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For example can be distributed in windward the tricing line between part and base station and these tricing lines are corresponding regains or discharge device composition by multiple according to Effector of the present invention.Effector particularly can also be included in keep rope with windward between part windward near part and with its control platform arranging with constant distance, its is connected with part windward by multiple tractions and tricing line and be arranged on these draw and tricing line withdrawal accordingly or discharge device on.The advantage of this further formation is, windward the part rope unique with base station be connected and tricing line only by controlling platform and short distance extension between part windward. The present invention relates to a kind of equipment that wind energy is converted to mechanical energy, it comprises: the part being windward connected by tow rope with base station, be arranged on base station and be configured to the tow rope storage of the traction ran for holding tow rope, be configured to the control gear of emitting and regain traction ran for circulating from tow rope storage, be configured to for becoming electricity by tow rope from the transformation of energy that the energy of the wind-force of part transmission moves with the traction ran of emitting since tow rope storage windward in the future, the transducer of heating power or mechanical energy form, be configured to for generation of part windward with respect to air ring the Effector around axis or the controlled motion in a direction, be configured to the control unit that there is the flight position of low tow rope power and part is windward sent to after the withdrawal of traction ran to the flight position with high tow rope power for part being windward sent to after traction ran is emitted by Effector.

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Hospital de Emergencias José Casimiro Ulloa - Departamento.. Situation shows, these flight figures utilize on the one hand control gear reliable and simple in structure to realize and utilize on the other hand these figures that fly can obtain the rope tractive force of optimization.Particularly advantageously, during the emitting of tow rope, between two flight figures, once or repeatedly replace, so that the landscape that exist on corresponding consideration different heights thus, emitting rate and the windward speed of part.Flight figure itself in addition can be advantageously in the time that the equivalent of introducing before this changes also equivalent change, that is to say, during the emitting of tow rope, in its degree, reduce or strengthen. Further preferably utilize the power generation hydrogen of the part windward of motion.

Further preferably, part repeatedly with in the flight path of sealing moves in multiple continuous, circulations each other during tow rope is emitted in the flight plane vertical with tow rope windward. Use second windward part can make to keep constant according to the power of equipment of the present invention, method be two windward part emit and regain with certain phase difference each other by this way, making on each time point can be from two produce power one of part windward.Two windward part can in different flight paths, move or can be in consistent flight path motion successively.This further formation particularly also can further develop as follows, a large amount of parts is windward provided, they move in predetermined flight path with certain phase difference by this way each other, make from the tow rope power of part windward and tow rope motion and the energy that therefrom obtains when overlapping, form substantially constant in time energy harvesting.

Details, advantage to various method steps and the reference of giving an example are applicable to implement the scheme of introducing before this according to equipment of the present invention separately of the method. 4, in the difference of the area 100 of hatching and the area 101 of hatching, draw the total energy obtaining according to the each circulation time of method of the present invention. Fig. 3 and 4 illustrates the first process according to energy harvesting method of the present invention.After common startup, circulate on the position 1 of flight path and start.From this 1, position, emit tow rope 21 and steerable kite 10 moves by Effector 20, and emit along the vertical flight path of the plane perpendicular to tow rope and this stack of moving, this flight path for example can circular arc or 8-shaped distribute.The amplitude of circular arc and level thereof or vertical orientation are selected according to wind direction and like this, make it from the tow rope power that produced by kite 10 and tow rope motion, produce constant energy by means of generator.

Fig. 7 illustrates the flight path view of energy distribution in time of Fig. This mode of execution can obtain, control unit and Effector are configured to for part is windward moved on circle or level or vertical ellipse in the flight plane vertical with tow rope, and wherein control unit is configured to for one or two side flight path sections in the horizontal direction or in vertical ellipse section situation, on the highest flight orbit segment, regains and emit during the flight path section being connected with this flight path section.Oval or circular flight path provides a kind of useful especially relation between the flight path section that flight path section that tow rope emitted and therefore obtained from wind-force energy and tow rope regain for this mode of execution.The target of optimizing flight path is, by the flight path section between tow rope retirement period and whole tow rope length that meanwhile withdrawal is emitted before this, and flight path section between retirement period should be grown as far as possible and fly in high as far as possible tow rope power situation as far as possible rapidly and under the least possible energy consumption.

Further preferably, detect tow rope power, detected tow rope power is sent to control unit, and during tow rope is emitted, part is windward controlled in the flight plane vertical with tow rope at least two each other in continuous flight path, makes tow rope force retaining substantially constant. Further preferably, during upper side flight path section, control tow rope on gravitational direction in the horizontal direction. Particularly preferably transducer is generator, and its axle is by the rope sheave transmission of tow rope.This mode of execution is sturdy and durable and wind energy can be converted on the other hand and can be the electric energy that multiple order uses on the one hand.

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Also can provide the form of energy that can for this reason store for multiple object by this further formation. This mode of execution is specially adapted to supplement determines that the part of form of energy needs or produce power form from the electric energy especially easily storing. This equipment is had disclosed by WO00/40860.The basic principle of disclosed this equipment is, makes umbrella rise to high-order and in this case umbrella slipping be kept on the ground by its anchor point from low level.This tractive force, for driving the capstan winch using as the holding point of umbrella, rotarilys actuate generator by it.Keep after rope emitting with certain length, umbrella is controlled on substantially vertical position, ground holding point and capstan winch top and will keeps in this manner the rope tractive force on rope to drop to bottom line.Keep rope to regain so that the rope of emitting is long again, umbrella be controlled on the position of ground holding point upper horizontal skew and start new circulation.The energy and the difference that must occur that utilizes when emitting generator to produce, on the output terminal of generator, form the electric energy of changing from wind energy in the time regaining.

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Further preferred, part is windward controlled in the 8-shaped of level in the flight plane vertical with tow rope or vertical orientation and during upper side flight path section or top flight path section, regains tow rope and emit tow rope during the cross flying orbit segment being connected with above-mentioned flight path section in the horizontal direction. Further preferably, part be windward controlled on the ellipse in circle or level or the Vertical direction in the flight plane vertical with tow rope and during upper side or top flight path section, regain tow rope and emit tow rope during the flight path section being connected with above-mentioned flight path section in the horizontal direction. In this regard, preferably part moves along circular or oval-shaped flight path or along the flight path with level or vertical 8-shaped during tow rope is emitted in the flight plane vertical with tow rope windward.

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Further preferably, by the compressor compresses hydrogen driving by tow rope and hydrogen compressed is stored in accumulator. From 201s, position, steerable kite 10 is directed to position 202 and is emitted in this case tow rope by the window of maximum tow rope power.Flight path section between position 201 and 202 is therefore for generation of energy in Fig.

Steerable kite 10 is directed to again position 1 and restarts circulation from position 5 towards substantially horizontal. Generator 45 is connected again with for the device that filters obtained energy, and this device is connected (not shown in Fig. Gota dolor de pie . In this regard, particularly preferably platform rolls on the track that is fixed on ground, and this track is bending, particularly sealing preferably. In this regard, this equipment is preferably by further forming for the device that the electric energy being produced by generator is converted to chemical energy, especially for manufacturing the device of synthetic gas from the carbon dioxide of air, for producing the device of distilled water from seawater, for produce the device of artificial oil from rock gas or biomaterial. The cylinder chamber of cylinder 43 itself is connected with oil hydraulic motor 44, this oil hydraulic motor from the motion of the liquid in pressure, produce rotatablely move and with flange be connected in can be from this rotatablely moving the generator 45 of generation current.

Guide wheel 41 is bearing on the moving trolley of horizontal mobile-bearing, the to-and-fro motion of can vibrating between two end positions of this moving trolley. Two kinds of mode of executions of Fig. Fig. 4 is illustrated in the flight order of Fig. Addition by energy 300 and 302 and deduct energy 301 and 303 and can calculate the total energy obtaining in each circulation. In addition advantageously, transducer is configured to for generation of hydrogen.

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Further preferably convert the circulating energy being produced by transducer to constant energy. Therefore the object of the invention is to, reducing at least one problem of the said equipment and providing a kind of is the equipment being all improved aspect economic aspect or energy efficiency. Dolor lumbar intermitente . 2) with public electric wire net.