8. The Apparatus Of Claim 1

Aguacate Tipos De Dolores De Cabeza HIPERTENSIÓN MIGRAÑA.. In an alternative embodiment, the condition may be based on a set passage of time and/or a model that indicates a signal should be sent to a certain part at a certain time. Conditions may be monitored via a processor, CPU, microcontroller, and/or the like to determine the next excitation 4915 and a determination of whether the next excitation condition is satisfied 4920. The processor, CPU, microcontroller, etc., may also determine how much, where, and when excitation should be applied. For example, the difference between some pump and propulsion embodiments is that the elastic or variable coupling components of the propulsion and pump embodiments are actuators rather than generators. DETAILED DESCRIPTION – In some embodiments, flexible sheet-like members 1 are deformed with at least one applied force 2 in such a manner as to create one or more deformations FIG 3 to form a crenated strip 3. The deformation(s) of the crenated strip 3 may be maintained via one or more restraining components.

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Creating MOVING HINGE JOINTS in Autodesk Fusion 360 with.. 16. 16. The apparatus of paragraph 1, wherein at least two of the undulations of the persistent deformations are in phase relative to each other. 15. 15. The apparatus of paragraph 1, wherein at least two of the undulations of the persistent deformations are out of phase relative to each other. 18. 18. The apparatus of paragraph 1, wherein the excitations in the plurality of transducers corresponds to rotational oscillations of the at least one restraining component about the central axis of the central core member. 13. 13. The apparatus of paragraph 1, further comprising: – an anchor member connected at a first end of the central core member and fixed in position relative to the fluid. 33. 33. The apparatus of paragraph 1 wherein connection at the first position is a fixed connection and connection at the second position is a rotational coupling.

53. 48. Dolor de espalda punzadas . The apparatus of paragraph 40 wherein the elastic member includes an elastomer bearing concentric with both a transducer and the central core. Two or more deformed flexible members 3 symmetrically coupled to a fixed central member 6 so that the potential energy in the deformations of each flexible member 6 are in equilibrium with the potential energy in the deformations of every other flexible member 6, and where the coupling mechanism is a transducer, and where actuation of the transducer imparts force onto the flexible members 3 causing the distribution of potential energy in the deformed flexible members 3 to change and to transfer force onto the deformed flexible members 3 thereby creating a propulsive action 18. The transducer may be electroactive polymers, electromagnetic motor, etc.

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  • The apparatus of claim 1, wherein the transducers are mechanical transducers
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Such uses are a consequence of a functional symmetry between actuation and energy harnessing, as between an electromagnetic motor and an electromagnetic generator. In the same way, reducing the length of the line of longitudinal tendons 27 on only one side causes the central axis of the mechanism to curve towards that side, and the mechanism will veer in that direction. FIG 19 shows some aspects of a generator embodiment attached to one implementation of an anchoring mechanism 19 that will hold the mechanism still in a fluid stream. 14. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein the energy transfer mechanism includes at least one airfoil surface on each transducer. 52. 47. The apparatus of paragraph 37 wherein the elastic member includes a series of at least 2 elastic portions. 32. 32. The apparatus of paragraph 31 wherein the excitation of the transducers correspond to lengthening of the transducers.

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5. 5. Dolor de espalda y malestar general . The apparatus of paragraph 4, wherein the electroactive material is an electroactive polymer. 23. 23. The apparatus of paragraph 1, wherein the excitations of the plurality of transducers occur by at least one of applying and releasing pressure to at least one of the plurality of transducers. In addition, these actuated components described above may be actuated pneumatically or hydraulically using assemblies of components such as pumps and valves coupled to such final actuators as pistons, diaphragms and/or other actuators. Therefore, this invention may couple with other components not described explicitly. SUMMARY – Embodiments of the disclosed apparatuses, methods and systems may be directed to devices which create repetitive and/or undulating motion, or effect, to produce useful work, such as for a propulsion system or other system. For example, in some implementations, sequence programming in the memory or data structures may include time, place, and the amount and/or type of excitation to apply as it relates to the propagation of a wave.