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The water activated energy generator system 86′ is similar to that system described above except that the riser sections 110′ and 112′ in the system 86′ are longer than their counterparts in the system 86 to accommodate the elevated position of the turbine 90′ with respect to the position of the turbine 90 in the system 86. Furthermore, the exhaust sections 104′ and 106′ of the system 86′ are slightly modified from the exhaust sections 104 and 106. The exhaust sections of system 86′ include cross conduits 190 and 191 fluidly attached to the lower portion of the casing 92′ and extend horizontally away from each other in a coaxial manner, and downcomer conduits 192 and 193 which are vertically oriented and fluidly connected at the top ends thereof to the outer ends of the cross conduits. The energy system 86 further includes fluid intake pipes 100 and 102 located within the chambers 60 and 62, respectively, and a pair of fluid exhaust pipes 104 and 106 located within chambers 60 and 62, respectively.

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3 and 4. The systems are denoted as 10″ and 10′”, and are open systems. The housing is positioned in a body of water which is subject to waves, and has an open bottom so that water moves into and out of the housing. The cross pipe 112 of the fluid intake system 110 is connected to the turbine housing 92 at or near the height of the rotor shaft 96 with respect to the bottom of the container 48 so that cross pipe 112 is essentially horizontally disposed. There is fluid communication between the fluid filled compartments 60 and 62 via the turbine 90. Thus, the increase in pressure in compartment 60 causes fluid to flow into the intake system 100 on its way to compartment 62 as induced by the pressure and height differentials between the two compartments. The housings of this invention are preferably essentially airtight, and a fixed partition 30 divides the housing 12 into two compartments 34 and 36 which are separated from each other so that essentially no air is transferred therebetween.

The falling water level in chamber 36 causes a corresponding decrease in pressure exerted on the liquid in reservoir 81 as air moves out of the compartment 62 via passageway 68. There will be a corresponding height differential h’ established between the liquid levels in the two compartments 60 and 62 as indicated in FIG. An impact absorber system is associated with each of the floating containers and includes an impact cushion 170 mounted on the top rim of the containers and an impact spring 182 mounted on the housing top 18 to be impacted by the cushion 170 and thereby absorb impact and prevent damage to the containers in the event a wave having an unusually large height passes by the system. Such spacing will provide an optimum pressure and liquid level height differential for the systems. Dolor de rodilla despues de correr . As with the systems 10 and 10′, one cycle of operation is defined from the time a wave first encounters the upstream (as measured with respect to the wave movement) side of the housing until the time that wave passes the downstream side (as measured with respect to wave movement) of the housing so that a compartment will have experienced both a filling and an emptying action as first the wave crest passes then a wave valley passes that compartment.

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7 estiramientos de espalda para hacer en siete minutos The level of water within the housing varies as waves pass by that housing. The liquid within the reservoirs is preferably water, such as water S, or the like, but can be other fluids if so desired. The other four side walls of the housing 12 can have lengths equal to either wall 14 or wall 16, but it is preferable that the walls be equal in length to wall 14 to permit easy access to the interior of the housing by water.

The converter of the present invention includes a housing which has at least one compartment defined therein. The container 48 thus is a closed system with respect to the liquid contained therein. The longer wall 16 may include a rigid upper portion and a lower portion having a net N contained therein, if suitable. A water activated energy system 86 includes an energy converter, such as an impulse turbine 90, which is fixedly mounted on the partition 30 to straddle same and to be located within the container 48. The turbine is located within the container to remain essentially completely immersed throughout the operation of the system 10, and includes a turbine casing 92 and a turbine rotor 94 rotatably mounted within the casing 92 and having a multiplicity of rotor blades 95 mounted on a rotor shaft 96. The motor shaft is connected to an energy generator, such as an electrical generator or the like, to translate the rotary motion of the rotor shaft into usuable energy such as electrical or mechanical energy.

1, flow directing means, such as orifices, nozzles, or the like, can be located in the cross pipe 112 at or near the junction thereof with the turbine and in the downcomer 130 at or near the junction thereof with the turbine to direct flow to liquid against the rotor blades in a manner used in impulse turbines. Liquid is forced against the blades of the turbine from the intake systems to drive that turbine.

Another embodiment of the invention includes the second intake and exhaust systems located externally of the housing so the system operates on an open cycle, that is, water from the body of water moves through the turbine to and from the reservoir to operate that turbine. A container is located within the housing so that an air space is defined between the container and the housing. The lower portions 194 and 195 of the downcomer conduits are enlarged as indicated in FIG.