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ARETÉ SPORT: TÉCNICAS DE RELAJACIÓN: PROGRESIÓN DE JACOBSON Quand ce mécanisme multiplicateur est présent il permet d’entraîner l’arbre de transmission en prise avec les moyens de pompage (qui sont ici la pompe centrifuge multicellulaire) avec une vitesse de rotation élevée. La turbine entraîne la pompe centrifuge. Le fait de disposer une telle pompe centrifuge multicellulaire avec son axe de rotation parallèle ou sensiblement parallèle à la direction du courant permet de contrer la poussée exercée par les moyens de récupération d’énergie (hélice) sur les moyens de pompage. In this case it is necessary to provide in the device holding systems, bearings and abutments for isolating as much as possible the means coupled to the recovery means, according to the direction of thrust of the current. In this respect, the invention proposes a device for capturing a kinetic energy of a fluid naturally in motion, comprising: first conversion means adapted to convert the movement of the fluid into a driving movement to drive pumping or compression means; pumping or compression means driven by the first conversion means, the pumping means being capable of withdrawing fluid from the stream and circulating it for transport to remote means of energy storage or conversion, characterized in that the pumping or compression means comprise a multicellular centrifugal pump whose axis of rotation is parallel or substantially parallel to the direction of the current.

Toxina del veneno de serpiente de cascabel formulada para.. Thus, with regard to the energy recovery devices of a current, wind turbines are known that make it possible to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. Such wave or wave energy recovery devices thus typically use energy recovery means capable of being driven by waves or waves in a back-and-forth movement such as for example bellows or weights.

Out of these conditions the recovery of energy is impossible or at least problematic. These particular aspects are not attached solely to the embodiment which they illustrate in this text – they can be implemented with any embodiment of the invention and these particular aspects can thus be combined with each other in any possible combination.

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El postoperatorio - Aprende con CCC The two devices 110 are identical, except that they comprise propellers 112 able to rotate in opposite directions with respect to each other. These two current arrivals placed upstream of the two respective sources are further connected by cross channels 1710 and 1720. The channel 1710 can divert to the current arrival 172 the flow engaged in the upstream section of the current inlet 171, if the flap 1711 is in the closed position of the channel (position shown in dotted lines).

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And we find in this diagram a downstream manifold similar to that of Figure 14, to distribute in a desired manner on one or other of the two means of energy conversion or storage PA1, PA2 (or both) the fluid under pressure from both sources. A conduit carries liquid air from the compressor to storage tanks or to a seawater desalination station. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Other features and advantages will become apparent from the following description. More specifically, in the various embodiments of the invention which will be described below some of these objectives will be targeted. But as we will see each objective is addressed by means specific to certain embodiments of the invention. The multiplier mechanism 114, the second transmission shaft 115 and the multicellular centrifugal pump 116 are arranged inside the housing 111. The pump is advantageously made in the form of a multicellular pump, each stage (“cell”) of which increases the fluid pressure.