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Young woman holding hands on head, having headache in sweater and black jeans and looking annoyed. front view. Whilst the prime mover is ideally suited to extracting power from tidal and river currents, it is also adaptable to be used for extracting power from waves as will be explained below in connection with a preferred embodiment. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a prime mover, an apparatus and method for extracting power from moving water such as tidal flows and river currents. Preferably, the apparatus is moored to or mounted on a structure such as column on which apparatus for extracting power from wind or wave is mounted. Alternatively, a special turbine such a Wells turbine is used, such turbines always turn in the same direction irrespective of the direction of air flow.

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(PDF) \ Typically, the air turbines also comprise a generator located in the ducts. In FIGS. 15A and 15B a similar hydraulic pump 42 is used though in this case control chamber 44 is located beneath the surface and is moored to the sea bed by cables 33. Thus, the prime mover 40 here floats above the sea bed. Preferably, power conversion means are provided comprising a fluid pump for pumping fluid to a higher level. Preferably, the prime mover is axially slidably mounted or mountable to a column secured or securable under water in an upright position. FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an active water column apparatus installed in working position for extracting power from moving water. Preferably, the first reversible control member is spaced laterally from it in the direction of the water flow.

Preferably, a generator, or combined turbine and generator is housed in the duct. Preferably, a turbine is housed in a duct. Preferably, at least one duct in the top of the tank permits the fluid alternately to flow out of and into the tank. Preferably, one or more reversible control members are pivotable about a central axis protruding from the body. Dolor muscular por ansiedad . Power generation from waves incident on the semi buoyant collector cause the water inside the collector level to rise and fall relative to the top of the collector. The energy available to be collected is equivalent to the volume change over a given time period times the pressure differential over the same period. In a further embodiment, one or more control members comprise a rotatable cylindrical structure whose direction of rotation can be reversed to generate a change in direction of thrust.

Reversing the control member causes the direction of thrust to be reversed and when this is repeated the prime mover reciprocates generally in the plane. This drag can be supplemented, though this is not always necessary, by reversing the control member or members to produce thrust in a direction opposite to the rise and fall of water in the waves. The apparatus can be rearranged in a similar manner to that of FIG. Therefore, towards the bottom of the movement and preferably before too long is spent at the bottom of the movement, the inclination of the hydroplanes 22 is caused to reverse so that these exert a vertical upward force. Whilst hydroplanes 22 typically act as hydroplanes causing lift by the action of water flowing over their upper and lower surfaces, control members 22 can be caused to act as water deflectors much in the same way that a kite deflects air.

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In FIG. 12, water flow 26 is redirected downwards by control member 22 d causing tank 10 to move in the direction of arrow 32. This is similar to the way that a kite maintains it height. This allows rotation of tank 10 by angle β to align itself with the prevailing tidal flow. Thus power generation is derivable from the action of wave energy on the prime mover, especially when the prime mover is a tank, tidal flows on the prime mover and wind power from the wind turbine mounted on top of the support column. GB 1604372 discloses a device for utilising tidal energy which comprises two cylindrical tank members fitting slidably inside one another. The frequency with which the planes are reversed is typically 5 to 20 seconds, but may be less than or more than this.

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