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Deterioro cognitivo postoperatorio y nuestro papel en.. Figure 17 shows the profile of the pipeline 120 that is used for SMEC equipment, and this pipeline is 124 trail and comprise a plurality of perforation 122 in the edge in the downstream side.Perforation 122 can form in the end in the downstream side 124 of pipeline and can a flow control valve 126 be positioned in the downstream side 124 in so that the current of control from the boundary layer entering flow channel 128 of diffuser section.Flow control valve 126 can be used for the boundary layer suction pipeline 120 of water from diffuser section, and this helps the separation that prevents or postpone to flow. 1 shows an a kind of part that comprises the equipment that is arranged on a series of pipelines on the current.Fig. In a further embodiment, this turbo machine and generator can be designed to move on the contrary with pump, so that any chip or pollutant backwash from this equipment are removed.Ocean dirt and sediments also can the anti-dirty processing and the mechanical cleaning instrument of routine be attached in this equipment, so that possibly minimized to the influence that equipment performance causes.

Wherein, these flow channels are connected in the outlet of this flow-catheter, make current cause water to be passed this flow-catheter and go out this turbo machine of mobile driving of gained via these orifice flows by suction through these Venturi tube sections like this. Accumulators 162 have the function and effect of smoothing out the surges of hydraulic fluid which are discharged from hydraulic cylinder 130. Even with a large number of such cylinders 130, it was experimentally determined that the hydraulic fluid pressure generated in response to the movement of the rafts fluctuated, and thus not well suited to operating a Pelton wheel type of turbine which, as described above, is designed to function under constant hydraulic pressure. Water gets in the flow-catheter 16 through import 32; And these pipelines 10 are connected in these outlets 34 of this flow-catheter; Make the water 36 of the main flow cross this pipeline arrangement cause Venturi tube 12 to work like this and cause from what pipe interior passed that hole 26 flows out and flow 38, thereby water 40 suctions are passed this flow-catheter and driven this turbo machine as venturi pump.Head from the up-stream face head to the level of tail water falls by Venturi effect and causes.When current were flowed through Venturi tube between the pipeline, the loss of head of amplifying had appearred in Venturi tube.This has caused that water flows 38 through what flowed out in these holes 26.This head in the amplification on the pipeline, on flow-catheter and the turbo machine falls and has caused the high speed secondary flow 38 of passing manifold, and it has than can be used for the littler volume of main flow of turbo machine.

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The hinged array produces more total power but at somewhat greater cost when the tuning methods described herein are used to optimize performance. As is the case with beam to length ratio, the length of raft 70 can be selected to produce somewhat more power at slightly higher cost if that is in the best interest of the system user. The pipeline arrangement that the present invention seeks to provide substituting is to provide improved performance to this type of energy producing unit. This clogging rate can influence the performance of equipment.Clogging rate forms divided by the gap between the adjacent channel at Venturi tube section place with the distance between the center line of two adjacent venturi pipelines. Referring to Figure 15, these separators 114 can be these diffuser section of removable turnover 108a, 108b.The mobile clogging rate that changed of separator 114, this has the mainstream speed of helping is the performance that continues tidal flow when variable.Separator from a position near the Venturi tube section to a mobile clogging rate that reduced further from downstream position.

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The variation of direction had promoted the mixing of stream and has helped pressure recovery when main flow 102 had the diffuser section 108a of isolated component 114 in process. This equipment may further include the drifting management blade of a plurality of levels of crossing over these component level arrangements.Each flow channel can comprise a series of chambers of vertically locating along this flow channel downwards; And a delivery pipe, this delivery pipe is from each chamber extension and have an import that is positioned at this below, series chamber. The present invention broadly is based on the technology that discloses among the WO2008/015047, has wherein described a kind of equipment of using morning and evening tides, wave or current to generate electricity at water body of being used for, and this equipment comprises a kind of arrangement with first pipeline and second pipeline.These first pipelines are equipped with a series of along hole that its intervals of lengths is opened and be connected on the flow-catheter, and this flow-catheter has an import that gets in the water body.The Venturi tube that limits between the adjacent channel works as venturi pump and causes from first pipe interior and pass flowing of these holes, thereby the water suction is passed this flow-catheter and driven a turbo machine that is connected on the generator.

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The present invention relates to a kind of system that is used for wave, morning and evening tides or the flow energy of current water is converted into more useful form of energy.The present invention provides a kind of equipment of using flowing of water body such as wave, morning and evening tides or current to generate electricity of being used for especially. The height of these pipelines is selected to adapt to has the river of this structure part to be installed degree of depth.The length of these pipelines is such length: make that these modules will be along the riverbed to extending below to minimize the current of bypass. The SMEC that uses a technical term defines this technology.Word ” frequency spectrum ” expression is extracted energy any water motion between pipeline, and will reach this frequency-independent of peak value with wave spectrum around the expection.SMEC is ” entire spectrum “.Even it is under approaching zero frequency, it is good promptly in tidal flow and unidirectional (river) stream, also to work.