Dolor en la parte derecha de la espalda media

It is stated that it is less than L when the first and second regions are spaced apartIt is minimum95% minimum range DIt is minimumWhen, root Improved according to the energy capture performance of the equipment of the present invention. The separation in the first and second regions that the ratio depends on being adjusted by separation limits device simultaneously depends on energy conversion The reaction force of device and the mechanical property of film. It should be noted that the fixed part of attachment system 5 is loaded with 1: 10,11, on this 2 points to separating the film The distance in the first and second regions 6,8 limited.

Medibloc » Pubmed It should be noted that first and second points of attachment system are probably discrete, or it is bonded to each other.Arrange these the first Hes Second point, to allow at least a portion of limits device to be pivoted relative to attachment system. As shown in figure 1, by controlling resistance, such as the energy of capture may be caused according to the second diaphragm area along perpendicular to stream Body stream axis X-X axis Z-Z movement velocity and change, vertical axis Z-Z extends in longitudinal cutting plane P of film 4.Such as The fruit speed becomes too low relative to predetermined low speed, Resistance Value is just reduced, so that film can start again at fluctuation at a predetermined velocity.

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In situations where strong ocean currents exist, a conventional three-point auxiliary mooring system (not shown) can be used to prevent drifting of the platform 1, without impeding the normal functioning of the device. 9. In this embodiment, the platform 1, the mooring lines 2, the guide pulleys 3, and the anchoring means are unchanged. As the crest of the wave passes, and the platform begins to settle into the trough of the wave, the slack in the mooring lines is accommodated by the flow of hydraulic fluid from the low pressure reservoir 6, through the check valves 5 and into the hydraulic cylinders 4, causing retraction of the pistons into the respective hydraulic cylinders and tightening of the mooring lines. More specifically, the air-cushioned high pressure reservoir 8 is directly connected to the shaft end of the hydraulic cylinders 4 and acts as a gas spring, always tending to draw the piston shafts back into the cylinders and tighten the mooring lines.

Dolor Muscular Cadera

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the present invention there is provided a device for producing fresh water from salt sea water by utilizing the hydrodynamic energy of waves, comprising: a buoyant platform; mooring means for mooring the platform at sea; pump means mounted on the platform and connected to the mooring means; a reservoir for containing pressurized sea water connected to the pump means; a desalination system for extracting fresh water from the sea water connected to the reservoir means; hydraulic flow control means for causing the pump means to pump sea water into the sea water reservoir, as motion of the buoyant platform is produced due to the passing of waves beneath it; measuring means for measuring parameters of the sea adjacent the buoyant platform; and a control device connected to control the pressure in the sea water reservoir and flow of sea water from the reservoir through the desalination system in dependence upon the parameters of the sea as determined by the measuring means.