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Guí­a Básica de Fármacos y Dolor On the other hand, the wave energy converter of the present invention is featured in that the converter does not have any part thereof directly fixed or restricted. Thus, the converter of the invention has a high wave suppressing effect over a wide range of wave frequencies. Thus, the Bessho system is useful for both wave energy extraction and wave suppression.

Acupuntura afasta resfriados e outros invasores.. The wave energy converter of the invention is more suitable for producing a large number of units, each unit having a medium rating such as several hundred kW suitable for ensuring a high mechanical efficiency, rather than for producing one unit of very large scale, and such converters of medium ratings can be disposed in the vicinity of ports and coasts not only for energy extraction but also for wave suppression.

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As described in the foregoing, the wave energy converter of the present invention has a high energy coversion efficiency, and preferred embodiments thereof having two, three or four floats connected by links can convert more than 90% of the energy in the incident wave to mechanical energy in a wide range of frequencies by selecting appropriate system parameters. In one embodiment of the invention to convert mechanical energy thus obtained to electrical energy, air chambers and an air turbine are coupled to the float-link system so as to be driven by the mechanical energy extracted from the wave, and an electric generator is driven by the air turbine thus rotated. FIGS. 4A and 4B illustrate another example of a mechanism to convert the aforesaid relative movement due to the wave energy into air flow to drive a unidirectional air turbine which is installed in the air passage. Floats with different configurations are also used in this invention, in which case more desirable characteristics are derived.

2) The energy absorbing efficiency can be improved up to almost 100% and the frequency band for ensuring a high constant level of energy absorbing efficiency can be widened by increasing the number of floats or by using floats with different size. In the curve (2), the maximum energy absorbing efficiency is higher than 0.9 and the frequency band giving a high energy absorbing efficiency is wider than that of the curve (1). Similarly, the energy absorbing efficiency of another wave energy converter of a 4-float system including four floats connected by three links was calculated. The wave energy is absorbed by a dynamic system disposed between the float and a fixed end thereof at the coastal ground or the sea bed, and the float tends to be forced to move excessively away from the fixed end thereof when being exposed to excessively high tide, extraordinarily high waves, and typhoons.

5 and becomes incident to the two floats R and L, each of the two floats generates reflected waves and transmitted waves, and the wave thus generated interfere with each other in the space between the two floats. FIG. 7 shows variations of the amplitude of the total reflected wave and the total transmitted wave for curve (2) of FIG. FIG. 7 is a graph showing the total reflected wave amplitude and the total transmitted wave amplitude of the wave energy converter of the invention. In mooring the wave energy converter of the invention, due care should be taken so as to ensure sufficient length of the mooring rope or chain for allowing free heaving, swaying, and rolling of the floats, and to ensure sufficient clearance from fixed structures of the piers and breakwaters for preventing the wave energy converter from colliding against such fixed structures. The length of the mooring rope or chain for the wave energy converter must be determined by considering the foreseeable highest waves and typhoons, so that the floats can stay afloat even when such converter is exposed to very high waves.

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If accessories such as the air turbines and electric generators are disposed in the floats and the electric power from the electric generators is transmitted ashore by submarine cables through the mooring points, the wave energy is converted into electric energy offshore and the electric energy thus obtained can be used on the land. The unidirectional air turbine installed in the air passage is driven by the two-directional air flow and the rotation is transmitted to the electric generator, whereby the wave energy is converted into electric energy. Whereby, the compressed air is applied to the air turbine 11 at a constant flow rate, so as to run the electric generator 12 substantially at a uniform efficiency.

Consequently, the wave energy is converted into electric energy by using the compressed air as a medium of conversion. The reciprocating movements between the floats 1 and the link 2 and between the adjacent links 2 can be converted into rotary motions, for instance by a crank means or a clutch means.

In FIGS. 3A and 3B, an air chamber 5 is fixed to either the float 1 or the link 2, and a shaft 6A extends along the longitudinal axial center line of the air chamber 5. Puncion lumbar dolor . Two reciprocating blades 6 are secured to the shaft 6A so as to divide the inside space of the air chamber 5 into two sections or portions. 3A in the air chamber 5 fastened to the float or the link, the intake valves 7A and 7C are closed, while the remaining intake valves 7B and 7D are opened so as to introduce air into the two portions of the air chamber 5. Under this condition, the discharge valves 8A and 8C are closed, while the remaining discharge valves 8B and 8D are opened so as to discharge the air from the two sections of the air chamber 5 to the discharge passages 9 and 10. On the other hand, when the two rotary blades 6, 6 turn in the opposite direction as shown by the dashed line arrows of FIG.

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3A. The two intake ports 7 and 8 are disposed substantially at diametrically opposite positions of the air chamber 5 relative to the shaft 6A, and the discharge passages 9 and 10 are similarly disposed at diametrically opposite positions of the air chamber 5. When the rotary blades 6, 6 secured to the shaft 6A turn in the directions of the solid line arrows of FIG.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PRINCIPLE OF THIS INVENTION Before describing the details of the invention, the construction of a wave energy converter of the prior art will be briefly reviewed, by referring to FIG. Besides, the energy conversion efficiency of the converter of the invention is practically unaffected by normally expected changes in the nature of the incident wave due to variation of the meteorological conditions, so that a high energy absorbing efficiency can be maintained regardless of weather conditions. Although the invention has been described with a certain degree of particularity, it is understood that the present disclosure has been made only by way of example and that numerous changes in details of construction and the combination and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the scope of invention as hereinafter claimed.

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Thus, the dynamic system may destroy itself when extraordinary forces act thereon, and it is hard to protect the dynamic system against foreseeable severe conditions at reasonable cost. Dolor de esternon y espalda . For instance, each of the floats in the converter of the invention may have a width of 5 m, a draft of 5 m, and a cross-sectional area of 23.8 m2. Furthermore, the wave energy converter of the invention suppresses waves to a great extent and has a high strength against tidal ebb and flow, variations of wave height, and typhoons. Each combination of the float 1 and the link 2 through the restoring means 3 and the damping means 4 forms a dynamic system 5A. Incident wave W propagates on the sea surface 6B, in the direction of the arrow of the figure. When the three floats which have the same configuration and are located at equal spaces are designated by symbols R, O, and L, and the complex amplitudes of the rollings of the floats R, O, L and two links are designated by X3 R, X3 O, X3 L, X4 R, and X4 L, the wave energy E absorbed by four damping means (see FIG.

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Comprar libro Técnicas de relajación creativa y emocional.. 2C is such that at least a part of the link 2 stays above the sea surface 6B. Each float 1 is coupled to the link 2 through the combination of a restoring means 3 and a damping means 4 as in the preceding models, and the shaded portions of FIG. For simplicity, the 2-float system of FIG. 5 including the floats L and R and a link 2 will be described first.