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Electro Acupuntura Electroterapia Auriculoterapia.. The response function of a mechanical structure, like the piezoelectric rod B, determines what fraction of the energy provided by the environment is transferred to the mechanical structure. Such a capability-to-respond to a certain motion is quantified in the concept of response function. However, the limited quantity of electric energy produced by conventional generators tends to limit their use. Such devices require just a limited amount of electric power during their operation, allowing the use of power micro-generators as an alternative to traditional batteries.

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Dolor de origen muscular: dolor miofascial y fibromialgia In this respect, there have been proposed power micro-generators that can be connected to devices or structures undergoing some kind of movement (table vibrations, benches or mechanical structures vibrations, oscillatory motions made by machines or cars, human or animal motion, natural atmospheric or seismic event activated motion). In this case the electric potential differences are collected and transformed by an electronic circuit in a suitable form for the powering of electric and/or electronic devices. The converter, as in the invention, can be shaped in a number of different geometrical configurations, all based on the same conceptual principle: i.e. The water current power generating device according to the present invention can be used as a power supplying means for supplying electric power to an equipment for in a long-term marine environment observation, in particular, an environmental variation observation in the sea or on the seafloor due to development of marine resources, and an acoustic lighthouse having uses for position measurements and a like of an underwater navigating craft that must perform continuous operation.

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The other end of each rods is free and has a permanent magnet D (NS) attached, being present a fixed structure F that, at due distance from said magnets D, holds in place other permanent magnets E or electro-magnets, with inverted magnetic polarities (SN) respective to said permanent magnets D at the end of the piezoelectric element on every rod. Although preferred embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, various modifications and substitutions may be made thereto without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Examples can be found in the following U.S.

Young working woman feel backache at the office According to the invention, the generator can be realized with a plurality of piezoelectric elements, all with both ends fixed, each at its own base, the mass positioned on the piezoelectric element in a position approximately centered on the element between the two ends. DESCRIPTION By looking at the figures of the attached drawings, it is evident how the electric power generator can assume different geometric configurations all based on the very same invention principle of exploitation of the bistable oscillations of a dynamical system.

Referring to FIG. 5, a fourth possible embodiment of the bistable piezoelectric generator is shown, wherein a tiny rod B, whose shape is approximately that of a parallelepiped, made of piezoelectric material, has each end connected to a rigid and fixed structure A, A′ in such a way that the rod is slightly bended on one side. Referring to FIG. 2, a tiny rod B whose shape is approximately that of a parallelepiped, made of piezoelectric material, is held in place in a fixed base at one end A, while the other end is free with a mass C attached which slightly bends the rod with its weight. 3) of the sway vibrating body 1 generates a fluctuating tension (tension variation) “σ” in the sway vibrating body 1, on which only a bias tension ((b) in FIG.

Moreover, in the above-mentioned embodiments, the case is described where a pair of tension power generating units is placed at the both end portions of the sway vibrating body. Approximately at the middle of the rod, between the two ends, a heavy mass C is attached. In addition to the two simple oscillations centered around each local equilibrium point, there are also wide movements that represents the passage from one equilibrium point to the other.

By fixing the value b and changing the value a (see FIG. In addition, with such configurations of the axial flow waterwheel power generating device, there is a problem that a reduction of power generating efficiency occurs, since the rotary sliding motion becomes blocked, when marine species, suspended matter, and a like invade the rotary sliding portion.