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Male Hummingbird in Flight FIGS. 1 and 2 show a fluid pulsating generator 10 made in accordance with the present invention which is embodied as an irrigation sprinkler device 12 used to convert a low water flow to a high intermittent pulsating flow for irrigating plants, trees and the like. As such, piezoelectric elements find useful applications in many products such as in the production and detection of sound, the generation of low to high voltages, electronic frequency generation, microbalance and ultra fine focusing of optical assemblies, to name just a few applications. 3-5, a sequence of the expansion and contraction of the inflatable bladder 20 is shown which causes the piezoelectric elements 22 to undergo the deformation which generates the electrical energy. 26. The deformation to the piezoelectric components can be achieved by a number of different ways in order to achieve the piezoelectric effect that produces the electrical voltage.

FIG. 4 shows the expansion of the bladder 20 caused by the input of water through the fluid inlet 16. In this manner, the piezoelectric members 22 are stretched and deformed in order to produce the piezoelectric effect which results in the generation of an electrical voltage. In this manner, the fluid pulsating generator made in accordance with the present invention will generate electrical voltage during the time when the sprinkler device is being used for irrigation purposes. In this regard, if the fluid pulsating generator is associated with an irrigation sprinkler, the generated energy could be utilized regulate the flow fluid being expelled by the sprinkler.

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2, each of the piezoelectric components 22 are connected by electrical wires 24 to a source 26 which is adapted to store or otherwise utilize the electrical voltage being generated by the piezoelectric components. A number of piezoelectric elements or components 22 are shown in FIG. The bladder produces an intermittent and pulsating water flow which is dispersed to the area surrounding the device for irrigation purposes while allowing the expansion and contraction of the bladder to be used to deform, i.e., apply the mechanical stress, to the piezoelectric elements to generate electrical energy. While the present invention is particularly suitable for use with irrigation systems, the fluid pulsation generator of the present invention can be utilized many other fluid-driven devices which produce a pulsating fluid flow that can harvested into electrical energy.

3-5, is applied to the surface of the inflatable bladder utilizing adhesives or other suitable bonding means. Other devices known in the art to generate and harvest electrical energy utilizes the physical phenomenon known as piezoelectricity. Postura de yoga para dolor de espalda . Such piezoelectric elements can convert mechanical energy from a number of sources into useful electrical energy which can be stored and/or used to charge other electrical devices. The invention utilizes one or more piezoelectric elements in conjunction with a fluid pulsating device to create the electricity to be harvested. A fluid inlet 16 allows the fluid source, such as water, to enter the housing and to be released through a fluid outlet 18 located near the top of the housing 14. An inflatable bladder 20 is in fluid communications with the fluid inlet 16 and the fluid outlet 18 and is adapted to expand and contract in a repetitive motion, i.e.