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Pumps 36c and 36d pass the sea water through high pressure conduits 42c and 42d, respectively, to the high pressure manifold or tank 48b. The power absorbing module shown in FIG. 5 received the sea water from tank 48b and discharges it back to the sea through discharge conduit 68. In passing through conduit 68 pump 52′ is operated to rotate shaft 60′ to cause electrical generator 62′ to produce electrical power as before. 1 where two modules 20 are used to force fluid through high pressure tank 48 to rotate shaft 60. Further, only one generator is used to produce electrical power, rather than separate generators feeding a single electrical line as in the prior art. By constantly driving a single generator at a prescribed rate from a plurality of power producing pumps, large quantities of electrical power can be generated in the precise phase relation.

Curso Puntos de Acupuntura aplicados al Karate-do - Rincon.. This ensures that the electricity produced by generator 62 is of the same frequency and cycle, which is only possible through the use of a single generator. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now to the drawings in detail, wherein like numerals indicate like elements throughout the several views, an underwater power generator constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention is illustrated in FIG. Ocean currents, as distinguished from wind and tide activity, are of a steady and predictible nature, and are in concentrated regions in close proximity to land, wherein the power can be taken directly to land by electrical cable. An economical apparatus has been designed for installation in large ocean streams or currents, such as the Gulf Stream, to generate electrical power in large quantities. The cost of the apparatus to convert the energy stored in a natural flowing stream has usually been prohibitive.

For example, the difference in the ocean thermal gradients of the current have been used to generate water vapor or the vapor of some intermediate working fluid such as Freon. No electrical storage facilities are needed because such current velocities are essentially constant, which results in reduced cost and increased efficiency of the equipment used for such purposes. The quantity of electricity produced is varied by use of a different number of power producing modules through the medium of the pumps for causing rotation of generator shaft 60. The pumps in each power producing module 20 act as a mechanical linkage for driving shaft 60 from a plurality of sources so as to obtain increased power production. Dolor de rodilla menisco . Any number of power producing modules can be used to feed fluid to high pressure tank or manifold 48 in power absorbing module 18 to cause increased rotation of shaft 60 and thereby generate a greater quantity of electricity by increasing the output of generator 62. This is diagrammatically shown in FIG.

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By virtue of this arrangement, the phase relationship of the electrical current produced by the generator can be modulated so that the power output is uniform and constant and therefore usable, while the quantity of power output is only dependent on the number of power producing modules used and the size and capacity of the components of the system. Rather than driving a generator directly from the current through the medium of a propeller, discrete power producing modules are provided which convert the kinetic energy of the fluid current into mechanical rotational energy, which energy is in turn cumulatively transmitted to a power absorbing module containing an electrical generator. The second pump acts as a turbine and its output is mechanically linked to rotate a shaft which is connected to the windings of an electrical generator.

Pump 36 drives the fluid through the high pressure manifold or tank 48 into a conduit 50 within module 18. Conduit 50 is connected to the inlet of a second centrifugal pump (or turbine) 52, which has a pair of outlet ports feeding conduits 54 and 56 which merge into a conduit 58, leading back to low pressure manifold 44, which also extends between power absorbing module 18 and power producing module 20 through wing structure 22. As shown more clearly in FIG. This is accomplished by having propellers disposed in the ocean or fluid current rotate the shaft of a pump which will drive fluid either contained in a closed tank or sea water surrounding the module through a second pump. 7. Each propeller drives a centrifugal pump 36c and 36d, respectively, to suck sea water through conduits 64c and 64d, respectively, from the ocean current.

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2 and 3 respectively, can be sea water or any other readily available fluid. However, the current generated from each device would not be in phase with that generated from the other devices and accordingly, is not usable. Each device includes a propeller in the current or water flow stream, which turns in response thereto. 3 but illustrating a modified power absorbing or generating module which can be used with the apparatus illustrated in FIG. Masajes para dolor de espalda . A source of fluid contained within a tank or low pressure manifold 44 is adapted to be pumped by centrifugal pump 36 through a conduit 46 to the outlet conduit of the pump 42 which in turn feeds a high pressure manifold or tank 48. Tank or manifold 48 extends out of the power producing module 20 through wing 22 into the power absorbing or generating module 18, depicted in more detail in FIG. Centrifugal pump or turbine 52 within power absorbing module 18 has an output shaft 60 which is rotated by centrifugal pump or turbine 52 as fluid cascades or is forced through the pump from the high pressure manifold 48 by centrifugal pump 36. Shaft 60 is connected to the armature of an electrical generator 62 whereby rotation of shaft 60 is converted into electrical power by the generator 62. Electrical current produced by generator 62 can be taken directly to land by electrical cable or the power can be used to electrolyze sea water to make hydrogen which can be liquified and easily transported to a place of consumption.

Electrical current from the generator is taken off through electrical conductors directly to a power transmission line on land. As distinguished from the prior art, a substantially constant fluid current velocity is utilized to mechanically drive the shaft of an electrical generator to produce a substantially constant electrical output. Rotation of the propeller produces rotation of a shaft directly connected to an electrical generator. The only attempt known for obtaining electrical power directly from the current of a body of water is described in U.S.

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Similarly, wing portions can be fixed to each of the shells of the power absorbing and power producing modules and an elastomeric joint such as shown at 63 formed therebetween to enable the structure to flex under action of the flowing current. A suitable bearing and joint is disclosed in an article by S. P. Vitt, entitled ELASTOMERIC BEARINGS FOR HIGH-LOAD APPLICATIONS, appearing in ASME Journal. A propeller 26 is rotatably mounted on the front of the shell 24 of power producing module 20. Propeller 26 is fixed to a shaft 28 which extends into the shell and is rotatably supported within a bearing 30. Shaft 28 is connected to a drive shaft 32 by a gear train 34 which increases the speed of rotation of shaft 32. Shaft 32 is fixed to a conventional centrifugal pump 36 having a pair of inlet conduits 38 and 40 and an outlet conduit 42 in communication therewith.

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Conventional power sources such as natural gas and oil are being rapidly depleted throughout the world. Windmills commonly found on land is just one example of such an attempt to turn energy in a natural fluid stream into electric power, while turbines driven by the flow of trapped tidal waters are another. Accordingly, the prior art is replete with devices and methods for converting the energy contained in natural fluid streams, such as the wind and the tides, into usable electric power. The power generated from such devices is also unpredictible since electrical output fluctuates in accordance with fluctuation in wind and wave activity. Further, tidal and wind motion is unpredictible in nature and apparatus must be provided to store energy during peak periods of wave and wind activity for later use. FIG. Como quitar un dolor de espalda baja . 2 is an enlarged longitudinal cross-sectional view of one of the power producing modules of the apparatus illustrated in FIG.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged longitudinal cross-sectional view of the power absorbing module of the apparatus illustrated in FIG. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the apparatus and method of the present invention, ocean currents are utilized to generate electrical power. FIG. 6 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of another modified form of power producing module which can be utilized with the apparatus illustrated in FIG. 5 could be utilized to achieve the same results. Because the mass flow rate of water is the same for the upper and lower portions of the currents and the currents flow in a fixed direction and magnitude, there is no need for additional static support structure, but an apparatus can be designed based on hydrodynamic buoyant and lift forces. The wing-shaped support 22 for the modules permits balance to be achieved between the buoyant and lift forces on the modules which results in minimum anchoring requirements.

2, power producing module 20 includes an outer shell 24 which is hydrodynamically shaped to permit flow of water by it with a minimal amount of turbulence. 3, power absorbing module 18 is also hydrodynamically shaped. 4 and a power absorbing module 18′ as illustrated in FIG. As in FIGS. 2 and 3, the open cycle illustrated in FIGS. The fluid within the conduits and pumps of the closed cycle system described in conjunction with modules 18 and 20 in FIGS. Suitable unidirectional valves can be disposed in conduits 66 and 68 to preclude entry and discharge of sea water when the modules are inoperative.

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The high pressure and low pressure tanks or manifolds 48 and 44 are adapted to be disposed in the wing 22 and through the elastomeric joints. A power producing module 20b may be used in the open cycle system with counterrotating propellers 26c and 26d, as shown in FIG. In lieu of the closed system illustrated in FIGS.