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By way of further example, if the maximum tidal range was 10 feet and if the maximum wave height range was 10 feet, then the pylon 20 a’s length may be selected to be at least about 20 feet; although it may be selected to be lesser or greater than this amount.

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Kite Surfing in Mauritius For example, a pylon 20 a’s length may be selected to be about equal a change in the water level of the body of water 34 that is equal to the maximum tidal range between the lowest and highest tides, plus the maximum wave height range from trough to peak that may be expected at the location for that pylon 20 a. For example, the kinetic energy in a wave depends on shuttle mass, wave frequency, and wave amplitude. By way of example, the generator 10 is shown installed near a shore 30 of a body of water 34 having a bottom 32. The body of water 34 may have a high tide height 36, a low tide height 38, and waves. Also within hull means 32 are a plurality of vertically extending variable ballast tanks 43, such tanks 43 being parallel to the axis of the hull means and radially circularly spaced uniformly about said axis and located inwardly of the cylindrical outer wall 42. The variable ballast tanks 43 are of cylindrical prismatic shape and extend from adjacent the bottom of hull 32 at fixed ballast means 38 through the oil storage chamber means 41, through the permanent buoyancy means 39 and into the conical portion 33 of the spar buoy.

Alternatively, a particular pylon 20 may be secured to the bottom 32 in any other suitable way. For example, a coil 12 may have the wires that form it partially or wholly rapped around, and attached to, the exterior its respective pylon 20; or a coil 12 may be formed as a sleeve that fits around, and is attached to, the exterior of its pylon 20. Any part of a coil 12 that is located exterior to its pylon 20 may be provided with any suitable protection from the environment. The weight of an attachment 50 and its anchor 56 may be selected to be operable to at least partially orient its respective pylon 20 a at least substantially vertically with respect to the top surface of the body of water 34. Alternatively, the pylon 20 a may have a weight distribution that may be selected to be operable to at least partially orient its respective pylon 20 a at least substantially vertically with respect to the top surface of the body of water 34. For example, a lower portion of the pylon 20 a may be weighted to help serve this purpose.

Another embodiment of the generator of the present invention is a generator 10 a that may comprise a fixed pylon 20; an elongated fixed magnet 14 a attached to the fixed pylon 20 in any suitable way; a float 16; and a moveable electrical coil 12 a attached to the float 16 in any suitable way, such as with a connection 18 between the coil 12 a and the float 16. The coil 12 a passes through the magnetic fields generated by the elongated magnet 14 a.

A coil 12 may be attached to its respective pylon 20 in any suitable way. Since the riser float means 92 and the platform move equally in the pitch mode, there is no effect on the riser connections which are attached at one end to the float means 92 and at the other end to the platform 28. However the pitch motions of the riser float means 92 will induce bending stresses in the risers 90, the lower ends of which are fixed at the sea bed.

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However, if half of the tanks are completely filled, that is, filled to 130 meters and the other half completely empty, 0.0 meters, which would still result in the same total weight, the height of the center of gravity will be 65 meters. Other objects and advantages of the present invention will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art from the following description of the drawings in which an exemplary embodiment of the invention is shown. Various types of offshore oil storage vessels have been proposed such as shown in U.S. 1 a spar buoy construction generally indicated at 20 embodying this invention is shown.

The primary object of the present invention is to provide a spar buoy of novel construction which provides oil storage facilities, production facilities, and a riser system. Another object of the present invention is provide a spar buoy construction wherein oil storage chambers and variable ballast chambers are arranged in novel fashion to provide not only constant draft but also a constant location of the center of gravity thereof with respect to the center of buoyancy thereof. Additionally, not all embodiments need necessarily exhibit such advantages to fall within the scope of the invention. It does not appear feasible to provide oil storage of over 100,000 tons in association with the jacket type, guyed tower, and tension mooring platform constructions briefly mentioned above. In an example of such a system having eighteen risers the buoyant chamber means 32 may have a diameter of 9.50 meters, a height of 15 meters with a total displacement of about 1000 tons.

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A particular mass-spring system will have a natural period. Remedio para dolor de rodilla . While such weights are much less than the variable weight of the contents of the oil storage space, it is desirable to have means for adjustment of the floating draft to compensate for such weight variations. This disturbing moment is reacted to by a stabilizing moment, which is the product of the weight of the platform together with the vertical component of the mooring tension, the distance “K” between the center of buoyancy and the center of gravity, and the tangent of the angle of tilt. The mass element is the mass of the platform together with the hydrodynamic or “virtual” mass, which may be regarded as the mass of the surrounding water which moves with the platform.

A float 16 may be of any suitable construction, may be made of any suitable material that is resistant to the environment in which it is located, and may be selected according to the needs of the user. A float 16 may be configured in any suitable way to be adjustable in mass and buoyancy, which may be advantageous when expected operating conditions change seasonally, or otherwise. Alternatively, a float 16 may be provided with an internal chamber and with any suitable associated mechanism for selectively flooding and emptying the internal chamber with water. The generator 10 is scalable, in that both the size and number of the generators 10 may be varied to provide the amount of electricity required for any given need. In this example it is contemplated that the buoyant chamber means 92 will usually be totally submerged and change in buoyancy due to variations in water level will be confined to that due to the change in submerged volume of the riser system above the top surface of the buoyant chamber means.

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Such optimum conditions of behavior may be maintained by achieving a selected compromise between the behavior patterns mentioned above. 2), the upper end of the riser means being maintained at a selected distance above sea bed 22 and relatively free vertical oscillating movement between the spar buoy and the riser means occurs as later described. The spar buoy 20 may be located over a subsea installation 21 on the sea floor 22 and is connected thereto by a riser means 24, in this example including a plurality of riser pipes as later described. Oil from the production facilities or from the subsea well facilities may be introduced through production line 64, through valve 65 and into the top portion of tank 41 thru feed line 66. Since the specific gravity of oil (E.G. 5 each tank 43 includes an access hatch 51 at the top of the tank and in the area of the pump room 50. Within each tank 43 is a submersible pump 52 of suitable type connected through a pipe line 53 to an emptying valve 54 located in the pump room.

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Heave response of the spar buoy depends on the plan area of the hull means at the water surface relative to the volume and proportions of the submerged portion of the hull means. The spar buoy construction provides means for maintaining the center of gravity of the entire mass at a selected position while maintaining constant draft and also maintaining a selected distance between the center of gravity and center of buoyancy. The present invention provides substantially constant draft, enhanced stability by constant location of the center gravity of the entire mass, and a spar buoy having a natural period greater than the period of expected waves. Tratamiento para dolor de hombro y brazo . Pat. Nos. 3,921,557 and 3,360,810. The latter patent shows an external riser system having a vertically elongated hull for oil storage and adjacent the top thereof side tanks to provide variable balance ballast to maintain a constant draft of the vessel.

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4 tipos de dolores de cabeza asociados al covid.. The pressurized oil storage and load out system provides economical use of a low head booster pump on the production deck. 1 and 4, part of a magnet 14 may be located beneath the top surface of the body of water 34, regardless of the water level in the body of water 34 at that moment. The hull has a top submerged work chamber and is normally located entirely below the surface of the water. Accordingly, another function of the pylons 20 may be to serve as part or all of a support for another water related structure, allowing that structure to be partially or wholly built on top of a network of the pylons 20, while their associated generators 10 and power-handling units 21 may supply electrical power to that water related structure. A DC/AC converter 26 is a device that receives DC power and produces AC power with a frequency and voltage that is compatible with existing power systems or electrically driven devices (e.g., converted to 60 Hz, 120 volts for power systems in the United States).