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This special depth is called the “wave base.” A deep-water wave does not move the water located below the wave base to any significant degree. FIG. 21 is an enlarged view of platform 94. Cable 44 does not simply pass through central aperture 94 a as implied above; instead it is wound around capstan 102 that is mounted in said central aperture for rotation about its horizontal axis. 7D is a longitudinal sectional view thereof. FIG. 12 is a plan view of a rectangular venturi turbine housing 31. This drawing illustrates the importance of having perpendicular-axis turbine 20 a positioned within a rectangular channel to maximize the flow of water through the turbine, as distinguished from around the turbine. FIG. 4 illustrates the principle by which the preferred embodiment of this invention translates the circular up-and-down motion characteristic of deep-water waves traveling across the surface of a body of water into a corresponding up-and-down motion of a venturi-pinwheel’s underwater turbine, i.e., the venturi tube located far below the surface.

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FIG. 14 illustrates the configuration of the portable embodiment depicted in FIG. Propeller/turbine 20 b is positioned concentrically with rigid collar 60 because the lumen of rigid collar 60 is the narrowest part of the lumen created by shroud 33. Rigid frame members 56 have a first end pivotally secured to rigid collar 60 in circumferentially spaced relation to one another. 2C were part of a closed water circuit, i.e. The prior art includes no disclosure of a propeller/turbine positioned in the constricted part of a venturi tube. 6A and 6B so that the constricted lumen 31 of venturi tube 30 is positioned further from the opposite ends of said venturi tube. When it is preferred that the portion of the venturi tube where a perpendicular-axis turbine is located be rectangular in cross-section, the interior of the venturi tube may also be rectangular.

When driven by waves with a height of 5 meters and a period of 8 seconds, the maximum speed of a suspended turbine relative to the water would be two meters per second (2 m/s). FIG. 17B is a side elevational diagrammatic depiction of water flowing in a second direction relative to the water wheel of FIGS.

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The vanes perform in an opposite way when water flows through lumen 31 in a bottom-to-top direction. Dolor fuerte de espalda baja . Platform movement stops when the magnitude of its drag matches the cable’s vertical force. However, because of the drag induced by the venturi tube when a force compels it to move in a horizontal direction, i.e., parallel with the mean level of the surface, the venturi tube is unable to match the buoy’s unfettered horizontal components of movement. Capstan 102 is constrained to rotate as cable 44 moves relative to platform 94, i.e., cable 44 cannot move vertically relative to 94 platform without rotating capstan 102. Generator 46 is coupled to capstan 102 so that rotation of the capstan results in the generation of electrical energy. The water below this depth and any objects floating in it are substantially stationary, even as waves move across the surface overhead. The turbine rotates conjointly with shaft 24. As buoy 26 floats on the surface 28 of a body of water, the rising and falling of the buoy causes propeller blades 20 and hence shaft 24, the turbine, and the generator to rotate, thereby generating electricity.

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Some of the tube’s potential energy that remains after a wave has passed is converted into additional mechanical energy as buoy 26 and its attached venturi tube 30 fall and again cause the rotation of turbine/propeller 20, central shaft 24, shaft, cable, or other means 44, buoy shaft 24 a and generator 46. All or most of the mechanical energy created during the rising and falling of venturi tube 30 is available for conversion into electrical energy. Due to the corrosive nature of sea water, and the desirability of reduced maintenance, it is beneficial to transmit the rotational kinetic energy produced by such a bi-directional turbine to the buoy, where it can be converted to electrical power by a generator protected from sea water. The mechanical rotational energy is converted into electrical energy with a generator mounted above the water line. The sun heats the land and the seas and much of this heat energy passes into the atmosphere.

FLEKOSTEEL - гель для суставов очередной РАЗВОД. In this portable embodiment, venturi tube 30 is replaced by either a flexible or rigid venturi shroud 33, having a conical shape much like that of an inverted lamp shade or parasol. Note that blades 35 a at the top of the turbine are angled for maximum rotation caused by water flowing downwardly, blades 35 b at the bottom are angled for maximum rotation caused by water flowing upwardly, that blades 35 c in the middle are angled for flow in either direction, and that the intermediate top and bottom blades 35 d, 35 e, respectively, are not as steeply angled as the top and bottom blades. Turbine 20 effects rotation of rod 44 so that generator 46 generates electricity.

Only the angular speed of rotation varies as the tube moves up and down through the water. As venturi tube 30 rises, water flows through lumen 31 from top-to-bottom. As used herein, the limitation “venturi tube” includes the use of any shell, tube surface, or other means, or combination thereof, that has the effect of increasing the rate at which water flows through a turbine, after having first been induced to flow by means of a motion coupled to the rising and falling of waves that are moving across the surface of a body of water in proximity to the venturi tube. Buoyant flotation module or buoy 26 follows a circular up-and-down orbit 14 at the surface of a body of water 28 in response to the passage of deep-water waves across the surface of said body of water. FIG. Centro del dolor de espalda . 19 depicts the movement of a sea-anchor wave energy device in response to a passing wave.

However, the radii of those orbits decrease to zero as the depth of the water reaches and exceeds the “wave base.” In other words, deep water waves do not significantly affect the location or movement of the water located at depths exceeding the wave base. The circular orbits induced by the wave in the water molecules located below the surface become progressively and exponentially smaller as the depth increases. The circle is centered at the water’s resting position and has radius of reky where r is the amplitude of the surface wave and −y is the depth below the surface.

A life raft itself could serve as the buoy.

The radii of the orbits decrease exponentially with increasing depth. However, if the speed of the water constrained to flow through a propeller could be increased, then the power that could be extracted could be increased exponentially. Instead of a large intrinsic weight, or an attached supplemental weight, venturi shroud 33 could reset its position, i.e., sink as the buoy’s height lessens following the passage of a wave, by allowing shroud 33 to collapse like an umbrella in its closed configuration. A life raft itself could serve as the buoy. Its operational depth at or near the wave base is achieved and maintained as a result of the platform’s interactions with the stops attached to cable 44. If the platform is above its intended minimum depth, then the weight of counterweight 92 is not offset by the upward pull of buoy 26. Dolor de espalda relacionado con el estomago . Thus counterweight 92 and cable 44 descend until upper stop 100 a abuts upper sleeve 96 a.

If the platform descends below a preselected maximum depth, buoy 26 will be submerged some or all of the time. “mouth,” then the speed of the water flowing through the throat will be four (4) times greater than the speed of the water entering the venturi tube. The type of turbine most suitable for use within a venturi tube is the family of turbines known as free flow or kinetic turbines. The prior art includes a type of wave-energy device capable of operating without an anchor.

Without this central rigid support, the orientation of the venturi shroud would be unstable, i.e., under the influence of water moving past it as it rises, the shroud would tend to turn sideways and a collapsible shroud would tend to partially collapse. At this speed, it would be difficult to extract a significant amount of energy from the flowing water with a simple turbine because the amount of power that can be extracted from a flowing stream of water by a turbine is proportional to the cube of its velocity. They can also disrupt local shipping. Thus, a child can effect rotation by moving the propeller if the wind is not blowing, or by holding the stick still and causing the propeller to face the wind if the wind is blowing. Such rotation might cause difficulties within a network of linked venturi-pinwheel wave-energy devices.

  1. FIG. 40 illustrates some aspects of the embodiment of FIG. 39 from a closer view
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The devices disclosed herein are relatively simple, inexpensive to build and maintain, and capable of producing large amounts of energy. These devices are also aesthetically undesirable as they are usually visible from the shore. Water turbines have been used to extract useful energy from moving water, or water under pressure, for thousands of years. Thus it sinks under the influence of gravity due to its mass and the mass of any attached supplemental weight. It will thus be seen that the objects set forth above, and those made apparent from the foregoing description, are efficiently attained. The depth that defines the wave base for any particular wave or set of waves depends on the wavelength of that wave or set of waves. The invention accordingly comprises the features of construction, combination of elements, and arrangement of parts that will be exemplified in the description set forth hereinafter and the scope of the invention will be indicated in the claims.