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El Hospital Quirón San Camilo presenta su nueva Unidad.. Sliding uni-directional orifice 415 moves up, thereby allowing for the flow 417 of water from the vessel’s interior 421 to the outside when flotation module 401 is descending, and thereby facilitating the restoration of the vessel’s original, nominal depth. As flotation module 201 moves down following the passage of a wave crest, it stops pulling up against the relatively immobile inertial damping mass 217, and restoring mass 207 falls thereby removing any slack in flexible connector portions 204 and/or 205. Vessel 217 falls under the influence of gravity too. Through this reciprocating mechanism wherein the wave-lifted buoy pulls the buoy away from the inertial mass, thereby creating a strong tension in those portions of the ribbon cables that connect the buoy’s rollers to the inertial mass, and thereby turning those rollers will substantial torque and generating electrical power as a result; and, wherein thereafter, the restoring weight removes the slack from, and again shortens those portions of the ribbon cables that connect the buoy’s rollers to the inertial mass, the wave-induced power generation cycle can continue indefinitely.

However, as flotation module 901 rises in response to an approaching wave, the submerged inertial damping mass 914 resists its upward acceleration creating a tension in the flexible connector 902. This tension results in the lengthening of connector portions 902 and 908, and the corresponding shortening of flexible connector portion 909. As flotation module 901 rises, and the inertial damping mass 914 resists that rising, the float 905 descends.

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However, when the buoy 323 and 321 has been moved laterally away from its nominal position over the inertial mass 324, the center of the inertial mass is no longer located on, and/or coaxial with, the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis. The strands of the ribbon cable also travel over and partially around a roller 523 which does not resist the cable’s travel. The inertial mass 3117 is connected to flexible connector 3112 by a network (i.e., a “net”) of cords 3119, although other means, methods, and/or structures, such as shackles, could be used to connect the inertial mass to the connector 3112. In other embodiments, the ellipsoidal is not precisely an ellipsoid, but can be, e.g., a paraboloid. A torque on each roller that imparted to each roller’s respective ribbon cable a force equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction, to the corresponding force imparted to each roller’s respective ribbon cable by the relative movement of the inertial mass away from the buoy, would be expected to stop each roller from turning (by resisting its turning with a torque equal and opposite to the torque imparted to it by its respective ribbon cable) and thereby to stop each ribbon cable from translating/rotating.

5B. Pocket 1306 is filled with a gas (e.g. Four rollers, e.g. 21A and 28, are positioned within this cross-shaped space and are typically fully-submerged during the embodiment’s operation. Power-take-off (“PTO”) modules 211 are attached to the central shafts of one or more of the drums 206-210 (in this example, both sides of drum 208). PTO modules 211 can consist of a generator, gearbox, hydraulic pump, or any number or combination of other power transfer mechanisms. “ribbon.” One side of flexible connectors 17-4 attaches to restoring weights 17-5, which act to keep the flexible connector in tension. And, the location(s) of the at least one pulley/capstan is/are chosen so that they can (collectively, if applicable) apply a torque to the flotation module to rotate it under certain circumstances, particularly at times when a large tension exists in the flexible connector, to correct for any fleet angle misalignments. 658. In some embodiments, each guiding pulley can rotate about an axis approximately collinear with the line tangent both to the top of the guiding pulley’s associated power-take-off pulley e.g.

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Since the longevity of each ribbon cable is not significantly (if at all) affected by the angle at which it travels onto or off of its respective roller, so long as it does so such that its plane of symmetry (normal to its broad surface, and inclusive of its longitudinal axis) is normal to the roller’s axis of rotation, the ability of the buoy to rotate in order to preserve that relationship of each ribbon cable’s plane of symmetry to its respective roller’s axis of rotation, promotes, and will tend to increase, the longevity of each ribbon cable. However, in this embodiment, the torque on each pulley is regulated and/or controlled so as to continuously “point” the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis toward the center of the inertial mass 406. As a result, in most circumstances, the lengths of cable segments 402 and 403 will remain equal, i.e.

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