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Because chamber 12 is that then the centre of buoyancy is on center of gravity on ballast 14, accordingly ensure that reactant 1 keeps stable in water, reduce the tendency turned. 4, when reactant 1 is in its decline configuration (micro-negative buoyancy force), only the chamber 12c of corner is full of air.The total volume of air being comprised in reactant 1 be enough to make device obtain micro-negative buoyancy force.When rising configuration, the chamber 12 of full air is on ballast 14, and then guarantees that reactant 1 keeps stable in water, reduces, during declining, the tendency turned.

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Verso de dolor Because only including that the reactant 1 of a framework 10 will not prevent water freely through it, the quality of the water in the framework 10 of reactant 1 is made to be obtained by structure with air bag receiving water.Make Load transportation to framework 10 by the quality of water in air bag 15b, and then effectively achieve the purpose of reaction. Under configuration of keeping afloat, reactant is floating across the sea with the form of marine container, carrys out other parts all of bogey with its enough buoyancy, and can be prone to transport through sea.Comprising the height that the device of reactant is enough in water, the connection of all berth line and energy lines can not get wet and easily accessible.This device also is able to manufacture the stable service platform of oneself, make all applicable components away from water so that providing easy access to when safeguarding.

In known device, some absorber provides the solution extracting energy from wave that existing problems are minimum.Location flexibly, be easily installed, durable, be suitable to transport and be suitable to these advantages of survival and make them most possibly become challenge from ocean, reliably extract the device of energy. In the same structure it is contemplated that the partially enclosed or chamber be kept in detention in various degree and the combination of air bag.Not only it was filled with water but also had been filled with the combination of air bag of air, and the air bag being only filled with air had the most also been possible.

Because (being the purpose of reaction) water only needs be stopped in framework 10(rather than fully sealed by a confined space) interior free-flowing, dividing plate 11 need not be affixed under watertight means on framework 10, and chamber 12 can be correspondingly the most open to the water of surrounding.For the purposes of the present invention, chamber as shown in figures 1 to 6 has the top 13 fully opened wide, and if necessary, chamber 12 can be closed or fully seal further. Chamber 12 need not be completely sealed and reaches to accommodate water to increase the purpose of reaction mass to reactant 1, but needs to be closed when they are required to be filled with when air adjusts reactant 1 buoyancy.Therefore during air bag 15 can be assemblied in chamber 12, so when it is hoped to be filled with air, even if using non-tight chamber 12 in device, air bag will provide for a gas-tight seal condition.Relative to manufacturing air-tight chamber, sealing, owing to manufacturing, the difficulty that air-tight chamber is brought, the use cost of air bag is cheap.

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In certain embodiments, underwater reactant is overlooked by plane and is separated into a series of chamber in latticed dividing plate.These chambers are respectively selectively full of air or water.These chambers are isolated from each other and water can be stoped to flow to another chamber from a chamber, or they open the flowing with Informal water. 1, when device is in its operation (in water) configuration (minimal buoyancy), all chambers 12 in reactant 1 are completely filled with water, and reactant 1 is placed in sea less than 18, and the degree of depth suspended from offshore floating thing 2 is determined by the length of connecting line 3.Under this configuration, all air bags are empty. Reactant is preferably applied in device, and this device comprises: underwater reactant;Can under the influence of wave the buoyancy aid of movement or floating thing;At least one energy transducer being typically mounted on reactant and bias unit (such as elastic recovery device or spring);And at least one connecting line connecting buoyancy aid and energy transducer.Preferably hang with the degree of depth set by the length of connecting line from buoyant device under minimal buoyancy configures, and swim in described water surface under maximum buoyancy configuration.