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Mujer Con Dolor De Estómago Foto de archivo - Imagen de.. Therefore, when a coil 50 passes through said space owing to the oscillatory movement, the coil will be subjected to a magnetic field that changes polarity a plurality of times. Therefore, the oscillatory movement of the first part results in a variation in the magnetic field to which the coils are exposed, whereby the oscillatory movement of the first part is converted into electrical energy.

Young female basketball player in action, motion in run isolated on white wall In some embodiments of the invention, the second generator module is arranged to be repetitively triggered by the first part during said oscillating movement of the first part, so as to receive energy and momentum from the first part. Another aspect of the invention relates to a method for making an electrical power generator tune with wind speed. WO-2014/135551 -A1 , which is incorporated herein by reference, discloses other examples of electrical power generators based on Karman vortices, in which the oscillating movement of a pole is converted into electrical energy by piezoelectric systems. As an alternative to multi-blade aerogenerators with rotating electric generators, the use of generators based on the use of piezoelectric elements or materials for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy has also been proposed. The described embodiments relate to the context of energy production in a well, taking advantage of the fluid produced from a formation.

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This lift force 1005 switches sign periodically, with a frequency which corresponds to the onset of the vortices, and this force causes the oscillation of the pole 1 , towards one side and towards the other side. Given that the wind speed, according to the Hellmann exponential Law, increases with height and given that the frequency of the appearance of vortices depends on both the relative velocity between air and pole (which in turn depends on wind speed) and on the characteristic dimension of the pole (in this case, on the diameter of the pole), it is appropriate for the diameter of the pole to increase with height as the relative velocity between air and pole increases with height. Given that this frequency of appearance of vortices, for a determined capture element or pole, depends on wind speed, it may be desirable to vary the natural oscillation frequency of the pole based on wind speed.

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Pro-Pilates Consciente Barcelona The generator also comprises a second part that surrounds, at least partially, said first part. Figure 17 is a cross sectional side view of a portion of a generator in accordance with an embodiment of the invention. Figure 1 is a schematic elevational view in which some of the components of a generator in accordance with a possible embodiment of the invention can be seen. In some embodiments of the invention, the first part has a first mass and the second generator module has a second mass substantially smaller than the first mass, such as less than 10%, less than 5% or less than 1 % of the first mass. However, as a rule of thumb, a substantial difference in mass, for example, in line with the percentages indicated above, can be beneficial so as to allow for the second generator module to oscillate at a frequency higher than the frequency of oscillation of the first part.