Dolor Cervical Y Contracturas

View of the sky capturing a bolt of lightning with purple cloudy skies En general se percibe como un dolor sordo o persistente, pero no agudo; además, puede sentirse el cuello rígido o sensible. El dolor muscular se debe a un daño leve o intenso en los músculos del cuello y de los hombros como respuesta a un exceso de ejercicio o una tensión física o emocional prolongada.

CBD. Hemp Oil de uso profesional - Medicina Sistemica Es posible que en los músculos cervicales se desarrollen nudos endurecidos hipersensibles al tacto, a veces llamados puntos gatillo. Otras causas de dolor de cuello son espasmos musculares o un endurecimiento repentino e intenso de los músculos cervicales. Estos espasmos se derivan a veces de una lesión del músculo, pero también pueden aparecer como respuesta a un problema en los nervios o en un disco de la columna vertebral, o por estrés emocional. La cefalea de origen cervical se siente casi siempre en la nuca y la parte alta del cuello, y suele deberse a tensión o espasmo muscular. Si al despertarse se siente el cuello rígido y dolorido, lo más probable es que se haya producido un espasmo muscular. Con todo, es frecuente que no se descubra una causa clara.

Tipos De Dolor De Cabeza

It as shown in figure 12, further include energy converter 4, the energy converter 4 includes permanent magnet 4-1, bracket 4-2, line Circle 4-3 and rectifier 4-4, the permanent magnet 4-1 are rigidly attached to the top of damper rod 2-1.Coil 4-3 beneath portions Space needed for being reserved with the vibration of 2-1-1 crossbeam, and the part bracket 4-2 and coil 4-3 is rigidly connected, bracket 4-2 and overclad tubes 2-4 rigid connection is equipped with rectifier 4-4 in the top of coiler part.The rectifier can convert the alternating current being collected into At direct current, load is supplied after filtering.Oscillator system 1 drives permanent magnet 4-1 to pump, and coil is made to cut permanent magnet The magnetic induction line of 4-1 generates electric current, exports matched power supply to external electrical network after rectifier 4-4 rectification. It as illustrated in figures 11 and 13, further include pedestal 3, the pedestal 3 includes level-one pedestal 3-1, second level pedestal 3-2, axis Hold 3-7, azimuth-drive motor 3-3, azimuth-drive motor gear 3-4, adjustment gear 3-5, fluid sensor 3-6, the level-one pedestal 3-1 use It is rigidly connected in large-scale marine structure.Second level pedestal 3-2 is flexibly connected by bearing 3-7 with level-one pedestal 3-1.Azimuth-drive motor 3-3 is rigidly attached to the side of level-one pedestal 3-1, and azimuth-drive motor gear 3-4 is housed above azimuth-drive motor 3-3.Adjustment gear 3-5 It is rigidly connected with second level pedestal 3-2, and is engaged with azimuth-drive motor 3-3 gear.Second level pedestal 3-2 and adjustment gear 3-5 and outer shell Wall 2-3 and overclad tubes 2-4 rigid connection.Fluid sensor 3-6 is rigidly attached to below level-one pedestal 3-1, required for monitoring Fluid parameter data makes it make adjusting to 3 fed-back fluid parameter information of 3-3 azimuth-drive motor and 2 damping system.The orientation 3-3 electricity Machine rotates 3-3 azimuth-drive motor gear after receiving fluid signal, drives 3-5 adjustment gear, and 1-1 oscillator and direction of flow is made to begin It keeps eventually vertical.

When marine tidal-current energy is converted into the mechanical energy of oscillator system, oscillator system drives permanent magnet 4-1 in energy converter It pumps, so that coil 4-3 cutting magnetic induction line produces electricl energy.Electric current transfers to outer after the rectified action of rectifier 4-4 Portion’s power grid provides electric energy for the running of equipment. In order to solve problem above, the present invention provides a kind of self-adaptive damping variable vortex-induced vibration energy conversion devices, including vibration Subsystem and damping system, the damping system include magnetic rheological liquid damper, and the magnetic rheological liquid damper includes damper Piston rod, damper piston disk encases damper rod, and is arranged in outer casing wall, and outer shell pars intramuralis is full of magnetorheological Liquid, the space formed between the outer casing wall and damper piston disk is damp channel, in the outer casing wall, top and the bottom there are Certain neutral gear, be rigidly connected outside the outer casing wall overclad tubes, internal in the overclad tubes to be distributed damping coil, the outer casing wall Multilayer resistance magnetic interlayer is inside accompanied, the oscillator system is located at below streamlined support rod, is transversely arranged on vertical flow direction On, it is connected by damper rod with magnetic rheological liquid damper above the oscillator system.

Papadopoulos Soporte Cervical Posterior Cervical A1073.. 4-Fig. 9, damping coil 2-5 is distributed inside the overclad tubes 2-4, the damping coil 2-5, which is around in, to be led At the overclad tubes magnetic core 2-4-1 of magnetic tube middle section, the damping coil 2-5 is used for the magnetic rheological liquid damper 2-7 magnetic flux Supply.The size of the damping coil 2-5 electric current determines the size of magnetic flux, to influence damping power output.Overclad tubes 2-4, resistance Buddhist nun’s device piston plate 2-2, outer casing wall 2-3 are permeability magnetic material, constitute closed magnetic loop, pass through outer casing wall 2-3 by magnetic core and reach work Disk 2-2 is filled in, then passes through outer casing wall 2-3 by the both ends piston plate 2-2 and reaches overclad tubes 2-4 core portion, constitutes closed magnetic loop.

The damping system further includes linear springs, and the linear springs include slide bar, sleeve and spring, the slide bar Be embedded in sleeve and can in the sleeve upper and lower piston like motion, the both ends of the spring respectively with the root of the sleeve, cunning The upper end of bar is rigidly connected, and the crossbeam of the slide bar upper end and damper rod is rigidly connected, the sleeve lower end with it is described Overclad tubes rigid connection. It further include energy converter, the energy converter includes permanent magnet, bracket, coil and rectifier, the permanent magnetism Body is rigidly attached to the top of damper rod, is reserved with needed for the crossbeam vibration of damper rod below coiler part Space, and bracket and coil are rigidly connected, bracket and overclad tubes top are rigidly connected, and rectifier is housed in the top of coil.

Further include pedestal, the pedestal includes level-one pedestal, second level pedestal, bearing, azimuth-drive motor, azimuth-drive motor gear, Adjustment gear, fluid sensor, the level-one pedestal is used for and the rigid connection of large-scale marine structure, second level base via shaft hold with The connection of level-one base runner, azimuth-drive motor are rigidly attached to the side of level-one pedestal, azimuth-drive motor tooth are housed above azimuth-drive motor Wheel, adjustment gear and second level pedestal are rigidly connected, and engage with azimuth-drive motor with adjustment gear.Second level pedestal and adjustment gear with Outer casing wall is connected with overclad tubes lower rigid, and fluid sensor is rigidly attached to below level-one pedestal. Ejercicios para quitar dolor de espalda . The controllable 3-4 azimuth-drive motor gear of azimuth-drive motor 3-3, azimuth-drive motor gear 3-4 are nibbled with adjustment gear 3-5 It closes, when carrying out orientation adjustment, is rotated horizontally by this two components, not will cause the variation of upper and lower position.

It further include end cap 2-8, the upper and lower ends of the external casing wall 2-3 of end cap 2-8 are closed, and are carried out to magnetorheological fluid Sealing. When the present apparatus operates normally, fluid sensor 3-6 monitors direction of flow, and Xiang Fangwei machine 3-3 and damping system 2 are defeated Incoming flow parameter information out further adjusts the direction of oscillator 1-1, so that oscillator 1-1 increases retrievable perpendicular to direction of flow Energy.1 amplitude of oscillator system due to caused by the mutation of open ocean and frequency is avoided to change excessive, damping system 2 can be timely Its amplitude and frequency are controlled, so that device works in stable environment, inertia force between the internal structure by device is avoided to impact Effect.When the amplitude of oscillator system 1 and frequency change, magnetic flux increases in the damp channel 2-7-1 of magnetic rheological liquid damper 2-7 Add, the magnetorheological fluid at damp channel becomes the low liquid of high viscosity from low viscosity fluid, provides damping, further adjusts oscillator The amplitude and frequency of system.Meanwhile outer linear spring 2-9 provides spring damping power for device.

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2, the oscillator system 1 includes multiple oscillator 1-1 and streamlined support rod 1-2, multiple oscillator 1-1 It is arranged in parallel in a closed fixed frame, the prevalence type strut 1-2 rigid vertical is in oscillator 1-1 and passes through fixed plate 1- 3, the fixed plate 1-3 are parallel to oscillator 1-1, and the fixed plate 1-3 is connected with top fixed frame by column.Oscillator 1-1 The reciprocating motion perpendicular to incoming flow, i.e. The kinetic energy of fluid is converted into the mechanical energy of oscillator system 1.The influence of incoming flow suffered by streamlined support rod 1-2 is smaller, reduces direct The shearing of effect.