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More particularly, the system preferably comprises a plurality of generator assemblies arranged in a line extending above the fixture assembly as hereinbefore described. In the case that a single generator assembly is employed in the system, the third retaining means preferably connects to the top or uppermost portion of the generator assembly. In the case that the array comprises a line of generator assemblies extending upwards from the fixture assembly, the third retaining means is preferably attached to the uppermost end of the line at or above the top of the uppermost generator assembly.

In a preferred embodiment, the third retaining means connects to the array of generator assemblies at its uppermost end or portion, that is the point most distant from the fixture assembly. In particular, the system preferably comprises a buoyant member at the uppermost end of the line of generator assemblies, that is the point most distant from the fixture assembly. A power export cable 1010 extends from the central collector 1004 along the ocean floor, through which power generated in the generator assemblies 1006 is transported to an end user, for example a distant subsea installation, a surface installation or a power grid. 4 and 5, details of which are provided below.

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In one preferred embodiment, a plurality of rotating connections are provided between the generator assembly and the fixture assembly. Most preferably, all of the generator assemblies in the array are buoyant or provided with associated buoyancy means for keeping the array at the required depth above the anchor assembly. 8, the first anchor assembly 404 a is located directly downstream of the wellhead assembly of the installation 402, with the current flowing in the direction indicated by the arrow C, while the second anchor assembly 404 b is located directly upstream of the wellhead assembly of the installation. Arranging the generator assemblies in this manner with respect to the most frequent prevailing current ensures that the individual generator assemblies operate at their highest efficiency and are not affected by the presence of one or more other generator assemblies upstream. The generator assemblies may be spaced apart as required to extend over an extended distance or may be connected adjacent to one another.

One preferred arrangement comprises blades having a substantially flat surface extending in a plane parallel with the axis of rotation of the impellor. The plates are spaced apart along the longitudinal axis of the inner hub, so as to define annular cavities therebetween and radially inwards of the inner edges of the blades.

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The arrangement is such that the generator assembly can rotate in a substantially vertical axis relative to the fixture assembly. A plurality of substantially planar blades 734 extend vertically parallel to the shaft 722 and are mounted at their inner edge portions to the outer plates 728. The outer plates 728 are spaced apart to provide openings or spaces between adjacent blades 734 connecting the annular cavity 732 with the region outside the outer plates between the blades. 17. The action of water impinging on the generator assembly, in particular the vane surfaces 750 and 752 of the rear housing member 712, is to align the generator assembly to face into the oncoming water, that with the front housing member 710 pointing in a substantially upstream direction, with the impellor assembly 720 extending substantially vertically.

7 Los Mejores Estiramientos Para Los Brazos - Salud Responde This tendency of the generator assembly to rotate as a reaction to the movement of the impellor assembly is resisted by the action of the current of water on the vane surfaces of the assembly, in particular the extensive vane surfaces 750 and 752 of the rear housing member 712, which assists in keeping the generator assembly properly oriented in the current flow with the front housing member 710 substantially upstream.

Cómo Aliviar El Dolor De Espalda Baja Sin Medicamentos.. FIG. 3b shows how the generator assemblies 120 adapt to the prevailing flow pattern at the depth at which the assembly is located. The general flow pattern of water during operation of the assembly is shown in FIG. 1, 2, 3 and 8. The generator assembly 702 comprises a housing 704 having an upper housing end 706, a lower housing end 708, a front housing member 710 and a rear housing member 712. The generator assembly 702 may be secured to a retaining assembly at its lower housing end 708, as shown in FIG. Dolor en la parte externa de la pierna . 19 is suitable for use in the installation of FIG.

In such a case, the buoyant members may be attached at any suitable position to the system, either directly, or indirectly by means of cables, chains, tethers or the like. This arrangement allows the generator assembly to be oriented relative to the direction of flow of water in the current, in particular such that the generator assembly faces into or upstream of the current. Water (and hence energy) within the region between adjacent blades flows between the circular plates 728 into the annular cavity 732 and continues in a downstream direction. Should the current change direction relative to the generator assembly, the water will act on the vane surfaces 650, 652 of the rear housing member 612, and corresponding surfaces on the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608 (see FIG. The hub assembly 724 is shown in more detail in FIG.

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  5. FIG. 4B depicts another a perspective view of the kinetic energy conversion system of FIG. Ejercicios contra el dolor lumbar . 4A
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FIG. 19 is a cross-sectional view of a generator assembly of the general configuration shown in FIG. The proposals in the prior art suggest the general principle of using ocean currents to generate energy and power. Due to the construction of the system of FR 2 867 523, in particular the need to suspend the turbines beneath the barge and connect the turbines to the generator housed within the barge, the number of turbines that can be employed, and hence the total energy output, is limited. In such an arrangement, the system does not require any form of buoyancy to hold the generator assembly at the desired depth within the body of water, this being achieved by the retaining means.