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The impellor blades may be attached directly to the hub and extend radially outwards therefrom. To this end, the system employs a fixture assembly on the bed of the ocean connected directly to the generator assembly or assemblies by the retaining means. At its upper end, the retaining assembly 12 comprises a further universal joint 24, having lower and upper flange connectors 26 and 28, the lower of which is connected to the upper end of the tubular assembly 22. The retaining assembly 12 further comprises a swivel joint 30 connected to the upper flange connector 28 of the universal joint 24. The swivel joint 30 contains internal swivel connections for hydraulic lines, electric power lines and control/instrumentation lines. Due to the reduction in diameter in the flow passage encountered by the water, its speed through the passage increases. U.S. Pat. No. 4,054,031 to Johnson discloses a power unit having an endless belt immersed in a tank of water and disposed about parallel upper and lower rotatable rollers so that the belt frictionally engages and rotates the rollers as collapsible buckets are buoyantly moved through the water.

Diamond does not emphasize streamlining or nesting the cylinders to present a solid wall rising and descending through the liquid. In addition, the present device uses the natural expansion of a rising gas. Fogarty, however, does not provide for the efficient movement of gas and liquid during that transfer. The installation 2 comprises a wellhead assembly 8 of generally conventional configuration.

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For example, the generator assembly may be secured to a pile, conductor, suction pile, subsea wellhead or associated subsea assembly that is securely fixed to the seabed. The fixture assembly may be an assembly dedicated to securing the system in position on the sea bed or ocean floor. But, like the other devices of the prior art, the buckets do not nest within one another to reduce turbulence. In one preferred arrangement, described in more detail hereinbelow, a generator assembly is secured to the bed of the body of water by one or more other generator assemblies disposed below it. Each generator assembly may be secured to adjacent assemblies by a rigid or flexible connection or union. For example, the generator assemblies may extend over a depth of water that is greater than 50 meters (about 150 feet), for example greater than 300 meters (about 1000 feet), more specifically from 50 meters to 1000 meters (about 150 feet to about 3000 feet).

The impellors may be arranged in any suitable orientation, that is either vertically or horizontally. Colchon para dolor de espalda . A cogwheel or rotary device 30 operatively engages chain 26. A second cogwheel or rotary device 32 operatively engages chain 28. The cog wheels are formed with cogs 34 on wheel 30 and cogs 36 on wheel 32. Cogs 34 preferably engage projections 38 on chain 26 and cogs 35 preferably engage projections 40 on chain 28. In place of projections 38 and 40, chains 26 and 28 can be provided with slots or spaces into which cogs 34 and 36 fit, thereby operatively engaging chains 26 and 28. While these are the preferably forms of operative engagement between the cog wheels and the chains, other structures or types of engagement between the cog wheels and chains can be employed as long as the cog wheels rotate as they travel up and down along the chains or other structures.

1) and is connected at each end to a chain 26 by a riveted link 32 (see FIG. A similar chain 28 is secured between anchor 24 and float 20. It is also substantially vertical. This device does not utilize air to change the buoyancy of a tank or float but rather relies on ocean wave motion. Should the current change direction relative to the generator assembly, the water will act on the vane surfaces 750, 752 of the rear housing member 712, and corresponding surfaces on the upper and lower housing ends 706, 708, to move the generator assembly into a proper orientation with the front housing member 710 facing upstream. In this way, each group 222 is free to bend and rotate relative to each adjacent group of generator assemblies.

Thus, in the aforementioned preferred embodiment, in which the impellor rotates about a vertical axis, the blades of the impellor are substantially planar and arranged vertically. The energy produced by the generators is delivered to a consumer or user via a power cable or cables 48. In the preferred embodiment, electricity is delivered from the electrical generators 42, 44 to consumers. Furthermore, there is no means presently available to match the output of clean energy to the demand. Dolor en la pierna izquierda de la rodilla hacia abajo . Furthermore, it will generate little or no electricity when the seas are calm.

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When a gas is introduced into a liquid that is more dense than the gas, the buoyant forces acting on the gas will cause the gas to rise. This gas escape or spillage will continue at an increasing rate as the wheel turns. However, the generator assemblies 220 within each group 222 are connected together by a fin assembly 226, such that each generator assembly 220 within a group 222 is in a fixed orientation and alignment to the other generator assemblies within the same group. The bucket 112 is shown with a displacement port 82 extending along part of the bottom edge 84 of a bucket side (the outermost side when the bucket is secured within the apparatus) and a displacement port 82 extending along the entire innermost bucket side to provide clearance for an adjacent bucket as the buckets round the upper and lower sprocket 20 and 24. Reserve chambers 42 could be formed in the collapsible buckets but would increase the size of the folded structure.

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The preferred design of the present invention directs only enough gas into a bucket so that, as the bucket rises and the gas expands, the gas completely displaces the liquid in the bucket when the bucket reaches liquid level. A drainage port on a bottom side of the container is for draining the fluid when the container is at the bottom of the tank and an air port is for introducing air into the tank.