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No hay seguridad para regreso de desplazados, acusan Las.. Pat. No. 4,389,843, entitled “Water Wave Energy Transducer”, which issued to Lamberti on June 28, 1983, and discloses a buoyant housing having a plurality of arms pivoted outwardly therefrom, with each arm having a float attached thereto, rocking of the arms operating drive sprockets at the pivot axes thereof, which sprockets are connected to chain drives extending into the housing and operative through a unidirectional gear train to drive an electrical generator.

1 and 2, there is shown a housing in the form of a cylindrically configured watertight buoyant vessel, generally designated 10, which includes a lower surface 12, and an upper surface 14 generally parallel to the lower surface 12. Dimensionally, and by way of example only, the vessel may have a diameter of fifteen feet and a height of about six feet.

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4, the arm is formed as a tubular box-like metal beam, with the weight 33 affixed, such as by welding, to the upper surface thereof. First stage spring 73 is configured and dimensioned for having one end thereof abutting against the planar surface of recess 74 of piston 72. The other end abuts against a bulkhead 82 which, in conjunction with a retaining ring member 84, closes the open end 71 of tank 70. The spring member 75 thus urges the first stage piston to the right, as viewed in FIG. In addition, the center of gravity or center of mass of the weight 33 passes through the center of the axle 36 of the wheel 38, thus concentrating the impact of the weight 33 on the rail 41 at the point of contact between the rail 41 and the central portion 38a of the wheel 38. To further minimize rolling friction, with a tubular rail member 41 and a nonconforming configuration of the central portion 38a, the actual contact area is very small.

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Internally, the vessel is provided with a supporting structure on the axial centerline for rotatably supporting the axle or pivot shaft of a lever arm having a weight at the end thereof, the weight being supported on a circumferential rail assembly adjacent the upper end of the vessel. The weight 33 is of a regular cubical configuration, and is affixed to the end of arm 32 so that it is balance or centered, in the horizontal plane, with respect to the axial centerline of the beam or arm 32. The lower surface of the free end of arm 32 is provided with a pair of depending spaced, generally parallel L-shaped wheel supports 34, 35 which have the short arm thereof attached to the beam 32, such as by welding. The second stage piston 73 is of annular configuration, with an outer diameter generally equal to the inner diameter of the tank 70, with a pressure ring 78 fitted within annular recesses about the periphery thereof for sealing, sliding engagement with the sidewall of tank 70. As depicted in FIG.

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¿Cómo quitar el dolor de oído? +15 Soluciones y Remedios.. 6. The accumulator 50 is a two-stage accumulator as will now be described. The physical locations of the reservoir 57, accumulator 50, hydraulic motor 54 and electrical power generator 60 are depicted in FIG. The lower end of the shaft is coupled to a piston type hydraulic pump, which draws fluid from a reservoir, and pressurizes the fluid into a two stage accumulator, the controllable flow therefrom actuating a hydraulic motor coupled to an electrical generator. Fluid from the hydraulic motor then returns to the reservoir for further usage.

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Siete personas murieron y 160 dieron positivo por covid 19.. 27, 1983. The apparatus includes a spherical buoyant housing having a horizontal platform with an inverted pendulum supported at the center of the sphere, with first and second oppositely directed coils on the free end of the pendulum. The configuration of the vessel 10, that is, cylindrical, provides an economically configured buoyant housing, of regular geometric configuration, with a balanced weight distribution within the vessel 10, along with the rudder or stabilizer 20 permitting the vessel 10 optimally to follow wave and current action, With hydraulic pump 30, actuable in either direction of travel of the shaft 27, virtually all movement of the waves or currents are transferred into useful work.

The vessel 10 is thus free to float through three hundred sixty degrees about the mooring line 19. In order to maintain the vessel 10 into the waves or tidal current, the aft portion of the vessel 10 is provided with a fixed rudder or stabilizer 20, which is formed from a generally L-shaped piece of plate steel, the stabilizer 20 having a first portion 20a coplanar with the stiffener member 16 and a second portion 20b extending upwardly and affixed to the side of the vessel 10. Liberese del dolor de espalda . The stiffener 16, the stabilizer 10 and the mooring plate portion 17 are coplanar through a plane that includes the vertical axis of the vessel 10. As shown, the dimensions of the stabilizer 20 are much greater than the dimensions of the stiffener member 16. By way of example, the stiffener 16 may be formed of three-quarter inch plate steel having a depending depth of four or five inches, while the stabilizer 20 is likewise formed of three-quarter inch plate steel and protrudes about eighteen inches down and aft of the vessel 10. Similarly, the mooring plate portion 17 is formed of three-quarter inch plate steel and protrudes about twelve inches out from the front of the vessel 10. With the stiffener 16, the stabilizer 20 and the mooring plate portion 17, the vessel 10 is strengthened at the bottom and two diametrically opposing sides.

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25, 1966, the apparatus including a buoyant housing, such as a buoy, which has mounted therein a freely oscillatable or rotatable pendulum like member which is constrained to move in a plane perpendicular to the vertical axis of the buoy during rocking by wave motion to drive an alternator or generator connected adjacent the weighted end of the pendulum. As the vessel 10 undulates or bobs with the current or tide, the weight 33 at the end of arm 32 pivots or rotates about the axial centerline of the vessel 10 on the rail member 41 of the fixed rail assembly 40. This pivotal or rotary motion is transmitted, via shaft 27 connected to the arm 32, to energize the hydraulic pump 30. With this arrangement, the actuating elements of the system are simple, and uncomplicated, with the bulk of the weight at the bottom of the vessel 10 and on the axial centerline (the pylon structure 25), with the rail supported weight adjacent the upper part of the vessel 10 for maximum effect from wave or current movement.