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FISIOTERAPIA RESPIRATORIA - Clínica Antonio Vicente BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention described herein addresses the disadvantages of the conventional devices and methods and provides for generating energy from waves in a novel, inventive and useful manner. 28, 1988) which describes several further variations upon conventional float type wave energy devices, including means to extract energy from both the rise and fall of the float. Also, the decrease in pressure output is not offset by the decrease in minimum wave amplitude (i.e. When the wave falls and the piston 26 enters into its next intake (expansion) stroke and draws gas from the collection chamber 42 into the compression chamber 40, gas in the piston reservoir 68 will continue to be discharged through the discharge conduit 52 until the piston reservoir pressure Pbuffer falls to the output pressure Pout.

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Descubre el significado de las enfermedades y los dolores.. The floating component can further comprise a housing attached to the float and housing the compression chamber, wherein a space between the compression chamber and housing defines a gas collection chamber fluidly coupled to the compression chamber inlet valve and the fluid intake conduit. The outlet valve is biased to open at a selected outlet pressure; when the pressure in the chamber decreases below the outlet pressure, fluid transmission to the next pressurization unit stops. The above is all a matter of design criteria such as wave heights, final pressure, final volume and buoyancy forces. Lowering the design pressure will increase the volume of compressed air generated and will capture energy from waves of lesser amplitude (i.e.

The floating component 34 includes a buoyant surface float 36 which provides the buoyant force as it interacts with the waves, is buoyant enough to keep the floating component 34 afloat, and can be a hollow pressure vessel filled with air. It will be apparent that the above described embodiment is adaptable to use any compressible fluid such as air or nitrogen gas. Other embodiments will become apparent to a person skilled in the art, the scope of the invention defined by the appended claims.

There is a maximum buoyant force available from the wave which is dictated by the wave height.

Calibration can be made, such as by adjusting the depth of the submerged reservoir platform 32, as will be described further below. In this first described embodiment, the system 10 operates using a gas as the compression fluid, e.g. Single float type units are also described in U.S. Riñon y dolor de espalda . The floating component has sufficient buoyancy to float on water waves and has a compression chamber with an inlet valve biased to receive a fluid at an intake pressure. If the float 36 is too large it will straddle adjacent waves and its action will be attenuated. For a particular wave regime, the wave heights and therefore the buoyant forces available will be fairly constant. There is a maximum buoyant force available from the wave which is dictated by the wave height. Spent gas at pressure Pinitial is returned by a supply conduit to the low pressure reservoir 20, which can be incorporated into the barge.

The system can further comprise a high pressure reservoir attached to or supported by the frame and fluidly coupled to the last stage, and a turbine and generator fluidly coupled to the high pressure reservoir, that generates electricity from a high pressure fluid received from the high pressure reservoir. Alternatively, the turbine 18 and generator and the low pressure reservoir can be located on shore. A low pressure reservoir can be fluidly coupled to the turbine and generator for receiving a low pressure fluid discharged from the turbine and generator, and fluidly coupled to the first stage for supplying the low pressure fluid thereto. 3. to pressurize a liquid such as water, an elastic toroidal compression device 70 can be installed in each buffer 68, and pre-pressurized to the same pressure as the output from the previous stage.

FIG. 2 is a schematic side elevation view of the system floating in water, the system having four floating compression units each serving as a pressurization stage and a submerged high pressure reservoir platform supporting the intermediate reservoirs. The pressurization unit at each successive stage operates between a range of intake and output pressures greater than the corresponding pressures at the preceding upstream stage. The spent gas from the turbine 18/generator is output via conduit 22(j) at a relatively low pressure and is stored in the low pressure reservoir 20 before being input to the initial stage 12(a) via intake conduit 22 (k) to intermediate reservoir 14(a) and conduit 22(a) thereby circulating the gas in a closed loop. The intake conduit can extend through the piston head and has a first outlet valve in fluid communication with the gas collection chamber, and a second outlet valve in fluid communication with the compression chamber.

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Referring to FIG. 4 and according to a second embodiment of the invention, the compression units 24 can be adapted to pump liquid. For example, for compression units 24 all having the same piston area, when each successive stage has half as many compression units 24, the minimum stroke is ½ the chamber length for the example of doubling the pressure at each stage (as mentioned previously).

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Remedios caseros contra el dolor de muelas The valves 66 open and allow gas inside the compression chamber 40 at or above output pressure Pout into the hollow portion 68 of the piston head 28 (“piston reservoir”). The piston assembly is slidable within the compression chamber and has a piston shaft and a hollow piston head attached to the piston shaft. When liquid, the piston reservoir further comprises compressible material therein which compresses at or above the output pressure from an initial state to a compressed state, and which drives the liquid from the piston reservoir through the discharge conduit when expanding back to the initial state. At low initial pressure increases between stages, the same piston areas for all compression units can be selected for convenience, with the initial stages using only part of the available buoyant force.

The piston reservoir 68 is fluidly coupled to the discharge conduit 52 such that pressurized gas inside of the piston reservoir 68 will flow out of the piston reservoir 24(a) via discharge conduit 52 and into the next downstream piston reservoir 24(b); in effect, the piston reservoir 68 serves as a buffer to temporarily stored pressurized gas. It should be noted that the higher the increase in pressure between stages, the more energy each device will require for compression if each device uses the same piston diameter.

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That is, if the wave regime decreases, depth of the platform 32 can be raised to ensure that the piston head 28 just “bottoms out” when the pressurization unit 34 rises with the waves. While applicant’s device in his previous two patents disclose a useful means for storing wave energy in the compression fluid, it is desirable to refine and improve upon the ideas introduced in these patents. 1, and according to a first embodiment of the invention, a wave energy accumulator system 10 converts energy of water waves into potential energy for performing useful work, e.g. The reservoirs 16 and 20 provide for balancing and initializing the system pressures for improved operation of the turbine 18/generator and pressurization stages 12(a)-(d). To further balance the system pressures and to reduce transmission losses, the intermediate reservoirs 14(b)-(d) are placed in between each pressurization stage 12(a)-(d) and fluidly coupled to conduits 22(b)-(g) respectively.

5( a) and (b), the reservoir platform 32 serves to accumulate pressurized fluid at Pfinal to operate the turbine 18/generator, as well as to provide a stable base for the operation of the coupled compression units 24(a)-(d), i.e. The system also comprises at least one intermediate reservoir fluidly coupled between two stages by fluid conduits, for accumulating pressurized fluid from an upstream stage and to provide gas for a downstream stage; each intermediate reservoir is positioned between the stages to reduce fluid pressure transmission losses.

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The piston diameter can be designed for each stage to suit the planned pressure increase. The frame is designed with sufficient mechanical strength to support the intermediate reservoirs 14, high pressure reservoir 16, vertical pillars 72, and buoyancy tubes 74, and to serve as an attachment point for the piston 26 of each compression unit 24(a)-(d). Dolor de espalda y hormigueo . The vertical pillars 72 can be hollow and can serve to provide additional buoyancy to the platform 32, as well as to provide a location for anchoring mooring lines to the platform 32. The pillars 72 can be provided at each corner, and additionally as required, of the platform 32 and extend upwards; means are provided for adjusting the buoyancy of each pillar 72. Such buoyancy adjustments can be made to help regulate the depth and orientation of the platform 32. Two of the pillars 72 can serve as anchoring attachments for mooring lines 31 (see FIGS.