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Cómo vencer las resistencias y destrozar tus limitaciones The pressure switching pendulum pump 18 is fixed on submarine corresponding position by fixed frame, and fixing axle is equipped in fixed frame, Oscillating deck is installed in fixing axle, while the upper top of oscillating deck is equipped with rotor, and rotor is followed by oscillating deck swing, energy Enough there is rotation, the side of rotor presses peristaltic tube 119;Switch one end of pipeline 1 there are two branch, the two branches divide It is not connected to the both ends of peristaltic tube, one check valve 117 of a switching pipeline is fitted on each lateral, direction is identical, So that switching one 115 only import but no export of pipeline;Switch one end of pipeline 2 116 also there are two branch, the two branches also connect respectively The both ends of peristaltic tube are connected to, two check valve 118 of a switching pipeline is fitted on each lateral, direction is identical, so that Switch 2 116 only export but no import of pipeline;Switching pipeline 1 and the other end for switching pipeline 2 116 are connected respectively to pressure switching On two pipelines of valve;According to the swaying direction of oscillating deck, control system switches the opening direction of pressure switching valve in due course, so that Interior media flow direction in pressure switching pendulum pump is all to flow to switching pipeline 2 116 from switching pipeline 1, so that needing The pressure switched between the energy-storage box of pressure carries out intermodulation.

No matter oscillating deck rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, and the interior media in pressure switching pendulum pump is all from switching pipeline one 115 flow to switching pipeline 2 116.Cooperating pressure switching valve, pressure switching pendulum pump is able to achieve the variation of interior media flow direction, So that the pressure for needing to switch between the energy-storage box or storage bin of pressure carries out intermodulation. 1, main body;2, periostracum;3, spine;4, high density liquid delivery pipe;5, fiber buss and power bus spool;6, Injector assembly;7, circular bulkheads;8, helical baffle;9, piece shape partition;10, seawater energy-storage box;11, elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case; 12, hard shell pressure energy-storage case;13, nuclear material inlet;14, nuclear material conveyance conduit;15, pendulum pump fixed frame;16, Energy storage pendulum pump;17, energy storage pipeline;18, pressure switches pendulum pump;19, switch pipeline;20, pressure switching valve;21, switch pipeline; 22, it pops one’s head in;23, sector AI plate;24, sensing control assembly;25, energy storage turns pump;26, energy storage pipeline;27, pressure-control valve;28, hydrodynamic(al) It can generator;29, high pressure nozzle;30, pressure-control valve;31, high pressure nozzle;32, pressure-control valve;33, pressure-control valve; 34, high pressure nozzle;35, the main body of head sections;36, water kinetic energy generator;37, sensing control assembly;38, spine ring;39, pressure controls Valve;40, high pressure nozzle;41, comprehensive survey ball;42, delivery pipe;43, protective cover;44, finned flap;45, head sections are highly dense Spend liquid storage tank;46, head sections hard shell pressure energy-storage case;47, head sections elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case;48, head sections seawater Energy-storage box;49, hard shell sphere;50, elastic membrane pressure stabilizing ball;51, the AI plate in head sections;52, fiber buss and power bus line Pipe;53, speed changer takes in unwrapping wire assembly concurrently;54, rotary connector;55, pressure switching valve;56, liquid switching turns pump;57, pressure Switching turns pump;58, pressure switching valve;59, switch pipeline;60, switch pipeline;61, energy storage turns pump;62, energy storage pipeline;63, head The switching of section pressure turns pump;64, optical coupling;65, head sections energy storage turns pump;66, energy storage pipeline;67, head sections pressure switching valve; 68, protective shell;69, sensing control assembly;70, tail section protective cover;71, the AI plate of tail section;72, fiber buss and power bus line Pipe;73, tail section energy storage turns pump;74, tail section pressure switching valve;75, water kinetic energy generator;76, tail section pressure switching turns Pump;77, tail section high density liquid storage bin;78, liquid, which collapses, can disconnect part;79, high pressure nozzle;80, pressure controls Valve;81, speed changer takes in unwrapping wire assembly concurrently;82, tail section hard shell pressure energy-storage case;83, tail section elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case; 84, tail section seawater energy-storage box;85, fixed frame;86, propeller;87, energy storage turns the water inlet of pump;88, water feeding one-way valve;89, Water inlet line;90, go out water one-way valve;91, outlet conduit;92, Rotor carriage;93, rotor;94, peristaltic tube;95, shell; 96, pendulum pump fixed frame;97, fixing axle;98, position-limited rack;99, regulator hole;100, peristaltic tube position-limited rack;101, outlet pipe;102, Water one-way valve out;103, water inlet pipe;104, water feeding one-way valve;105, rotor;106, oscillating deck;107, peristaltic tube;108, switch Pipeline one;109, switch pipeline two;110, distribution pipe one;111, one check valve of distribution pipe;112, peristaltic tube;113, distribution pipe two Check valve;114, distribution pipe two;115, switch pipeline one;116, switch pipeline two;117, switch one check valve of pipeline;118, it cuts Change two check valve of pipeline;119, peristaltic tube;120, generator fixed frame;121, propeller;122, permanent magnet;123, rotor; 124, stator;125, stator core;126, stator coil;127, lead;128, rectifier;129, electric wire;130, locating part; 131, pod;132, propeller fixed frame;133, stator fixing axle;134, line sending pipe fixing piece;135, water pipe;136, threeway Control valve;137, clutch control pipeline;138, tooth button control piper;139, take-up tooth button;140, take-up gear;141, clutch Device inner ring;142, clutch outer ring;143, speed changer inner ring gear;144, speed changer mesomerism gear;145, speed changer outer ring tooth Wheel;146, transmission gear fixed frame;147, bobbin winder bracket;148, optical fiber;149, electrically-controlled valve A;150, A is come directly towards;151, snap-gauge; 152, jackshaft;153, B is come directly towards;154, electrically-controlled valve B;155, optical fiber line sending pipe;156, optical fiber;157, multichannel optical coupling;158, Protective cover;159, fixing axle;160, chamber A;161, chamber B;162, unwrapping wire gear;163, unwrapping wire tooth button.

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See Figure 14, one check valve 111 of distribution pipe and two check valve 113 of distribution pipe all there are 4 respectively, in order to be described in detail 4 one check valves 111 of distribution pipe are briefly referred to as 1A valve, 1B valve, 1C valve, 1D valve, corresponding pipeline by interior media flowing Mouth is 1A mouthfuls, 1B mouthfuls, 1C mouthfuls, 1D mouthfuls.Distribution pipe two check valve 113, respectively 2A valve, 2B valve, 2C valve, 2D valve, Its corresponding pipeline opening is 2A mouthfuls, 2B mouthfuls, 2C mouthfuls, 2D mouthfuls.When rotor rotates counterclockwise under propeller effect, switching The interior media of pipeline 1 has respectively entered 1B mouthfuls, 1B valve by the 2B mouth, 2B valve and 2C mouthfuls, 2C valve of distribution pipe 2 114 With 1C mouthfuls, 1C valve, and enter switching pipeline 2 109.When rotor rotates clockwise under propeller effect, switching pipe The interior media in road 1 by the 2A mouth of distribution pipe 2 114,2A valve and 2D mouthfuls, 2D valve, have respectively entered 1A mouthfuls, 1A valve and 1D mouthfuls, 1D valve, and enter switching pipeline 2 109.Regardless of propeller rotates forward or inverts, pressure switching turns the inside in pump and is situated between Matter flow direction is all from switching pipeline 1 to switching pipeline 2 109.Cooperate pressure switching valve, pressure switching turns pump can be real The variation of existing interior media flow direction, so that the pressure for needing to switch between the energy-storage box or storage bin of pressure carries out intermodulation.

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Después de este tipo de limpieza corporal, se librará del.. 13, the investigation of enemy inside, collect intelligence and the information of being hidden for a long time using the design feature of submarine itself are without being sent out It is existing, it can be close to enemy and understand direct information, be best reconnaissane tool.When having strike order, this submarine can be to enemy Start surprise attack, enemy has no to prepare so attack effect is good, and realization quickly destroys enemy and grasps initiative in war.This is greatly dropped Low war cost, reduces personal casualty loss. With reference to the accompanying drawings and examples, further description of the specific embodiments of the present invention.Following embodiment is only For clearly illustrating technical solution of the present invention, and not intended to limit the protection scope of the present invention. It retreats: opening high pressure nozzle 34, other high pressure nozzles are closed, then this submarine inverts, whole screw backward.Into The principle moved back is identical, is not different on motion essence, only contrary, so this submarine is free to advance or retreat.