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Curso Taller: Uso Racional de la Farmacología en la.. In such embodiments the optimized shape (slope and radius) is the result of an optimized power to cost ratio. The forward side 108b may, in some embodiments, be optimized in both radius and slope in order to maximize energy capture from the incident wave climate. For example, each feature of one embodiment can be mixed and matched with other features shown in other embodiments. One or more such functions may be accomplished, in various embodiments, by the inclusion of, for example, one or more mooring system(s), or one or more propulsion system(s).

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In other embodiments, there may be no motorized drives and HCS 306 may include a dynamic ballast control and a braking system for engagement with the spar. The term drive arms (e.g., 112, 114) as described herein includes float connecting arms directly and operatively connected to a drive shaft/hub, but may also include float connecting arms designed to idle about a shaft or structural member as described in greater detail below with reference to Figs. 2A-B, buoyant floats 108 and 110 are operatively coupled to the one or more PTOs mounted within the nacelle 102. The operative coupling may, in some embodiments, comprise drive arms 112, 114 connected to, for example, a drive shafit/hub extending into the nacelle 102 or a gearbox connected to such a drive shaft/hub. 1A-G while the second float 110 and second float drive arms 114 are positioned outside of the spars 104, 106 as described above.

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Chronic nociceptive and neuropathic pain in adult.. It will be apparent in view of this disclosure that particular float geometries, dimensions, and orientations will vary depending on the particular size, power requirements, and expected operating conditions of each individual WEC 100. In a plan view perspective, the forward side 110b of the second float 110 is rectangularly shaped to maximize exposed surface area, thereby increasing energy capture, and optimized to maximize the combined effects of wind, waves, and currents. 2A-B, a drive shaft/hub 202, 203 may be connected to a radial extension 220, which is connected, via a rotor interface structure 216, to one or more rotors 204. However, it will be apparent in view of this disclosure that rotors 204 may be operatively connected to any drive shaft/hub 202, 203 via any other suitable means, including but not limited to, a gearbox or transmission, bolt-on, etc. While Figs. 2A-B depict a WEC 100 having two PTOs, it will be apparent in view of this disclosure that any number of PTOs may be used.

Such array embodiments may facilitate mooring, construction cost, and maintenance efficiencies by reducing the number of spars required per nacelle, sharing mooring systems, and reducing the number of generation sites to be maintained. Furthermore, any mooring line 802, 808 and/or any number of mooring lines 802, 808 may be joined at any location on the WEC 100. In various power generation embodiments, the WEC 100 may also be connected to an electrical output destination 812 via an electrical line 810. Electrical line 810 may be supported to follow any underwater path and is not limited to the “lazy s-curve” configuration shown in Figs 8 A and 8F. Electrical output destinations 812 may include, but are not limited to, utility grids, transformers, batteries, devices, equipment, or vessels that consume electrical power, etc. A drive shafit/hub according to some embodiments may in turn be connected to, for example, one or more direct drive generator(s), gearbox drive generator(s), hydraulic system(s), pumping system(s), water pump(s), water desalinator(s), pneumatic pump(s), hydraulic pump(s), etc.

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HCSs 116 may include, but are not limited to, plates (e.g., heave plates, damper plates), shaped members (e.g., wedges, cylinders, cubes, ellipses, etc.), ballast tanks, hydrodynamic (e.g., airfoil shaped) plates and/or ballast tanks, etc. 3A-3C illustrate a movable HCS 306 in various positions along the spar 302. Any mechanism (not shown) may be used to adjust the position of the hydrodynamic control system.

In some embodiments the WEC 100 may also include a hydrodynamic control system 116 (HCS). Cuanto dura un dolor muscular . Providing a WEC comprising a buoyant nacelle, a first spar, a second spar, a first float, and a second float 1602 with various embodiments may include providing any WEC designed in accordance with the concepts and embodiments described above with reference to Figs. Other structural elements of a WEC 100 in accordance with the present disclosure may include a first spar 104 and a second spar 106. A spar (e.g., 104, 106), as that term is used herein, comprises a hollow or solid elongate element. The use of different mooring line 18 PCT/U S2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 materials and different buoyancies of the mooring buoy may allow the designer to select a preferred load-displacement behavior and maximum load capabilities of the mooring leg.

In various embodiments, one or more stators 206 may be fixedly or rotatably attached to an outer nacelle 102 and/or module 118, 120 via a stator interface structure 218. The rotor interface structure 216 and stator interface structure 218 may, in some embodiments be designed to control an air gap between rotors 204 and stators 206. Such interface structures 216, 218 may include, for example, retention slots, weld joints, braze joints, interference flanges, 12 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 bolted or riveted flanges, mechanical rails, magnetic rails, or any other suitable gap control structure. In some embodiments, one or more rotors 204 may be integrated with a direct-drive shaft/hub 202, 203. In other embodiments, and as shown in Figs. In various embodiments having a single PTO, the first float 108 may connect to the rotors 204, and the second float may connect to the stators 206, which may be rotatable stators. The radial distance of the second float 110 from the nacelle 102 is nominally greater than that distance for the first float 108. This distance is tunable for different site locations or wave climates.

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In various embodiments, the optimized shape of the second float 110 is similar in outer contour to that of the first float 108. Dolor de la rodilla derecha . In some such embodiments, this similarity allows for both the first float 108 and second float 110 to be made from the same mold and manufacturing process, thereby eliminating the need for multiple sets of manufacturing equipment and further reducing manufacturing costs. For example, in some embodiments the WEC 100 may need to be towed to or from its operational location for deployment or recovery in an orientation different from its nominal operating position.

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Figs. 8B-E depict different attachment positions 804 to the forward region of the HCS 116. In some embodiments illustrated by Fig. Additionally a different inertia of the WEC will result in a differing delay of the WEC body response in each degree of freedom to the wave excitation. The spars 104, 106 may generally be attached, directly or indirectly, to opposing ends of the nacelle 102. In some embodiments, the spars 104, 106 may be fixedly or rotatably attached to the nacelle 102, however, it will be clear in view of this disclosure that any suitable method of attachment may be used. The advantages associated with this design with regard, for example, to efficiency and survivability will be discussed in greater detail below with reference to Figs. Figure 7 depicts the numerically computed phased response of the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 with respect to the wave for an 8.5 second wave period.

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Par de muletas ergodynamic-muleta-vettel-economicas.. WECs 100 and their constituent components (e.g., floats 108, 110, spars 104, 106, nacelles 102, HCSs 116, etc.) made in accordance with the present disclosure may be configured with any size, shape, relative position, or combination thereof. The ultimate aim of a wave energy conversion device (WEC) is to convert one form of energy into another; in this case, in a chain including hydrodynamic conversion to mechanical torque and ultimately to electrical or other readily transportable forms. Spar access hatches 128 may provide access to the interior of a spar 104, 106. In some embodiments, boarding areas, (e.g., service platforms and/or docking fixtures) may be affixed to the exterior of one or more spars 104, 106 to provide an easier approach to the spar access hatches 128. Internal spar ladders 406 provide for vertical movement within the spar. In some embodiments, the nacelle 102 may be described as a substantially watertight housing within which may be housed one or more rotary-driven power take offs.

While the present invention has been described with reference to various exemplary embodiments, it is understood that the words which have been used herein, are words of description and illustration, rather than words of limitation. Modularization of any particular WEC 100 component may provide the additional benefits of reduced size during transport and/or simplifying at-sea maintenance, each of which reduces costs and operational downtime. Dolor de espalda baja lado izquierdo y pierna . For the purpose of this specification, and unless otherwise noted, these terms are intended to have an inclusive meaning – i.e. This contributes to a continued operation of the WEC 100 in all wave conditions (including storm waves) by removing excess force that would otherwise be created by excess freeboard. 8A. In various such embodiments, directional controls may be attached to the WEC 100 and mooring to rotate the WEC into the oncoming waves.

To improve the ability to transit the WEC 100 into and out of port, the lower regions of the spars 104, 106 and a HCS 116 may be designed to be de-ballasted or attached with lift bags to raise the low region to the surface. Figs. 2A-B are cross-sectional top-views illustrating interior components of a WEC in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Figs. 9A-F are side views illustrating an overtopped float correction in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. In accordance with some embodiments, Fig. Such mechanisms may, in some embodiments, be motorized drives. Numerical analysis confirms that a forward connection improves such a system’s ability to passively orient into the oncoming wave. Shown at time T1 602, 702, the WEC 100 has moved in surge such that the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 are to the right (or aft) of center 601 and pitched clockwise.