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JOINT FUEL 360 ᐅ Erfahrungen & Test als FAKE aufgedeckt… C type hexagonal tube 49 comprises six thalluses 52, and these six thalluses 52 are connected along their edge.The wavy fluctuation of each thallus, and synchronously broaden with other thalluses of C type hexagonal tube 49 and narrow, form a series of wavy fluctuation of the length along C type hexagonal tube 49 thus.The power flowing through the fluid of C type hexagonal tube 49 causes these wavy fluctuations to be moved in direction of the fluid flow along the length of C type hexagonal tube 49.Cross section through this C type hexagonal tube 49 is orthohexagonal form, and when hexagonal diameter is expanded and shunk during each operation cycle, this hexagonal limit is synchronously extended and shortens. When the waves enter shallow water, there is a decrease in length and velocity and an increase in height. Patent 1,082,746 described a wave motor comprising a rotatable cylinder rolling up on a cable by the action of the Wind, tide or waves.

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This in turn transmits air pressure to the air section of the wave energy accumulator, thus causing the latter to reach the minimum motor pressure more readily. Cl. 2534) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to a method and apparatus for producing useful power from the energy of ocean waves.

2. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said tubes comprise flexible materials housed in a rigid frame. 3. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said tube valve comprises a buoyant valve with a small opening. Thallus 2 can be anchored in many ways the bottom 8 of fluid passage, fluid passage sidepiece, cross over fluid passage structure or by being attached to the anchor 8a on vertical part 8b.Vertical part 8b with multiple design forming to improve the flow dynamics that anchor 8a and anchor are attached to the point in thallus, and can improve fluid and thallophytic interaction thus. 8th deformation holding member is multiple hollow tubes 33 in this embodiment, and these hollow tubes 33 along the longitudinal axis pass multiple rigid plate 32a of each triangular-section.Hollow tube 33 can rotate flexing, but is inelastic along its longitudinal axis, and can receive high tensional strain.These hollow tubes 33 can, as the deformation holding member remained on by the potential energy of applied force 72 in thallus 2, prevent thallus 2 from straightening and losing its wavy fluctuation thus.Pipe 33 also can as the conduit for the electric wire relevant to transmitting electricity.

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Figure 16 A-Figure 16 B illustrates the range of motion capsule room formed in rigid pipe 20 inside.The fluid entering rigid pipe 20 is encapsulated in this movement sequence capsule room.Thus, the pressure acted in each wavy fluctuation of thallus 2 is delivered in the wavy fluctuation in next downstream by the incompressible fluid in the capsule room 21a between wavy fluctuation alternately.Stand in the application of very high fluid pressure star, thallus 2 can have the wavy fluctuation of very big figure. 3 E illustrates for the manufacture of knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 and makes them be contiguous to the mode of execution of the method in thallus 2.Two elastic material arc strips 74 are formed by the composite sheet of flat board, sandwich plate, fabric panel or other materials or are cut and form (Fig. The wavy fluctuation of thallus 2 is either in phase with one another, makes shown here to be combined with in three thallophytic examples, second and tri-lobed body to be the first thallus around the central axis of mechanism the rotate copy of twice, wherein rotate to be 120 degree at every turn.When wavy fluctuation moves up along thallus 2 in the side of moving fluid, stress moves up along the side of thallus 2 at moving fluid, and produces electric energy from these stress material.

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2 B show be applied to external force 203 in described deformation 200 by moving fluid and in the position of described deformation 200 caused change and by material in the figure that obtains via two electrodes 202 of the electricity that produces of caused strain represent.Illustrated principle is common for a lot of mechanism embodiments described herein in the figure, wherein by adopting elasticity suitable as above or flexible material that the strain in material is converted into electric energy. Fig. 2 A is that the single deformation 200 in the single position in material adds that the figure of energy state in deformation holding member 201 represents.Deformation 200 in material is overall compression, and deformation holding member 201 is tensionings.Fig. Figure 36 illustrates the three kind pipes of combination for the mode of execution of the second hexagonal honeycomb embodiment.Six elastic plates of six elastic plates or six elastic multilayer system or six elastic fabric plates or some other composite materials along they continuous edge be connected to form hexagonal tube.The pipe (being labeled as C type hexagonal tube 49 and E type hexagonal tube 50 herein) of two types applies to be formed by the difference of the first power 37c, thus produces a series of wavy fluctuation along the longitudinal axis of hexagonal tube.Because these hexagonal tubes are described above and prestressing force and prestrain as shown in Figure 31 A-Figure 31 G, therefore they keep a series of wavy fluctuation along its longitudinal axis.The 3rd hexagonal tube (being labeled as D type hexagonal tube 51 herein) in addition is as above formed, but being made up of rigid material of pipe, and it is as the 12 deformation holding member.Each hexagonal tube can be hexagonal form on cross section.

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Fig. 4 A-Fig. 4 B illustrates the form of the knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 according to an embodiment.The wavy fluctuation that a series of cross section 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d through knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 show knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 reduces away from during outward edge 74b, and eliminates together at inward flange 74a place.

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