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The invention encompasses both solid-foil configurations (wherein the single foil is in very general terms analogous to the “S”-shaped rotor of the original Savonius-type turbine) or two-foil configurations (wherein the two foils are in very general terms analogous to the two foils of the Savonius-type turbine disclosed in US Patent No.

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The foil section is referred to as single curved to differentiate it from the double-curved foil sections described above. However, the canting and flow direction need not be perfectly aligned and the canting is understood to at least not have a detrimental effect on performance, as compared to a turbine oriented to be perpendicular to all general possible flow directions, through about 180° of flow directions (i.e. Thus, the general shape of such a turbine can be determined from a foil section with dimensions specified in terms of percentages of the chord/radius length and the dimensions (or dimension in the case of non-tapered configurations) of the chord/radiuses at selected vertical locations. Each of these drawings includes a chord/radius line with associated perpendicular lines indicating the locations of a collection of offset dimensions.

Header line 67 also communicates thru a valve 68 with a sea water pump 69 which may discharge water from the sea chest 60 through valve 70 for filling tank 41 with water. 802 is passing towards each side of the vehicle. An upper-case-letter reference character in each drawing (for example, “Q” in Figure 9) is associated with the radius of the foil section in the immediate vicinity of the outer edge. The deflection of the fluid flow caused by the rotation of a perpendicular-axis turbine can be used to obtain desired flow patterns in the case of arrays of such turbines and can also be used to deflect air flow over a moving vehicle.

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The access hatch 51 may be supplied with an air vent 61. Water in the variable ballast tanks 43 does not come in contact with oil and may be discharged into the sea without pollution thereof. Means for vertically positioning hull means 32 in the sea water may comprise fixed or permanent ballast means 38 provided at the bottom of hull 32. Fixed ballast 38 may include any suitable ballast material as, for example, concrete of selected weight. The best-known types of VAWTs are the Savonius type (as shown in, US Patent No.

It has been found that turbines of the type generally described herein may usefully function with the fluid flow at an angle other than roughly 90° to the turbine’s axis of rotation. The base is referred to a quasi-conical rather than merely conical because the preferred surfaces of rotation are not comprised of a section of a cone, but rather are complex concave shapes.

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The turbine may have a quasi-conical base at the mount end, the quasi-conical base having either a simple conical shape or more preferably in terms of fluid flow, a complex concave shape. In this specification and in the claims, terms indicating a wind- turbine or water-turbine embodiment should not be taken as restricting the invention described herein to only wind or water turbines; the invention is applicable to use with any flowing fluid. Figures 33 to 40 show a solid-foil helical non-constant-section turbine 1100 embodiment of the present invention having a double-curve foil section. Wind turbines of the present invention may conveniently be made using conventional fibreglass manufacturing. Vertical axis turbines do not require a yaw mechanism to align the blades with the wind and the generator or other energy converter and related power transmission equipment may be mounted on the ground at the base of the turbine, potentially substantially reducing the complexity and cost of the installation.

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Selection of a suitable light-weight aggregate can produce a turbine that has close to neutral buoyancy, making installation and servicing of such turbines easier. An alternative to a shaft-mounted water turbine, that provides self- alignment and canting (though the canting angle is not as controlled as in the case of a shaft-mounted water turbine) is shown in Figure 22. As shown in Figure 22 a solid-foil, helical, double-taper water turbine 900 may be used to generate rotary motion from flowing water by being suspended in the flowing water via a flexible drive cable 902. Such a configuration is relatively inexpensive to install and permits the turbine to accommodate changes in the direction of water flow (such as for example, when the currents are tidal). Dolor al estirar la rodilla en la parte de atras . The diversion of air over a moving vehicle typically causes a downward force on the vehicle, leading to increased tire wear. The front ends of modern large trucks, particularly long-haul trucks, are often shaped to reduce air drag by smoothly (or at least as smoothly as the usual constraints on the design of the vehicle permit) diverting air over (and, typically to a lesser extent, to the sides) of the truck.

1014 and the battens 1010, fill with air forced into the cells 1018 via the vents 1016. The battens 1010 and fabric skins 1014 are configured such that the resulting pressure in the cells 1018 forces the fabric skins 1014 into a desired foil shape. 1006 and bottom plate 1002 closer together so as to bring the battens 1010 into a stacked configuration, which significantly reduces the swept area and loosens the fabric skinsi 014 causing turbulence in the air flow over the collapsed ram-air VAWT 1000, resulting in minimal or non-existent rotational torque. Figure 13 is a top-view schematic representation showing selected chord/radius lines of a helical, single-taper, VAWT embodiment of the present invention. Figure 13 shows selected chord/radius lines of a helical, single- taper, VAWT 500 embodiment of the present invention.

Figure 9 shows a solid-foil double-curve VAWT foil-section 100 of an embodiment of the present invention. Figures 15, 16, 17 and 18 show a quasi-conical base 700 for a solid- foil VAWT. As shown in Figure 18, a quasi-conical base can also provide sufficient space within the base for all or a portion of the generator (or other device that the turbine is driving), thus reducing bearing loading and permitting a more compact installation. Another object of the present invention is to provide a spar buoy construction having novel means for connecting the upper end of the riser system to production facilities. A further object of the present invention is provide a spar buoy construction in which the draft and the distance between the center of buoyancy and center of gravity remain substantially constant during varying ocean conditions and also during inflow and outflow of oil in the storage chambers.

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It should be noted that the cylindrical form of the spar buoy construction is readily capable of resisting differential pressures created by submergence of the hull means in the sea water. If differential pressure is directed outwardly, that is, the internal pressures in the hull means exceed the external pressures of the sea water, the skin of the spar buoy is in a condition of uniform tensile stress. Thus to select an optimum value for K the relative importance and probability of occurance of two sets of conditions must be considered; namely, wind or current forces, and waves of long period and the effects of the resulting motions on the operation of the spar buoy construction, particularly the functioning of process equipment and the stresses on the riser system.