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Pontos de acupuntura - Meridiano do intestino delgado.. FIG. 6 is a diagrammatic view of the water reconversion stage of the process, showing how substantial quantities of power are recovered. FIG. 4 is a large scale view of a gas entrapping dome and associated parts. This is not absolutely necessary but it does tend to increase the overall efficiency of the process if a large outlet for the oxygen is available. Prefera-‘ bly they comprise a bank of efficient fuel cells 97 adapted to generate electric current directly from the combustion process. Alternatively, the hydrogen may be burned in a conventional power plant 200 to generate steam which passes through a turbine 201. The latter drives a generator 202 which produces alternating current that can be stepped up or down in voltage for delivery to various consumers at various distances.

The invention embodies means and process for the efficient use of such air, to generate electricity in quantity. Such depth is feasible under some circumstances. One reason is to keep the electrolyte water, and particularly the gases derived from it by electrolysis, under substantial pressure. The latter comprises a storage tank 90. A bank 91 of efficient combustion elements designed to reconvert the hydrogen to water, by combustion with oxygen of the air, is shown in FIG. The entrapped air, under pressure in dome 40, is available for many uses. Also, the mean height of the sea may vary considerably from time to time, due to tides and other natural causes. Some of these schemes depend upon the rising and falling motion of the waves, some use a pendulum effect, taking advantage of the torsion caused by tilting heavy bodies due to wave action, and others are proposed to operate by the channeled flow of tides and in other ingenious mechanical ways.

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Thus, the unit 10, as shown in FlGJZ, is built to include relatively slidable or telescoping elements comprising a relatively fixed outer member 12 and a selfadjusting inner member 14. Floats 16 are built in to the telescoping inner member 14 to keep its height properly adjusted with respect to the normal level L. For calm sea, the trough T is just high enough to fill as the waves spill into it. When wave action is high, the trough T rises further with respect to member 12 and when wave action diminishes it is self lowering, being controlled by float elements, 16. The trough T, it will be understood, normally will consist of a large assembly of trough units and not merely a single trough. It is estimated, for example, that a 12-inch pipe line 400 miles long and operating at a pressure at the inlet end of 400 pounds or so can supply the hydrogen component of enough water to take care of the needs of a large city.

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The pipe line itself allows some warming of the’air under normal ambient temperatures, but heat applied to it from the sun and/or from other sources, or even from combustible fuels, may greatly enhance the increase of energy. While in theory the energy so gained should, balance that required for electrolysis, mechanical inefficiencies as well as electrical and chemical process inefficiencies, etc., obviously make it impossible to recover all or even most of the power that has been expended. Dolor de hombro intenso . The cumulative buoyant effect of all the entrained air tends to resist flow so that control of the amount of air admitted through pipe 27 may not be necessary. This is a highly effective way to obtain water which is free of all foreign matter. A particular object of the present invention is to eliminate or minimize this heavy expense of transportation. These bubbles, of course, decrease in size as they proceed down the pipe 20 so their buoyant effect is progressively decreasing.

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In fact, the water stream flowing down pipe 20 occupies only the inner 55 to 65 percent or so of the cross-sectional area of the pipe at this level. Pat. Dolor de rodilla intenso . No. 3,064,137. In this particular patent it is suggested that the energy of ocean waves be used to entrap water and also to enclose and confine under pressure a column of gas, such as air. A valve, not shown, is provided when such control is needed. Other gases, such as natural gas (primarily methane) for example, require compression or booster stations at fairly frequent intervals in long transmission lines. These include various desalination programs to recover water from the sea by evaporation, other proposals for purification of industrial waste streams, programs for sewage treatment, disposal, etc., and extensive and costly plans for rerouting and distributing the naturally occurring fresh waters on the various continents.

Most of them, however, are not suited for bringing fresh water in quantity from the ocean to inland points at considerable distance from the sea. However, the most efficient mechanical and electrical heat powered generating systems lose a considerable part of the energy. Depending on the geographical part of the ocean, minerals brought into a water supply by rivers and industrial waste streams may add to the value of the slurry component. An electrolytic water dissociation unit or step, adapted to use the generated electricity from (b) for separating water into its components, namely oxygen, hydrogen and a slurry which contains salts and various minerals, etc.

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A slurry pump 72 may be needed if the slurry is to be lifted up to near or above the level of the sea. See FIG. 6. This electric current is taken from terminals 98, 99-to any suitable means 100 for converting the direct current to alternating current. This is shown diagrammatically in FIG. Referring to FIG. 1, this unit is shown as comprising a large surfaced evaporating tank 81 having partitions 83,85 which divide it into cells. Como calmar un dolor de espalda . There is usually a large market for oxygen so packaged. The generator 56 preferably is a low voltage direct current generator for high current capacity, especially for installations where the current is to be used very nearby. Also, where air or any of its components, is to be used in a production process, e.g. It will be understood that the generator 56 may be of the alternating type,-with suitable transformer and rectifier means for converting to direct current, especially if the current is to be carried any substantial distance, e.g.

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Any salts or other foreign matter are precipitates. In arid regions particularly, and to some extent in other areas, solar evaporation is employed to remove most of the water and to produce a salt cake. Most of it is available for driving a generator 56 as already described. The column is replenished and repressured from wave to wave of the ocean, and the compressed air is finally expanded through a turbine-operated electrical generator to produce electrical energy which may be stored in a battery.

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On some sea coasts, as on the Paciflc Coast of the Northwest United States, the calm sea mean wave height h is considerably greater than this. Numerous publications have amplified this proposal and it doubtless has utility in some parts of the world. A pneumatic power generating system adapted to use the compressed air or gas from the first unit or step in the process, to produce direct current electricity in quantity. The total air volume which can be carried downwardly, without bringing the density of a 100- foot deep column in pipe 20 below that required for continuous downward flow, is substantial. Capacity of the system for producing potable water and for producing power can be varied by using surplus or waste heat to evaporate saline water, if desired, by using the generated power at 56, or part of it, directly (thereby reducing or eliminating the electrolysis stage), or by various combinations which solar and fuel gener ated heat exchange.

Thus, in order to supply the very large direct current which will be required for electrolysis of the impure water, this is a preferred arrangement. Pat. No. 3,236,757 to reclaim water from seage, from sea water, etc., by ionic separation. It is one aspect of the present invention to employ fuel cells for recovering from hydrogen a very substantial part of the energy required for its electrolytic separation from water. The oxygen which is thus separated from water constitutes by far the major part of its mass and weight. Combustion of the hydrogen, which is led into the fuel cells preferably at elevated pressure, leaves the system at atmospheric pressure. An advantage of the present invention relates to the economy of transporting hydrogen in large quantities to great distances. Thus, by transporting hydrogen, which constitutes only one ninth of the total weight of water to a substantial distance and combining it at the terminal with the required oxygen to produce water results in very substantial economies.

Line 76 is provided with one or more control valves 78 and its terminal delivers the hydrogen gas to acombustion unit. FIG. 1 shows a hydrogen delivery line 76 extending for an indefinite distance. FIG. 5 is an enlarged detail view, partly in section, of an electrolytic water dissociation unit employed in the system. The liquid is separated into its constituents, oxygen and hydrogen, by passing an electrical current through it. These constituents obviously may be recombined later.

Its cost, when added to desalination costs, seriously impedes the economic distribution of water to inland areas. The trapped air bubbles occupy progressively less and less volume in the water as they descend. A dome for collecting air was secured at the end of a main length of pipe, to which successive lengths of pipe could be joined. For a length of pipe 20 of about 1,000 feet, desirable for entraining and compressing air efficiently in dome 40 to about 400 psi, the head h should be as great as can be obtained and preferably at least 3 feet. Consequently, the water produced will have substantial potential energy. Therefore, a series or group of troughs ordinarily will be used. It is presently preferred to install the electrolytic unit 60 at a substantial depth under water. Thus, the system has wide flexibility. These may be automatic, being made responsive to pressure, so that they need no manipulation, except in case of a malfunction, after the system is set in operation.