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Fig. 7 represents to increase in system by flywheel a kind of method of inertia.Adopt the label identical, respectively with connecting rod or cable 8 with earlier drawings e, 8 o, 9 eWith 9 oBe connected in the axle 15 of guide margin and lagging edge ” son ” subsystem e, 15 o, 16 eWith 16 oConnection can realize that this cable is transmitted tension force and compressive force by the pre-application of force with permission by rigid connecting rod with chain and chain gear with gear and by flexible cable.These axles are connected in heavy flywheel 17 then e, 17 o, 18 eWith 18 o, these flywheels rotate with the frequency that is same as the subsystem motion.These big flywheels then are connected in one group of less flywheel 19 by gear e, 19 o, 20 eWith 20 o, these small flywheels utilize the difference of radius and rotate with a plurality of subsystem frequencies.What be connected in small flywheel is additional mass 21 e, 21 o, 22 eWith 22 o, they extend arm 23 e, 23 o, 24 eWith 24 oOn, being used on subsystem, increasing more inertia, they can be controlled to change effective inertia of subsystem along the position of arm.Supporting frame and other (if any) fin are not shown, to emphasize Placement and flywheel.

Técnicas de relajación, relax, mje real, Córdoba 2 of odd number 3, 2 5Fin 2 with even number 4, 2 6Whole system will be made of all fins.Each fin of subsystem is connected to each other and moves with cophasing, and each fin has at least two degrees of freedom simultaneously, needs at least two degrees of freedom because cause flutter.Fin is connected in framework at two ends by support spring 12, for convenience’s sake, and with fin 2 3Two ends be designated as 12 3, the rest may be inferred.For vertical fin, lower springs can be replaced by a damping wire, because it does not need to be used for supporting.Each is to bar or cable 8 e, 8 oBe connected in pin 10 4, 10 3, each each right pin is positioned at fin 2 4, 2 3Near the two ends or two ends of front surface, the rest may be inferred, identical bar or cable and sell 9 e, 9 oBe connected in the pin 11 on the rear surface 4, 11 3Bar or cable extend to beyond the framework by much bigger hole 13e and 13o in case constraint, and are connected on the electricity generating device (not shown).If bar has enough hardness to transmit compressive force and tension force, then do not need other supporting, if but adopt the flexible cable can only transmit tension force and can not transmit compression with the fin transmission of movement in power generation system the time, then will be with other spring 14 3With 14 oTo they pre-application of forces, cable is connected in framework.Also be provided with retainer, with the amount of exercise in the restriction system, high-visible for remaining part among the figure, they are not illustrated out.

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Since must the disturbance fin realizing required resonance, thereby can provide at least one mechanical vibrator to one of two subsystems.This can directly offer subsystem be transported to the bar that is connected with subsystem or the dynamo-electric power generation system (not shown here) of cable in.Except initial disturbance is provided, strong vibration can be kept and add to the work of these vibrators.Therefore, if flow velocity be reduced to one cross low value, so that below can’t be with system held in critical velocity with the control system of describing, then mechanical vibrator will keep fin to vibrate, up to liquid speed rise to be enough to rebulid mobile under the critical velocity till.Utilize the present invention, the natural speed of fluid is used as critical velocity.Therefore, for this speed can cause flutter, comprise that one or more parameters of the system of power generation system must change.And because liquid speed can change in time, thereby these parameters must change according to the variation of liquid speed, make common speed can keep this vibration.For a change the parameter of system provides a kind of control system, and it has one such as recording anemometer, as the to be used for test fluid speed detector (not shown) or the detector of detected amplitude.From the signal feed back of this detector output to system, to change an one parameter at least.Because critical velocity depends on the rigidity of fin and their position of centre of gravity, thereby can be for example by changing effective spring rate or effective barycenter, the impedance of the generator by changing the guide margin separately be connected in each subsystem and lagging edge, just each subsystem itself that is made of the Aerofoil of even number and odd number is made of two ” son ” subsystems, should ” son ” subsystem comprise guide margin and remaining part, thereby change these parameters with side rod or cable and the whole energy conversion system that they were connected.

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Fig. 7 is the partial schematic diagram of a sail system, and its fin is by being around in the prestressing force cable on the flywheel shaft or linking to each other with flywheel by the thin bar with the straight ratchet that is connected in the gear on the flywheel shaft; Framework is removed, more clearly to represent this design. Fig. 9 is the typical Placement partial schematic diagram that right the leading of even/odd/lagging edge fin is connected in a generator; The generator back is connected with a heavy flywheel.

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Another aspect of the present invention is that the method with this novelty applies to water environment.Although flutter do not see under the water speed that generates naturally usually and has been, if be connected in generator or be connected in hydrofoil and power generation system between flywheel increase the inertia of system, then once water system was also had flutter with having experimental results show that. 6, these bars or cable 8 and 9 are by the forward and backward lip-deep pin 10 of fin 1, 10 1Deng being connected in fin.The vibration that is produced under critical velocity at first is noted in the harmful effect of research flutter to the rotary compressor blade. Owing to above-described reason, the fin single with the relative wall equidistant of the fluid that is tied serves as an infinitely-great latticed wing, and single fin can vibrate in affined fluid and improve power.Although the latticed wing described in Figure 14 and 15 is expressed as being arranged in the affined fluid, this latticed wing is used for fluid stream that nature flows, free, for example river or Feng Liuzhong, also within the scope of the invention.

Woman hand support fly glass of pink cocktail drink with splash At work, vibration latticed wing power system is arranged on a position that has fluid stream.Then, according to liquid speed, it is the critical velocity of system that each Variation is become to make liquid speed.Then, fin of disturbance is to cause resonance at least, and utility unit utilizes the energy in the fluid stream and converts it into useful work, such as being used to produce electric energy or pump function.Because a control system is provided, the variation of liquid speed will be detected, and system will automatically be adjusted to and make common speed form the resonance that causes because of flutter continuously. 1, are illustrated in the position that is in the fin under the critical velocity by disturbance before and afterwards; All fins both can be aerodynamic shape, even also can be guide margins and with the flat board of sideband fillet.

Can also provide a control system, in order to when liquid speed changes, to keep flutter. 0.9.Therefore, by making latticed wing vibration in the fluid stream of motion, the efficient of the power capacity that it used will be about 1.7 times of single-blade sheet.With simple pitching mode, pitching with vertically tremble under the situation of compound mode, perhaps, can realize that similar efficient improves at latticed wing individually or with pitching and/or vertically tremble mode and provide under the situation of aileron combinedly.Because latticed wing only is used to help to advance the fluid of latticed wing position here, thereby flutter and critical velocity are not key factor.

Also once done some research work, seen ” the bouncing and vibrate the power of Aerofoil ” of I.E.Garrick in the NACA report of in May, 1936 No.567 under the situation of single vibration Aerofoil, producing negative resistance power problem. The present invention relates to utilize the technology and the device of the moving fluid energy of flow, more particularly relate to a kind of Aerofoil or hydrofoil of vibration in this fluid stream.They can produce useful work by extract energy from fluid stream, for example generate electricity, or form negative resistance power by adding the outside energy of supplying with, thereby produce power.

Figure 15 is another embodiment’s of power plant a cross-sectional schematic. Figure 14 is an embodiment’s of the present invention’s one power plant a cross-sectional schematic. Windmill is device a kind of simple that can utilize this energy Example, but its utilization is restricted, this is because its huge pivoting leaf sector-meeting produces huge centrifugal Power, its operating frequency depends on wind speed, and is to produce enough power from Nature creating distinguished and admirable, needs Want huge work area, the formed circle of blade rotary just. Equally, be appreciated that all embodiments of front can be configured to allow three or more degrees of freedom, do not plan to be confined to only two degrees of freedom because the present invention has.For example, aileron can with can do pitching and vertically the free-moving fin of vibration is combined, thereby a kind of vibration latticed wing power system with three degree of freedom is provided.