottom in canal.

5 shows track equipment, in another embodiment, this track can be vertically directed. Compared with in prior art, HAWT water turbine designs, another advantage of the present invention’s design is, airfoil fan has consistent surface area, is exposed in any depth of water of specifying.This outbalance, because the various degree of depth has different water velocities.Known from hydrokinetics, more slower close to water river course wall current, comprise river levee and the river bed in river.The current being just positioned at the center in the water river course below surface are the fastest.Therefore, in river or canal, in river course, current are the fastest in the heart, and maximum kinetic energy can utilize.Compared with designing with HAWT-base turbine machine, apparatus of the present invention can obtain these current faster better. In certain embodiments, blade can be equipped with end plate or winglet, which increases the aerodynamic characteristic of blade in water (clean lifting force).Represent by 104 in Fig.

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The preference of U.S. Indian patent application number: 910/MUM/2006,1106/MUM/2006 and 1563/MUM/2007, PCTIN2008/00878 and U.S. Distinguish the present invention to be to an importance of the prior-art devices with similar total configuration, the blade of HKECS equipment of the present invention produces lifting force, and this lifting force increases its efficiency greatly.When the aqueous phase mutual effect of the fluid motion on the blade and blade of movement, be that air (fluid) power performance makes lifting component exceed towing component.On the contrary, the waterpower acquisition device of most of prior art is all towing gear.Such as, disclosed in traditional water wheels or U.S. Power generation efficiency C pfor the function of σ and λ, therefore all have best σ for any λ specified, it is converted to mechanical type with making energy maximization.This calculating can be used for the quantity optimizing blade for given flow velocity and water river width. 1 d 40), produces electric power to make the motion of magnet on inductor coil in blade assembly.Influence generator coil is arranged in orbit, and is jointly connected to common bus (not shown) by solid-state switch (not shown), can extract power supply.Each coil can have solid-state switch (not shown), can start this solid-state switch by proximity sensor (not shown) (limiting examples comprises transphasor of hall-effect switch, magnetic reed switch and such as LDR etc.).In an alternate embodiment, the length along track can have a series of permanent magnet, and blade assembly carries coil and the method for transmitting power from this equipment, such as conductive guide, in such as Fig.

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6 shown in 4 in some cases can be favourable.The track in end with larger radius can reduce the centrifugal force on corner’s blade assembly, and this can increase the speed of cutting out, and at such speeds, this device also can not produce useful power under higher water velocity.Therefore, increase and cut out speed and can increase the velocity range that equipment of the present invention can produce useful power. 4 is between concentric guide rail is as 22a and 22b (not showing in Fig. 1 c also shows water line 28, and in an example, track equipment hangs (from above) on water route and outside.Such as, suspended rail from the upper bridge of river (this river comprises track 8).Blade 100 on blade assembly 30 provides power around the motion of this track.Blade assembly 30 is connected to transport tape 46, and this transport tape makes gearwheel 50 rotate.Three gearwheels have been shown in Fig.

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In known fluid dynamic turbine design, blade shroud rotates around fixing vertical (VAWT) or level (HAWT) axle.Wheel hub comprises the symmetrical blading (for bidirectional tidal turbo machine) be fixed on it, accepts current from both sides.For given trend (tidalcurrent) speed, there is the rotational speed of transmission maximum power and rotate freely rotating speed. The power transmission apparatus that power obtaining method shown in Fig. Tratamiento para dolor de rodilla izquierda . The present invention relates generally to and obtain energy (such as producing electric power) from current or tide. 1 c.Gearwheel 50 live axle 52, this axle makes generator 54 rotate to produce electric power. The present invention relates to novel fluid power (tide or river or canal) energy conversion system (HKECS), the use of excess energy in this system development oceanic tide or river/canal current, be used for generating or provide power for mechanical load, such as draw water. 6).The present invention considers for design, and what usually require track is straight and vertical with current at least partially.Vertical with current at least partially by making, blade is exposed in water with minimizing, to obtain energy from the kinetic energy of current.

River, especially those rivers formed by the glacier of rainwater and thawing, are also the abundant predictable energy.The size of river energy depends on flow velocity and the capacity in river, and flow velocity is determined by the roughness in the gradient and river course and shape, and capacity is determined by the permeability of the size of drainage basin, vegetation, weather and bed rock.The combination of these factors causes must considering advanced dynamic when locating and design River function energy system.

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Fig. 1 d is the track similar to the configuration of Fig. Dotted line 28 in Fig. Fig. 4 and Fig. The advantage of cable and gearwheel embodiment is, track can be immersed in current together with cable and gearwheel, and this wants difficulty for the generator on each blade assembly or linear electrical generator embodiment.Cable port of the present invention can have other embodiments, such as transport tape or chain.