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Also, while the restraining blocks are shown as being unitary with the tiers 2, it should be understood that the blocks can be made as separate elements that are attached to the tiers by any conventional means. While wave energy conversion concepts have the common advantage of using a clean and safe renewable energy source, the efficiency and cost of developed concepts have not allowed them to be competitive with other forms of energy producers.

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U.S. Pat. No. 4,514,644 wastes a significant amount of wave energy moving the boom and, therefore, the amount of actual energy produced will be small. The wave height may travel only a few feet from the trough to the crest and, therefore, the amount of wave energy that will be captured will be severely restricted. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates, in general, to an apparatus for extracting energy, and, in particular, to an apparatus for extracting wave energy from a body of water and storing it to be used at a later time.

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Although the ocean wave energy conversion system and the method of using the same according to the present invention has been described in the foregoing specification with considerable details, it is to be understood that modifications may be made to the invention which do not exceed the scope of the appended claims and modified forms of the present invention done by others skilled in the art to which the invention pertains will be considered infringements of this invention when those modified forms fall within the claimed scope of this invention. Since the arms 5, 6, and 7 work independently of each other, the system will work even if one or more of the arms are inoperative. The arms are held on the pins 4 by a retaining plate which is attached to the pins in any conventional manner. It also means there is a significant period of time before the next wave impacts the point absorber.

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Each piston also has two air inlet valves 32 and two compressed air outlet valves 34 attached to the air hoses 20. Each inlet and outlet valve contains a one way check valve of conventional design such that fluid will flow only in the specified inlet or outlet direction. U.S. Pat. No. 4,754,157 discloses an apparatus for obtaining energy from wave action which consists of a cylinder and a reciprocal piston in the cylinder.

3) in the arm which allows for movement of the arms toward and away from the tiers, as well as up and down as the floats 8 raise and lower the arms due to the tidal elevation. Also, tidal shift has been ignored, as in the other patents. Remedios para el dolor de espalda . Each of the arms will pivot about pins 4, thereby moving the piston to compress air within the cylinder. The ends of the arms 5, 6, and 7 which are closest to the pins 4 have a pin which attaches the arms to one end of a dual action compression piston 16. The other end of the piston is affixed to the tiers by an anchor bolt 18 of any conventional design. 1, it should be understood that this is merely for illustration purposes, and more or less tiers could be added as necessary. As the piston face 28 moves toward the bottom of the cylinder 16, air will be forced through outlet 34 and into a storage tank.

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Air may then be extracted from the storage tank and used in any conventional manner, such as by driving a generator to produce electricity. The wave absorbing paddles 10 will catch the force of the waves and current which in turn will drive the arms 5, 6, and 7 toward the shore. In this manner, energy is efficiently captured in a continuous fashion during the inbound and outbound rotation of the arms 5, 6, and 7. By using the force multiplying arms 5, 6, and 7 in a horizontal direction, the large range of motion of the float 8 and paddle 10 allow a significant stroke of the dual action compression piston 16 and a large volume of air can be compressed during each wave cycle. 3, within each piston 16 is a piston face 28 to compress air within the cylinder, and a compression spring 30 of conventional structure.