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One class of these polymers, electroactive elastomers (also called dielectric elastomers, electroelastomers, or EPAM), is gaining wider attention. The single EPAM element may perform the pressurizing of the fluid (e.g., ink), then may open the valve 524 of the spray nozzle 523 (also called a pintle) at the end or at some timed portion of the stroke of the pump portion of the EPAM device. An EPAM valve 524 may be used with each nozzle to control flow into the nozzle 523. An EPAM micro-roll actuator 521 may be used to pump ink for each nozzle from an ink reservoir 522 and to pressurize the ink prior to release from the nozzle 523. Details of EPAM valves and nozzles that may be used with the present invention are described in co-pending U.S. FIGS. 3A and 3B illustrate a first embodiment of an EPAM tube pumping device. The EPAM roll transducer is described in some detail with respect to FIGS.

When the value of the RC time constant of open loop control 138 and transducer 132 is long compared to the frequency of interest, the charge on the electrodes for transducer 132 is substantially constant. These torques may be applied about the axis indicated by the arrows of directions 161 a and 161 b. By way of example, an acrylic elastomeric polymer may be stretched by 200 to 400 percent in both planar directions. In one embodiment, the deflection in direction 18 of transducer portion 10 can be enhanced by exploiting large pre-strain in the perpendicular direction 20. For example, an acrylic elastomeric polymer used as the transducer portion 10 may be stretched by 10 percent in direction 18 and by 500 percent in the perpendicular direction 20. The quantity of pre-strain for a polymer may be based on the polymer material and the desired performance of the polymer in an application.

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In FIG. 3B, when the EPAM is actuated by applying a voltage, the EPAM film becomes thinner and expands in circumference (radially), thus allowing more fluid 336 to flow into the inner chamber through one of the one-way valves 316. In FIG. FIG. 4H illustrates a bow device 200 suitable for providing variable stiffness in accordance with another embodiment of the present invention.

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Devices of the present invention may also rely on conditioning electronics that provide or receive electrical energy from electrodes of an active area for one of the electroactive polymer functions mentioned above. Electronic circuits in electrical communication with electrodes detect the electrical property change. For actuation, portion 151 b comprises the polymer 151 between the electrodes 156 a and 156 b and any other portions of the polymer 151 having sufficient stress induced by the electrostatic force to enable deflection upon application of voltages using the electrodes 156 a and 156 b.

The multilayer structure comprises multiple polymer layers disposed on each other before rolling or winding. End pieces 27 and 28 provide a common structure for attachment with spring 24 and with polymer 22. In addition, each end piece 27 and 28 permits external mechanical and detachable coupling to device 20. For example, device 20 may be employed in a robotic application where endpiece 27 is attached to an upstream link in a robot and endpiece 28 is attached to a downstream link in the robot. 3F shows a cross-sectional view of a self-priming pump comprising EPAM diaphragm transducers 367 where the EPAM diaphragms are biased using an insert of open pore foam 397. The pump 365 comprises a lower chamber 387, an upper chamber 398, a grid plate 369, six diaphragm transducers 367, three valves, 316, 385 and 396, and a screen 369 enclosed in a pump housing 366. The grid plate 369 includes apertures for accommodating the diaphragms.

Device 20 comprises a rolled electroactive polymer 22, spring 24, end pieces 27 and 28, and various fabrication components used to hold device 20 together. Open loop control 138 provides a passive (no external energy supplied) dynamic response for stiffness applied by transducer 132. Namely, the stiffness provided by transducer 132 may be set by the electrical components included in system 130, such as the control electronics and voltage source 134, or by a signal from control circuitry 136 acting upon one of the electrical components. In yet other embodiments, the EPAM devices may be used in the windshield fluid system to pump windshield wiper fluid to the windshield. With the present invention, the EPAM transducer 323 may be deflected to allow the volume of the pumping chamber to vary at each location as the piston travels on its path in the cylinder.

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In present invention, the monolithic transducer 170 may be utilized in a rolled or unrolled configuration. Either way, the response of transducer 132 is passive to the external mechanical deflections imposed on it. In one embodiment, open loop control 138 is a resistor. Dolor de espalda al agacharme . The transformation between electrical and mechanical energy in devices of the present invention is based on energy conversion of one or more active areas of an electroactive polymer. FIG. 5A is block diagram of one or more active areas 600 on a transducer that connected to power conditioning electronics 610. Potential functions that may be performed by the power conditioning electronics 610 include but are not limited to 1) voltage step-up performed by step-up circuitry 602, which may be used when applying a voltage to active areas 600, 2) charge control performed by the charge control circuitry 604 which may be used to add or to remove charge from the active areas 600 at certain times, 3) voltage step-down performed by the step-down circuitry 608 which may be used to adjust an electrical output voltage to a transducer.

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While not described in detail, it is important to note that active areas and transducers in all the figures and discussions for the present invention may convert between electrical energy and mechanical energy bi-directionally (with suitable electronics). Many methods for applying mechanical energy and removing an electrical energy change from the active area are possible. 1B. In this manner, the transducer portion 10 converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In some cases, a logic device in electrical communication with sensing electronics of sensor quantifies the electrical change to provide a digital or other measure of the changing parameter being sensed.

4L. Decreasing the amount of electrical energy provided to radially aligned active area set 186 and increasing the amount of electrical energy provided to radially aligned active area set 184 moves top portion 189 closer to the zero degree mark. End pieces 27 and 28 are attached to opposite ends of rolled electroactive polymer 22 and spring 24. FIG. 4L to his position at shown in FIG. The parameter is usually a physical property of an object such as its temperature, density, strain, deformation, velocity, location, contact, acceleration, vibration, volume, pressure, mass, opacity, concentration, chemical state, conductivity, magnetization, dielectric constant, size, etc. Faja para dolor lumbar . In particular, the EPAM devices may be used in the engine cooling subsystem 509 to pump fluids in internal conduits, such as air or water, that are used to cool the engine. The lower chamber may comprise one or more fluid conduits for conducting the fluid to the pumping chamber and for conducting the fluid away from the pumping chamber.

“Polymer Actuators and Materials”, which is incorporated by reference herein for all purposes; and which claims priority under 35 U.S.C. Ser. No. 10/154,449 entitled “Rolled Electroactive Polymers,” filed May 21, 2002, previously incorporated herein. The flow was approximately 40 ml/minute at about 1 kPa (Kilo-Pascal) using a single-layer electroactive polymer. These external structures may be attached to device 20 using end pieces 27 and 28 for example. In this application, the change in the stiffness of the ribs can affect the stiffness of the tires and thus the resultant handling of the vehicle that uses the tires. As will be described in further detail below, voltage source 134 may be used to apply a threshold electric field as described below to operate the polymer in a particular stiffness regime. This may also be useful during storage of device 20 so that polymer 22 is not strained in storage.

For example, a multilayer construction may comprise any even number of polymer layers in which the odd number polymer layers are electroded and the even number polymer layers are not. The device may be one of a pump, a compressor, a hydraulic actuator and a fan. The deflection of the portion of the electroactive may cause 1) a shape of the fan blade to change to alter an aerodynamic performance of the fan blade, 2) a pitch of the fan blade to change and 3) a change in one of an aeroelastic property or an aeroacoustic property of the fan blade. In one embodiment, integrated EPAM device may perform the functions of a pump, a valve and a nozzle. In one embodiment, electroactive polymer 12 is pre-strained. For example, one might have the compression stroke of one stage coincide with the expansion stroke of the next stage.

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Ansiedad y Angustia Other types of drugs could also be delivered in a controlled manner with an appropriate biological sensor for measuring a biologic parameter(s) of interest. Various types of electrodes suitable for use with the present invention are described in commonly owned, co-pending U.S. For instance, the pump could pump fluid from a reservoir to make a doll appear to cry. The fluid is selected from the group consisting of a mixture, a slurry, a suspension, a mixture of two or more immiscible liquids and combinations thereof.