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Mis remedios para dolores musculares y piernas cansadas.. 14, which shows a multiple unit for six blades, corresponding to three units of two dynamic elements each. 19. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 17, wherein each secondary wheel has a slot in the shape of an arc of a circle engaged by a slider of a connecting rod having a limited movement within the angular movement of the respective reciprocating dynamic elements. The system of the present invention as described above for a machine having only one dynamic element (single unit) or two dynamic elements (twin unit) may be extended, with only a few structural modifications, to a plurality of dynamic elements limited only by size and requirements.

Flekosteel - balzám na úlevu od bolesti těla - aktualizováno 4. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 3, wherein each of said reciprocating dynamic members comprises a counterbalancing arm means diametrically opposite the active surface thereof, said counterbalancing arm means having counterweights. The wheel 205 and its connecting rod 209 controls the closing device for doors 334, 335 and 336 which are connected together and will move in an alternating and synchronized manner on the guides therefor. 11. An electromechanical power generating machine adapted to be mounted on a suitable base and actuated by aerial, fluvial and sea flows, currents and waves, said machine comprising a plurality of reciprocating dynamic members having respective working surfaces acting as blades for receiving the power fluids, each blade being suitably shaped and having reinforcing means, said blades being located and mounted so as to be altematingly moved angularly, said dynamic members being each installed between walls defining a channeling passage having a front access opening and a rear opening, a plurality of sliding doors for opening and closing alternating ones of said passage access openings, a common drive shaft for said plurality of reciprocating dynamic members, mechanical connecting and releasing means arranged for actuating said drive shaft cyclically during each effective angular movement of said dynamic members, counterbalance means for returning said dynamic members to their normal upright position, and a synchronized system of mechanisms for opening and closing alternating ones of said sliding doors.

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14. FIG. 14 shows schematically the alignment of the main wheels on the reciprocating shaft 194, the latter also carry ing the secondary wheels 205 provided with slot 206 en gaged by the driving connecting rod 209 which may be coupled to any of the opening and closing devices of a multiple unit as described above, for the doors 324, 325 and 326 running on a lower guide 238 and a similar upper guide, by Wheels such as 237, 238 and 239, there being two lower pairs and two upper pairs of wheels for each door.

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CEFALEA TENSIONAL. Síntomas, diagnóstico y tratamiento.. In the same manner, the pair of blades 311, 312 in their respective passages 327, 328 and 328, 329, are connected with respective main wheels 313 and 314 by means of links 315 and 316, respectively; and the pair of blades 317 and 3-18, in respective passages 330, 331 and 331, 332, are connected to respective main wheels 19 and 320 by links 331 and 332, respectively. 14, for the sets of blades 305, 306; 311, 312 and 317, 318 and their corresponding main wheels 309, 308; 313, 314 and 319, 320 and respective links. 16. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 3, which comprises a reciprocating shaft spaced from and substantially parallel to said drive shaft, a main wheel for each dynamic member, fixed to said reciprocating shaft, a link connecting each of said main wheels with one of said dynamic members, arm means altematingly and oppositely connected to said wheels between each pair of adjacent dynamic members, thereby forming an alternating system connected together by means of said arm means, reciprocating shaft and wheels, associated as balanced members during the alternating reciprocating movements thereof.

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2. The projecting end of shaft 54 is supported in the bearing 47. A toothed wheel 56, which may be similar to the toothed wheels 45 and 55 is keyed to the shaft 54 which is adjusted by means of a clamping ring 52. An annular member 59 (FIGS. Between the bearing 36 and the wall 4, the portion of the quill 200 projecting through the wall 4 carries an eccentric 105 the pawl of which engages a ratchet wheel 106 keyed to the shaft 24, all of these mechanisms being inclosed in a fluid-tight manner within the compartment I of the machine. Dolor de espalda cancer . This advantage can be obtained by means of the opening and closing mechanism of the present invention, as a part of the novel shaft and reciprocating wheel system. The other main part of the machine is mounted on the front free surface of the base 26 and is formed by a chamber or housing having a curved wall 16 which is substantially flat at the upper portion at the level of the intermediate wall 7, FIGS.

The plate member 241 has, at the right-hand side thereof and extension 243, also carrying a rack and having a number of teeth sufficient to retain the toothed wheel 232 (FIG. 4, having a pair of upwardly directed and oppositely arcuate arms 157 and 158 defining therebetween a semi-ring. 25. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 24, wherein said connecting rod moved by said slotted secondary wheel is oppositely connected to said unequal armed member, whereby said sliding door can be altematingly and synchronously moved in both directions. The link 201 coupled to the blade back projection 204 connects the blade 191 with its corresponding wheel in the reciprocating system on shaft 194. FIG. FIG. Tratamiento casero para el dolor de rodilla . 11 is a sectional view taken along the lines B-B in FIG.

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FIG. 11 is a longitudinal sectional view of the machine taken along the lines BB in FIG. Within said front housing is a gear chamber formed by’walls 135, 136, 14, 15 and 16 and within which is a base 140 on which there are mounted bearings 47, 48 and 57, FIG. The toothed crown 216 of sector 211 has an upper radius substantially twice as large as the lower radius, as shown in FIG. The connecting rod 209 is connected to a toothed sector 211 at the lower end 212 thereof. The general embodiment of the invention as described so far is also the simplest, inasmuch as the machine has a. In a more particular embodiment of the present invention, the opening and closing mechanism includes wire means and a pair of secondary wheels, as shown in FIGS. 11. It will thus be seen that the alternating movement of the two blades is mechanically insured by the coupling, through like links, to the reciprocating wheels at opposite and geometrically determined positions.

Said secondary wheels are preferably located in the side compartments of the machine, as will be described hereinafter. A lower guide 17 is provided on the wall 16, in the corner formed by said Wall 16 and the front Walls 10, said guide extending across the front of the machine and being formed with a longitudinal groove engaged by the lower edge of the door 18 the wheels 19 of which bear on the front edge of the guide. 2. A 45 bevel pinion 41, the number of teeth of which, relative to gear 40, has a ratio of 1:4 and which meshes at right angle with gear 40, is keyed to a shaft 42 which is positioned orthogonally with respect to the drive shaft 24 and mounted in bearings 43 and 44. A toothed Wheel 45 is fixed on shaft 42, a clamping ring 46 being provided for adjusting said shaft 42. A toothed wheel 55, keyed to a shaft 54, meshes with the toothed wheel 45. Toothed wheels 42 and are equal in diameter and number of teeth.

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265, the wires taut as required for the full sliding movement of the door 233. The grooved wheels and rollers as described above, starting from wheel 265 will lead the wire 266 to the sliding door itself in response to the pull exerted on the wire 262 by the member 255 in a necessary and suflicient degree, i.e., from the point p to p. The distance p-p’ is onehalf of the movement to be performed, for which reason it is doubled by the grooved wheel 265 to correspond to the full travel of the door 233 from the extreme left to the extreme right. The transmission roller 267 changes the direction of the wire, placing it horizontally as it passes the groove of an idler 271 suitably mounted on the flange 269, whereby the wire 266 will cross to the grooved wheel 272 and thence engage a lower guide 238, and following said guide it will be attached to the slidable door 233 by any suitable means, such as through a hole therein.

S. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 3, wherein said means for actuating said drive shaft comprises a member coupled to said dynamic member and provided with pawl means engaging a ratchet wheel fixed on said drive shaft. 12. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 11, wherein each door is arranged for closing the access opening of one passage and simultaneously opening to access opening of an adjacent passage, and vice-versa. Extending from the quill 20 in a direction diamet rically opposite to said blade 9 is a lower arm 85 carrying weights or counterweights 28 removably secured thereto. This movement of the blade 9 causes the rotation of the shaft 24 and, therefore, of the bevel gear 40 keyed thereto and which, during each quarter of a revolution will cause a complete revolution of the bevel pinion 41, which has a teeth ratio of 1:4 therewith.

Thus, upon covering a suitable natural energetic front, a dynamic self-regulation or automatic compensation of the variable speeds or impulses will be obtained, thus solving the problem of producing a regular mechanical-electrical ratio permitting the electro-mechanical constant required for industrial purposes. Dolor lumbar y testicular . 10, so that the crown will have the number of teeth required for an accurate transmission of the movements to be performed. FIGS. 2 and 4 illustrate the cyclical work of the machine during each effective movement of about 90 of the blade element 9 and its return to the normal, vertical or balanced position thereof.

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