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Young fitness woman in sportswear with headband looking unwell touching her shoulder feeling pain standing over orange wall A transfer means for transferring rotational motion from the turbine to the generator is operatively connected between the turbine and the generator. The sub-surface opening serves for conducting vertical wave motion from the body of the water to the float means. The connection between the float and the turbines is of sufficient length to position the turbines in still water located at a depth below that influenced by the surface waves. A turbine which can be rotated in response to relative movement with respect to a fluid is located in and connected to the turbine tube in a position below the level of the liquid in the turbine tube. The turbine is movable relative to the liquid in response to movement of the second tube relative to the first tube. A hollow turbine tube having an open top and an open bottom is sized and shaped with respect to the vertical tube such that a variable portion of the turbine tube including its open bottom is located in and is movable within the vertical tube.

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The vertical tube is located in a body of water with its bottom located beneath the surface of the body of water and its top located above the surface of the water. The device 10 would be typically of a dimension such that it could conveniently be positioned in “shallow” water near the shore of the body of water 16, as for instance, in water from about 20 to about 50 feet deep. For a 36 inch turbine pipe having a gap width of 0.125 inches, at a gap head height of about 11 to 12 feet the weight of liquid in the gap head creates an essentially 5 psi pressure differential across the turbine 56. This pressure is sufficient to rotate the turbine as it moves relative to the liquid. 2. Contact of the tailing edges 76 against the upper ring 72 limits the rotation of the vanes 66 about the support rods 68 to give a proper pitch to the vanes 66 to achieve the clockwise rotation.

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When water flows through the cylinders in a first direction the vanes pivot and are retained by the upper ring, and when water flows through the cylinders in the opposite direction the vanes pivot in the opposite direction and are now retained by the lower rings. Irrespective of the gap width some of the float travel necessary to achieve the height of the gap head required to create the turbine working pressure differentially will be recovered upon reversal of the direction of travel of the float as the crests and troughs of the waves move under it. However, since some of the float travel stored as potential energy in the gap head is lost to friction and to pivoting of the vanes 66, a working compromise between ease (and thus cost) of manufacture and float efficiency is selected. The turbine 98 is constructed as was the turbine 56 utilizing pivoting vanes which are positioned against upper and lower stop rings such that irrespective of whether or not the turbine tube 88 is telescoping in or out of the vertical tube 90, the turbine 98 rotates in a constant fixed direction.

A typical liquid might include cotton seed oil which is of a density approximate that of sea water, is relatively abundant and is readily available. The turbine is moved through the liquid in response to movement of the turbine tube with respect to the vertical tube. Positioned within the vertical tube 22 is a turbine tube 28. The turbine tube 28 is open about its bottom end 30 with its top end 32 capped off with a top wall 34. Positioned over the top wall 34 is a generator housing 36 having a generator 38 located therein. Dolor de pecho y espalda causas . 56. Additionally the seal between this so-called piston, that is the outer wall of the turbine tube 28, and its so-called cylinder, that is the inner wall of the vertical tube 22, is not fluid tight.

Preferably the gap between the turbine tube and the vertical tube, that is the cross sectional area of the area between the inside surface of the vertical tube and the outside surface of the turbine tube, is minimized to increase the efficiency of the device. Most preferred is a device wherein the vertical tube, turbine tube and float tube are round in cross section. FIG. 7 is a fragmentary elevational view in section of a seal utilized in the device of FIG. FIG. 2 is a fragmentary isometric view of a portion of the turbine of the device of FIG.

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6 a float 86 is attached to the top of a turbine tube 88. The turbine tube 88 is telescoped within a vertical tube 90. Contrary to the embodiment of FIG. Causas del dolor en las articulaciones . For the 3 foot diameter device discussed above having a 20 foot diameter float the approximately 5 psi pressure differential across the turbine 56 creates a flow velocity of approximately 27 feet per second in response to a float movement of about one foot per second. 3 and its trough 3 feet below this means water level. Attempts to form better seals (tolerance on the order of 0.01 inches or better) similar to the pistons and cylinders of an internal combustion or large steam engine and at the same time allowing for a stroke of 13 feet would represent phenomenal manufacturing and machining requirements in constructing a suitably sized device 10. However, a tolerance of 0.125 inches for a 36 inch diameter pipe is easily maintained using normal tube fabrication practices.

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The cross sectional area of the 36 inch diameter turbine tube 28 is about 1018 square inches, whereas the area of the 0.125 inch gap between the tubes 22 and 28 represents only 14 square inches (approximately the area of a 4.25 diameter inch pipe. To achieve a 11 to 12 foot gap head with a gap width of 0.5 inches in a 36 inch diameter tube the float travel (with a 20 foot float) is 7.58 inches. 3. In response to movement of the float from the wave trough to the wave crest the turbine 56 is urged upwardly through the liquid 64 creating a low pressure area between the tubes 22 and 28 forming a gap head liquid column illustrated by numeral 82. The column 82 is displaced below the mean surface level illustrated in FIG. A liquid is located in the first tube. 2. The support rods 68 extend from the transmission shaft 58 to a peripheral ring 70. Located on the peripheral ring 70 is an upper stop ring 72 and lower stop ring 74. For the purposes of this invention, the rods 68 and the rings 70 represent a vane support means and the rings 72 and 74 represent a vane positioning means.

TERAPIA MANUAL na TENDINOPATIA (Cyriax + Laser + FNP.. Also a transfer means for transferring rotational motion from the turbine means to the generator means is located within the turbine tube to operatively connect the turbine means to the generator means for transferring rotational motion of the turbine means to the generator means. The invention can further include a generator means for generating electrical current in response to rotation with the generator means located on top of the turbine tube. Dolor detras de la rodilla al andar . The objects of the invention are further achieved in a device for harvesting wave energy which has a hollow vertical tube having an open top and a closed bottom.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION It is a broad object of this invention to provide a wave harvesting device which is capable of being utilized in shallow water close to shore or adjacent to the area wherein the energy will be utilized. While this type of device might find practicality in those shore areas wherein there are rocky cliffs immediately adjacent a surging surf, as for instance, adjacent the North Sea, this type of device finds little practicality in those areas of the world wherein the shoreline consists of sloping sandy beaches or wherein the prevailing wave heights are insufficient to drive an air turbine. Movement of the turbine through the liquid rotates the turbine.