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Consecuencias del dolor de estómago: no juegues con la salud U.S. Pat. No. 8,142,154 discloses an oscillating energy harvester in which two or more pivots are mounted onto a platform, and between these pivots, a flexible sheet of material is suspended in the fluid flow. U.S. Pat. No. 7,986,054 discloses an energy harvester capable of providing motion from fluid flow includes a magnus-rotor defined by a cylinder driven by a motor causing the cylinder to rotate so that lift is created by the fluid flowing past the cylinder.

U.S. Pat. No. 8,610,304, and related U.S. RELATED APPLICATIONS This application is a continuation of International Patent Application serial number PCT/US2015/031352 entitled “Fluid Flow Induced Oscillating Energy Harvester with Off-Center Mounted Toggling Bluff Body and/or Suspension Stiffening Mechanism” and which published Nov. FIG. 4A and B do not illustrate the toggling prism or body 14 of FIGS. FIGS. 3A and B are schematic views of the fluid flow induced oscillating energy harvester of FIGS. 6A and B are schematic views of a proposed linkage assemblies for the fluid flow induced oscillating energy harvester 10 according to further embodiments of the present invention. FIG. 4B is an enlarged schematic view of the fluid flow induced oscillating energy harvester of FIG.

FIGS. Dolor cuello muscular . 6A and 6B are not drawn to scale.

FIG. 6B is a longitudinal sectional view of the embodiment of FIG. One embodiment of the energy harvester 10 of the present invention is shown in FIGS. FIGS. 6A and 6B are not drawn to scale. At higher latitudes, ten meter (10.0 m) waves are not uncommon. Waves traversing the surface of the ocean represent a repository of a large fraction of the total energy imparted to the earth by the sun. The amplitude of those waves increases as long as the wind blows parallel to the directions in which the waves are propagating.

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If a flow is viscous, the statement is still valid as long as average values of V1 and V2 across the cross section are used. Therefore, regardless of the depth at which the venturi tube is suspended, as long as it is suspended below the surface, the circular orbit through which it is dragged by flotation module 26 will be greater than the circular orbits of the water molecules surrounding said venturi tube. The combination of the platform’s inertia, and the substantial drag which counters any movement of the platform through the water, effectively limits its ability to move in synchrony with the rising and falling movements of the attached cable. It includes a unidirectional or bi-directional propeller suspended from a buoy by a shaft or cable.

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When buoy 26 and venturi tube 30 are vertically spaced apart from one another by a maximum distance and said venturi tube is neither rising nor falling, venturi tube 30 is in a position of repose. Housing 68 has two compartments that are in fluid communication with one another. Como mejorar el dolor lumbar . Front and back walls 70 a, 70 b diverge from one another from top to bottom, creating a venturi effect at the top of said compartment.

Upper brace members 96 have a first end secured to sleeve 96 a and a second end secured to a top wall of said platform. The platform is substantially neutrally buoyant. 1, is generally known in the art and need not be described in detail herein. These energy harvesters generally must be sufficiently robust to endure long-term exposure to hostile environments and it is preferable if they have a broad range of dynamic sensitivity to exploit the entire spectrum of wave motions. The harvester 10 may be supported in a fluid flow 16 extending vertically upwards generally as viewed in the figures or may be supported downward in the flow 16, such as being suspended from a barge or deck structure on the surface of a river.

The tube’s up-and-down motion through the relatively still water near or below the wave base is equivalent to the tube being suspended at a stationary position within a stream of water having a reciprocating direction of flow. In this embodiment, Shroud 33 can then re-inflate passively as buoy 26 rises and water flows back into shroud 33, like an umbrella being opened. Central rigid support 57 maintains the vertical alignment of venturi shroud 33 and turbine 20 b as the venturi shroud is pulled toward the surface by buoy 26. The upward force provided by the buoy acts on the upper end of rigid support 57, and the drag induced by the unfurled venturi shroud 33 acts on the lower end of support 57. For the same reason that a wind vane orients itself to point into the wind, the central rigid support, and its attached venturi shroud, are compelled to point toward the buoy.

7C and 7D utilizes solid (rigid) struts for this purpose.

These adaptations allow the portable embodiment of the turbine to extract a significant amount of power from the seawater only while the buoy and turbine are rising. These locations include the fresh water currents in various rivers and streams throughout the world such as, for example, the Mississippi and Amazon Rivers, as well ocean currents such as Gulf Stream and the tidal currents in places like the Bay of Fundy. For tidal currents, U varies with time in a predictable manner as described previously, and also depends on depth beneath the water surface and position in the channel, as will be described later. This preferred depth would typically range from twenty (20) to one hundred (100) meters. 7C and 7D utilizes solid (rigid) struts for this purpose. Dolor de espalda baja derecha . Because of its small size, solid turbine blade 20 b (FIGS.

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FIGS. 13-15 depict the preferred embodiment of such a portable version of the venturi-pinwheel wave-energy device. It is also possible to construct a “miniaturized” version of the preferred embodiment of this device, i.e., a bi-directional venturi tube incorporating a bi-directional turbine. Due to the corrosive nature of sea water, and the desirability of reduced maintenance, it is beneficial to transmit the rotational kinetic energy produced by such a bi-directional turbine to the buoy, where it can be converted to electrical power by a generator protected from sea water. In the harvester 10, each bluff body 14 is mounted for movement relative to the stand 12 at least in a direction perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow 16. As shown each bluff body 14 is coupled to a support member 18 which extends into the stand 12 to an electrical generator coupled to the stand. 6C shows an alternative harvester 10 linkage arrangements (with the generator removed for clarity) that may be more applicable for a suspended harvester 10 described herein and is merely illustrating further linkage possibilities.

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This embodiment employs a structural feature that increases the efficiency of power extraction from the water induced to flow through a venturi tube. This type of turbine therefore extracts energy from the water flowing through lumen 31 of venturi tube 30 regardless of the vertical direction of the water’s travel.

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However, if the speed of the water constrained to flow through a propeller could be increased, then the power that could be extracted could be increased exponentially. Most modern turbines convert the kinetic or potential energy of water into rotary motion which can be used to create electricity with efficiencies that exceed 90%. It is relatively easy to find an existing water turbine design that will optimally harvest the kinetic or potential energy available in almost any river or dam. As a result, hydroelectric water projects that utilize the entire river flow tend to be quite large thereby consuming large amounts of real estate and capital. It should be apparent that other alternatives are possible within the spirit and scope of the present invention. It will thus be seen that the objects set forth above, and those made apparent from the foregoing description, are efficiently attained. In order to facilitate storage and deployment, the venturi turbine may be made sufficiently small to fit within the body of a canister 55 (FIG.

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The system provides for arraying a plurality of narrow diameter cantilevered cylinders to facilitate high frequency oscillations and tip displacements to drive the energy harvesters. FIG. 7 illustrates a plot of experimental results of power outputs over a range of flows of a system of the present invention using low high and variable stiffness according to the present invention. The present invention is defined by the appended claims and equivalents thereto. FIGS. 7A and 7B depict the preferred embodiment of the invention. Specifically as the amplitude of the motion of the body 14, increases the motion of the rack 36 relative to the pinion 32 increases thereby increasing the rotation rate of the pinion 32. Similarly, FIGS. A que se debe el dolor muscular en las piernas . A torsional spring (not shown) may be mounted between the support member 18 and the bluff body 14 about the pivot 20 and configured to bias the bluff body 14 to a neutral bluff body rest position (i.e.