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Selection of the location and orientation of the WEC of the present invention is a function of the installed location and wave resource characteristics (usually due to prevailing wind, water depth, seafloor angle compared to mean water surface level, and tide conditions). It will be appreciated that other angle alignments can be used, which can be selected based on the style of WEC deployed and prevailing location (direction, water depth etc) and wave conditions.

These converters use a series of low cost and low inertia membranes or diaphragms to interact with the wave and efficiently transfer energy to a second fluid, usually a low inertia, low friction fluid such as air, which transmits the energy onto a turbine and electrical generator. Various wave energy converters are discussed in prior patent documents. FIGS. 24 to 26 show various arrangements of linear array or bank configurations of WEC for near shore application according to embodiments of the present invention. FIGS. 30c and 30d show an alternative embodiment of a WEC and wind turbine combination according to a further embodiment of the present invention.

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The combination of these features creates an efficient, low inertia, responsive and cost effective wave energy conversion converter. Dynamic pressure can be understood to be a combination of pressure due to the kinetic energy and potential energy of particles in the wave. In FIG. 30, the annular array 90 of cells 22 of the WEC 10 allows for efficient conversion of wave energy from any direction. A single body 18 houses multiple cells. One or more seal may be provided in joins between supply/return conduits of adjacent WEC cells when connecting multiple discrete WECs together to form a large multi cell WEC, such as having a cast multi cell body. Hydrostatic forces may vary this shape i.e. U.S. Pat. No. Remedios caseros para dolor en las articulaciones de las manos . 4,441,030 to Bellamy in the early 1980s discloses a similar floating ‘spine’ design but in a ‘termination’ mode i.e.

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The included angle of the V or chevron may be substantially or approximately 90°, but may range from 10° to 180° (180° providing a linear array). Where bottom mounted, deeper water installations of the WEC of the present invention may have a longer foot length (longer footprint), lesser chord angle, tending towards flat, and lesser catenary to cord length ratio. The membrane end(s) and/or connections, such as arc, semi-circle, curves and splines can have tangency between and/or be tangential to the main top and bottom connections.