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Dolor him U.S. Pat. No. 4,781,023 (Gordon), teaches a wave driven power generation system Which utilizes a float or an array of similar floats arranged in a pre-established pattern to be responsive to and capture the broad spectrum of frequencies present in ocean waves and to extract the maximum power from the waves. U.S. Pat. No. 7,127,886 (Fielder) teaches the collection of both of the naturally occurring and the human generated types of energy in a spring wound about a turbine. In addition to these naturally occurring fluctuations in kinetic or potential energy also the harnessing of man made energy generating situations such as the turning of the wheels in an automobile, bicycle or so called “self winding watches” into a constant potentially uninterrupted energy supply Many methods and apparatuses are disclosed in the prior art which are designed to capture such useful energy naturally occurring or otherwise. 2 and FIG. 3 is fixedly mounted to first shaft 50 and is connected to second toothed wheel gear 120 on shaft 122 which rotates third toothed wheel gear 130 which is connected to rotating gear 140 on shaft 142 which is connected to power generator 150 which converts this rotation into useful electric power on a continuous basis.

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10 Trucos para Tratar la Acidez y el Dolor en la Boca del.. The second shaft means tightens the spring means to a designed point at which point the spring means starts to unwind at the second end connected to the first shaft means rotating the first shaft which turns the first shaft means which is then converted into useful electricity by the generator means. My device permits the continuous uninterrupted harvesting of naturally occurring energy or man made energy by teaching a continues uninterrupted harvesting process which does not require batteries for storage, the stoppage of the energy harvesting phase or any other interruption of the energy harvesting phase to either convert the energy collected into a useful form of power or to “unwind the spring”. Power arm ratchet means end 22 includes ratchet 24 having ratchet teeth 26 which releasably engage the longitudinal grooves 66 of second shaft 60 to rotate second shaft 60 On the upward movement of power arm 20 pawl 90 engages the teeth 24 of power arm ratchet 22 so that power arm ratchet 22 does not reverse (FIG.

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I also prefer that gear means be positioned at the end of the first shaft means to maximize a constant velocity to the generator. In the prior art, once the “spring” or a substitute therefore is sufficiently wound, the energy collection process must be halted so that the energy stored in the wound spring can be converted into useful electricity for example, by running an electric generator. A generator means is connected to the end of the first shaft means whereby electricity is generated by the rotation of the first shaft means. A winder means is adapted to the base and connected at one point to the energy source which rotates the winder means which is connected at a second point to the second shaft means which is rotated by the winder means, tightening the second end of the spring means to a designed point then unwinding the first end of the spring means rotating the first shaft means while continuing to wind the second end of the spring.

Typical situations are for example to generate electrical power in an automobile to run the lighting in the automobile while the automobile is moving. This results in the halting of the energy collection process while the batteries are charged or the electricity is generated and dispersed. This energy is then available to be distributed through a cable, for example on a continuous uninterrupted basis. Spring 70 is arranged in spring housing 64 includes spring ends 72, 74. Inner spring end 72 is fixedly mounted through spring slot 55 of first shaft 50 and held in place by spring bracket 76 (not shown) Outer spring end 74 adapts to slot 68 in spring housing 64 and is held in place by spring bracket 84. (not shown). Dolor lumbar bicicleta montaña . 2) and spring housing 64) adapts through aperture 44 of power arm. A spring means is contained within the spring housing portion of the second shaft means, and attached at a first end to the first shaft means and at a second end to the second shaft means.

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My improved motion energy collection device includes a base, a first shaft means which is rotatable about an axis, a second shaft means which is affixed to the base and rotatably adapted around the first shaft means and defines a spring housing portion. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a motion energy collection device and system for harvesting any number of energy generating situations both which occur naturally such as the waxing and waning of the ocean tides, waves and tidal currents; the rise and fall of the swells in the ocean, winds, thermal springs. My device then generates energy on a continuous basis by taking advantage of the rise and fall of the swells in the ocean. My invention as disclosed in the preferred embodiment could be located on existing sites located in the oceans as, for example, abandoned drilling rigs and could financially permit this usage and the updating of these sites so that they are not simply abandoned but restored and kept up to protect against environmental disasters such as the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.